Monday, June 01, 2009

Beach-Ready Plan May 2009 Shape Magazine D6 & D7, W3

I had a great weekend.  

Saturday I didn't do anything physical.... except some gardening, and even that was minimal.  Didn't even walk my dog.  Just enjoyed my family time.  It felt good.

Sunday was my half marathon.  I'm happy to report that I finished 15 minutes faster than the last time I WALKED the half.  Yay me.  It was really well organized.  The only problem I had was this:

Before the walk I had asked my group if anyone else was just wanting to finish the race.  I can't walk as fast as the other girls, and didn't want to walk alone, but if I had to, I wanted to be prepared mentally.  I was ASSURED that I would have some company.  Well, we ended up walking in pairs, with me & one gal in the back.  Unfortunately she is a gal I don't care for.  After 5k, she wanted to run to catch up with the other group, who we could no longer see.  We had already caught up to them 3 times, and they kept pulling away, so I said no, I wasn't interested in running, but that I was fine with her going.  Which was completely true, cause I have nothing in common with this woman and couldn't imagine having to make small talk for another 15k, all the while knowing that she wanted to be up in the other group.  Now, having said this... I was unprepared mentally to walk a half marathon alone.  After around 10 minutes, one of the other gals from the front groups walked back to walk with me.  I was very grateful, because I had already planned where I was going to turn off to just go wait by the finish line.  I was also a second or two away from crying.  However, because of this very supportive friend, instead, I can report that I finished in my best walking time, which was.....

3 hours and 20 minutes!

We had brunch after (for two hours!), and then when I got home I soaked in the hot tub, had an hour's nap, picked up some groceries, had a beer & clam and basically sat around hurting.  Pretty much what I always do after a half marathon!  HAHA

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Oh, I am so glad you finished and didn't just wait by the finish line! Sat around hurting, though? Well, hell, sign me up! Just kidding. You're more woman than I'll ever be!

  2. Here's to good friends - we all need them!
    And YAY YOU for having your best time ever, that's very inspiring.

  3. WOW! Awesome lady!!!!

  4. You are such a half-marathon rock star. I am doing my first one in January, and I am already freaked out.

    I am glad you didn't have to walk alone, that would suck if you weren't prepared to do it.