Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pole Dancing Class #2

I met last night's class with the greatest feeling of dread that I think I've EVER experienced. I seriously considered turning around a million times while I was driving there. Got inside the room and it all went away. I had a great time. My girlfriend is still struggling with the performance at the end of class.

What has been happening is, since we get to class first, our names go on the list first, which means we get called to the pole first. And that means that we have 30 minutes between the time we go through the routine to when we have to "perform" for the other half of the class.

Now - I don't know how many of you have learned any kind of choreographies, but I found that it takes a while to train your brain to remember. I'm having an easier time from having learned so many belly dance routines. Girlfriend though - well, this is the first time she's had to do this and it is stressing her out! And it is a shame, because she can do all the moves. I tried to tell her that she is performing in front of 3 other women who are also just beginning. It is a safe place. She's not buying it though!!

What was fun was we learned what they call a Fireman Spin. Not hard, but man, I'm really good at it! So good in fact that I was quite dizzy and nauseous by the end of class! HAHA

Girlfriend & I mozied over to Chili's after class for a nice glass of wine and some chips and salsa. I ate most of them. They were SUPER salty in the way that only Chili's chips can be and girlfriend didn't like it. I, on the other hand, was ALL over that!! I had to points, so it was a really nice treat.

Yesterdays run was good. What a nice day. Didn't stretch after - honestly forgot - and today my knees are reminding me of why I need to stretch!

Having mom & her husband for dinner tonight. Making mini pizza's with left over honey garlic sausage & salad. Should be tasty and COUNTABLE - what a great combo!!

Oh, milestone in the Fatinah household today. Two of them actually. Milestone #1 is that I'm celebrating 22 years of living out West. I can't believe it. That's a long time! Milestone #2 is that I'm letting my daughter to go a party tonight. She has been to friend's places where there has been a small gathering of friends, but tonight she is going to an actual party at someone's house. I'm completely panicked and beside myself scared..... but she turns 17 next month and both she and husband have reminded me that I have to let her grow up. Sigh. Why do I have to do that?????

Not much on the agenda today exercise wise. Just a walk with the pup. My feet are killing me - and I need a rest day.

Oh, I wanted to share the dance we are learning for our intermediate belly dance class. The link will take you to my teacher's dance troup performing the dance (with some minor changes made for our class version). My teacher starts the dance right in the middle. It's quite a cute dance, I think. Some day I will post me doing it..... if I can ever get daughter to video me!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Quiet Friday

I worked yesterday. The day went really well, and I worked so hard that I now don't have to work today! Just every day next week now.

Puppy is at daycare since I thought I would be working. Feels lonely to be here and have him NOT here. I keep looking for him.

On the agenda today - run and pole dancing. I'm going to run outside as we are having a Chinook and it will be a gorgeous day today. Last night was belly dance. It was a really fun class. Glad I went. I almost used sick daughter as an excuse to stay home. Curious to see how I feel after pole class tonight. While I don't mind the class - I don't LOVE it - and right now I'm thinking that I won't do it again. We'll see.

Wednesday I didn't go to belly dance (daughter was sicker and I didn't want to leave her), but did take the pup for a run outside. He was so happy to be running out there he was still vibrating when we got home!

Daughter is back at school today and husband will be taking her to get her H1N1 shot next week.

Not much else to report. Things still looking good for the potential 2nd contract job. Just waiting to hear from them.

Made myself the yummiest breakfast. Fried spinach, garlic, onions (with pam) topped with a scrambled egg & egg white. Yum. I just love, love, love cooked spinach! Anyhow - awesome 2pts. (I don't count points for onions).

Sheppard's pie on the menu for dinner tonight. Daughter missed the last one I made.

Have a healthy day bloggers.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I can't exercise 'cause my fingers are crossed

I got an e-mail this morning asking if I'd be interested in casual part-time work with some folks that I worked with.... around 8 years ago. Their group divested to another company and I changed groups to stay with the company we were with. Anyhow, I already have some casual work that keeps me busy for month ends, but this opportunity is for mid-month work. It would complement what I have in place perfectly. I'm just waiting for verification from my current casual job that I can do this 2nd one..... peeps - think positive thoughts, send up prayers, cross your fingers - I could really use this!!

Am currently also sitting waiting for the tv repair dude to come. Apparently not the same dude that took it apart. I'm not feeling too confident that it will all get put together again properly!

On the agenda today - run after tv repair dude leaves and belly dance tonight. Daughter is home sick today from school and work. At least I hope they find replacement for her because she needs sleep. Since she teaches little tykes - I'm guessing parents would rather have a cancelled class than exposure to germs!! Poor muffin had to go in to school for a meeting with her teacher BEFORE school but she is home now and sleeping. Good news is that she got an 8/10 on her discussion that she went in for. That will help her sleep better!!

Had our Alpha course last night. The food they serve us before the class is killing me. So fat laden!! I had an upset tummy by the time we got into our discussion groups - we could hear everyone's tummy rumbling around the table!!

Have been dragging my ass about updating my food journal for it all. Flex points will come into play for sure. Last week's meal was 23 pts. Sigh.

Not much else to report. I see some controversy out there with an anonymous commenter. I wonder what makes someone be mean like that? If I come across something that makes me want to say something mean - then I just move onto the next blog. Obviously people don't agree with everyone all the time, that's life, but.... I guess because none of this is face to face it is easier..... sometimes this is where I think things out - kind of like part of my process. Though I find comfort in knowing others are having similar struggles, it is often the act of sitting and typing it out that helps the most..... I don't think I would like to have to worry about some anonymous meanie....

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday already?

I have been dragging my butt this week.

Let's see. This weekend was fun. Sunday was a challenge. Daughter had a sleepover Saturday night, which meant our Sunday went like this: drop daughter off at work, drive daughter's friend to opposite end of city at home so she can make it to work on time, drop dog off at home and pick up workout gear, workout, shower, get painful massage, go to friends house for wine & cards, stay on program, rush home to eat, drive daughter way south for tutoring thinking that we can just go sit in Chapters to wait only to find out that Chapters closes 5 MINUTES after we get there. Wait in parking lot for 1.5 hours for daughter. Fall into bed. We never stopped the whole day.

Yesterday I actually napped for an hour. Unfortunately I did not wake up feeling refreshed.

Today I weighed in - side bar updated. Meeting was quite good. Sometimes they really hit home. Today was just Part II of going over the program as a whole. I love the program. It really helped going over the good healthy guidelines. So easy to forget about them. I think sometimes people leave following WW because they want to "just eat healthy" when if they were actually following the program, that is exactly what they would be doing. What surprises me is how much difference it makes for ME to go to the meetings. I always stop going for some reason and when I go back - I'm always surprised at the success I have. Apparently I'm quite a slow learner. I guess better to learn slow than not at all!!

Not much else on the agenda for today. I have to go to the library. Doesn't get much more exciting than that!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pole Dancing

Last night was our first pole dancing class. My girlfriend was REALLY nervous. I wasn't until we got there and I started to really wonder what the hell I had been thinking!

The venue is small and they have an area for floor work and then around 6 or 7 poles on the other half of the floor.

We all kinda waited outside because there was a class going on. One of the teachers said we could come in, so we did and milled around watching. Girlfriend commented how panicked she would be if anyone was watching us. We saw the other class divided in two - one half putting on a show for the other then they switched. The girls were good. I figured they must be a level 2 or 3 class. Nope - turns out they were a level 1 but in week 5. Yowsers! Girlfriend is now convinced this was a bad idea. But, she is a trouper and we stay for our class!

Class is not at all what I think it will be. There are only 6 of us. We warm up and then the teacher calls out 3 names (thankfully girlfriend & I are together). We have to go to the poles first - the other 3 go to the floor. We very quickly learn the first part of our pole routine. Practice it 3 times and then we move to the floor. On the floor we stretch and then learn a floor routine. Other group learns pole. Then we all come together and do a combination of pole type moves and floor moves up against the wall. Then we 3 have to perform the pole dance for the other 3 and then they perform for us. Every class we have to perform for the other half of the class at the end.

Girlfriend was not at all comfortable with this. What I found stunning was that I didn't even bat an eye at it.

Now people - there was a time in my life that I tried to disappear. I would go up to the club and PRAY that no one noticed me. I didn't want anyone to approach me. It was torturous. Anyhow - I started belly dance, and performed and found myself. I cannot describe the feeling I had when I realized on the way home that I performed a pole dance with strangers in front of strangers and I didn't even give it a 2nd thought! I'm not saying that I think I did it well, or that I looked sexy. I'm just saying that I went up there did my sexy walk, did my fancy turns, did my sexy squats, opened and closed my legs, slapped, let my hands wander, did a slide down the pole, got up leading with my booty and sexy walked back and didn't even think about the fact that people were watching me!!

This is so huge for me - even now, the day after - my head is spinning. Personal growth. I'm just so excited!!

Now - last night I would have argued that this isn't an exercise class at all. It's a dance class. We got there and just did dance moves. For an hour.

This morning, however, I might argue that it IS an exercise class. You all should know that it worked my back so much that this morning I am having trouble finding the strength to keep myself upright. Holy shit. And my poor shoulder. I actually did all of my pole work on my left side. And still my right shoulder is killing me. And to add to my stupid - I forgot to ice it last night.

My friend.... said that she doesn't feel sexy and so she was uncomfortable. I think that this class will be good for her - and help her find her sexy. She always equates sexy with skinny (which she is - she is the same height as me 5'5 and weighs 106) but sexy really comes from inside.

Well, I'm off to take daughter to work - have a healthy day!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fun

This morning I had to rush off to the club before I even finished my morning coffee because I had to get my run done before I curled at 9:30. It was a great run until the last 6 minutes. They felt like they took 20 minutes! I actually almost shut the treadmill off with 2 minutes to go. My hand was actually outstretched when I realized what I was doing! Sheesh!!

Curling was a ball! I forgot to put my glasses on - and for reasons I don't understand, I have trouble hearing when I can't see! Could not hear if the skip was telling me to sweep or to NOT sweep to save my life! Needless to say, we didn't win! I was very tired from my run and had zero energy.

TV repair dude is a mere one hour from getting here to fix our tv. I have the tv on all the time - I find is sooooo quiet!!!!! I hope he does make it here in an hour because I have to drive daughter to work this afternoon.

Tonight is my first pole class! Wish me luck!! The class is in a building with a really tiny hard-to-maneuver-in parking lot. Is it weird that I'm more stressed about parking in this lot than I am learning to pole dance??

Oh, and I updated my side thingy for my weigh in yesterday.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feeling like I was hit by a bus

So, I worked yesterday. Went right from work to the gym. Actually put all my stuff in a gym locker before I went to work so I would HAVE to go into the gym for sure after work. Had a so/so run. It was good in that I felt like I ran hard - but bad because I stopped several times to drink water because my focus was off.
My focus was off because I went for lunch with a co-worker who told me some stunning health news. My mind is reeling and I'm so upset..... my words failed me completely. I just didn't know what to say. I feel like a complete failure as a friend. I also find myself a bit angry. Times like this I wish I took kick boxing. I really would love to punch something.

Today I go to WW to weigh in. I had an ok week. I didn't go over on points and I was active. What is making me question how I will do is my dinner on Tuesday night. I had that Alpha course and they serve supper before the meeting. Well, when I got home and counted it up - it had cost me 23 flex pts. That is what flex are for - I know this - but my WW pts go Monday to Monday, and I weigh on Thursday. I prefer to manage my flex... after I weigh!! And the reason I do this is because my weigh ins are not consistent but I want my pts to be. Otherwise I find myself "starting over" often....

Exercise today - walk with the pup (who is still snoozing - he is so tired from daycare yesterday!!) and resistance bands!

No belly dance this week - taking a mental break. I'm frustrated with the choreographies right now. That combined with my current urge to punch something would not be a good combination.

Not much else to report. Making a roast beef for supper tonight. Mmmm.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Working Today!

Quick post 'cause I'm running off to work! I have to go in for a meeting to train someone on something. For the 5th time. Apparently I'm a rocket scientist and this task is just so complicated that no one can do it..... NOT. More like it is so simple no one WANTS to do it. And so here I go again!! Hopefully for the last time. Not working - just performing this exact same task!!

So people - guess what I did yesterday? I SIGNED UP FOR A POLE EXERCISE CLASS!!!! I actually start on Friday. Yep. 2 FREAKIN days from now!!! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time! I'm going with my girlfriend, who, I KNOW wanted to chicken out - but I wouldn't let her. We both need to step outside our comfort zones - and this is a great way to do it. Husband is VERY excited about the class!! HAHA

Gotta run. Oh, that reminds me - going to club immediately after work for my run. Have my bag packed and ready to go!!

Have a healthy day!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good News Miz!!

Well peeps (and Miz) - I just finished my strength training. I am currently using a resistance band. I had the one that came with the Wii EA Sport Active - but I was finding that a bit too lose (even if I shortened it up), and then my physio lady game me a green band to do physio exercises with. Holy noodle - that one is much tighter and I feel like I got quite a nice workout. My biceps right now have that tired feeling that I know will translate into me hurting when I get dressed in the next day or two!!

I had lunch today (vietnamese) with some former co-workers. What a fun group of people we had then. We had to work hard, but we sure had fun doing it. The food was SO good. I had lemon grass beef & onion on rice. Perfect portion size. Countable and filling. A classic combination!!

I treated myself to a latte for the bus ride home. It will replace my afternoon snack. It was so tasty and I managed to stay awake on the bus!

Mmmm, not much else to chat about today. I bought the latest Yoga Journal magazine. It is now the only magazine I'm purchasing, except for WW. I used to be a fitness type magazine junkie - but these are tough economic times! HAHA!!

Things are looking good on the tv front. Future shop was really quite helpful. Kudos to them. They provided customer service - you don't find that very often!!

Have a healthy day!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

no title Monday

Weekend was good. Didn't really get up to much.

Miz: I laughed when I saw your comment. Mostly cause I have to report that I in fact did not make it up. The only exercise I did was a quick walk with the pup and then my run on Sunday.

Saturday night I had the urge to much SO bad. So bad that resisting said urge actually gave me a freakin' headache!! Seriously. Who the fuck gets a headache from thinking about food?? OMG!!

I also ran this morning. I upped my treadmill speed by .1 this morning. I've been doing that every week. I was going so fast I was like a blurr on there! HAHA

So, our new TV (well, relatively new - just over 1 year old), for reasons we don't know - won't turn on anymore. Well, that isn't quite true. It turns on, and then off immediately. Then on and then off immediately. Until we finally unplugged it. Husband was so mad I thought his head would explode. We are pretty sure that we bought the extended warranty, but like complete boneheads, put the receipt somewhere safe. Next stop is to contact Future Shop to see if they can give us a copy. Sigh.

I decided to make daughter's fav for dinner - sheppard's pie. Little monkey is now not coming home for dinner because she is at her friend's place working on a project. Blah, blah, blah. They were supposed to come here.

Oh, I updated the results from my weigh in. I don't think I mentioned it. I'm sure you can all guess why!! By big insight this week - following plan for one day a week does not work. Oh, and when I tell myself that I don't care that I'm going off plan - total lie. I do care.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

confessions and "a ha" moments

Remember when I said yesterday that I was GOING to do strength training and maybe go for a walk with the pup? Well, I did walk the pup - sans booties - it is already so nice out again that everything is melting. He did, though, walk through EVERY puddle he came across!! What I didn't do was strength training! I FORGOT!!! Who does that - especially when they have taken the time to write out the workout in their journal. Sigh.

That my friends is why we need to journal in a timely manner. Had I written down my dinner info after I got home from belly dance (or, of course, after dinner) I would have seen my strength workout there and remembered to do it. I didn't write in my supper until this morning, where I GASP noticed that I hadn't done my work. ARGHHHHH!!!

I'll make it up Saturday.

On to my AHA moment. Had lunch after curling up at the Club. Went for lunch with my team. Ordered a Chicken Souvlaki Wrap - which is new on the menu (YUM) - but asked the waitress to hold the feta cheese. Had a side of garden greens. Both my lunch mates, who are on again/off again weight watchers commented on my choice. I said that, since I had dined on a breakfast sandwich (also at Club) for 6 pts this morning - I wanted to forgo 3 extra pts (at least I figure) of cheese. Well, both of them made a big deal when the meals came, because they both had it with cheese (which is how it comes, they didn't get extra). The one gal said "well, I just LOVE cheese". I said that I did also, but that it came down to choices, and that for today, I needed to not have it. They kept going on like I wasn't ALLOWED it. But that wasn't it. I could have counted it. I CHOSE to forgo it. This was a big moment for me - but they kinda made fun. I held strong though and felt pretty proud for making a choice that worked well for me. Even though it was like they ordered to spite me (I say this because of their comments, not because I think people with cheese on their sandwiches are out to get me!!) all I could think was how they weren't hurting me at all.

We had a real hoot curling this morning. So much fun. My team is really nice. Even with the lunch drama - really nice ladies. I look forward to the season.

I ran today. Uber frustration. I did a 2k run to calibrate my Nike+ because it was running fast. Then, I did another 2k run, cause, well, I like to run around 4k. What did my Nike+ say after the big calibration???? 1.76k. Seriously. O....M....G!!!!!!! Sigh.

Well, I better get to making supper. Don't know what the heck I'm going to make......

Have a healthy day!!

PS: Fatmom - thanks so much for leaving a comment to say how you're doing!! I'm SO VERY HAPPY that WW is working for you - what a great success you've seen so far! Keep up the awesome work. You rock!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Up @ an unGodly hour!!

Oy! Daughter had to open the pool up @ our Club where she works part time today. She is just covering someone's shift. All of this meant that I was up @ 5:00 so that she could be there on time. I'm way to old for this kind of shift work! haha! The good part of this story is that.... I was 2nd in line when Tim's opened!

So Belly Dance last night. Wow. It was really hard. We are now up to 2:00 into the choreography, but she went FAST. It was actually almost frustrating. We kept asking her to break the count down for us for this one move where she kept saying that we needed to do 2 full figure 8's out then round out to 2 full figure 8's in. But every time we ran through the dance, her count would change. We asked her to do it without music, just with count, and she kept saying, but it's faster. Well, once the music is on, you adjust to the beat of it. But we need to know the counts. URGH!!! I wasn't the only one frustrated.

So, meeting today. In 3 hours. YIKES!!!!

Not much else on the agenda. Strength training with bands.... belly dance again.... maybe a walk with the pup. I'm hesitant because it's booty time again for him and he doesn't like them! But the snow gets so stuck in his fur.... and the little bugger kicks them off! Funny the first time..... not so funny after 5 times when I've only made it two blocks down the drive!! Good thing he's SO cute. See gratuitous picture of cute puppy below:

What a face!!

On that note - have a healthy day bloggers!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Enough Snow!

Seriously. Moving on. Luckily I earned an activity point shoveling!

I went to lunch with my girlfriends and then I ran on the treadmill. I had to go to the car to grab my running shoes and I fell in a big way. Oy! What a sight I must have been.

In spite of that I had a good run. I need to re-calibrate my Nike+. But for now, since I'm working on my speed, it doesn't REALLY matter.

I have belly dance tonight. I'm really looking forward to it. I meant to write down the steps of the dance we've learned so far. Sadly I didn't and now I've forgotten them. Sigh. I'm sure it all come back to me, but....

Mmmm, I think I'm going to go to a WW meeting. That won't be pretty.

Well bloggers, have a healthy day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freaky Friday Fatinah Style

Except it wasn't Friday it was Monday. But daughter & I switched places. She was getting ready to go to her personal trainer. I was trying to decide if I wanted to run while she worked out or sit and read my book while I waited up at the club. Daughter says "you are doing your run. if you skip it you're going to regret it all day". Imagine. Daughter talked ME into working out. Then, she told the trainer on me! Trainer thought it was hilarious.

Meanwhile - I had a great run. Daughter had a really good workout with the trainer. Had to run 3 flights of stairs 3 times in between weight sets. Shudder.

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Sadly I didn't even pretend to stay on plan. I paid the price though. I've been up since 2 this morning with a very upset stomach.

Today is a new day.

It is snowing outside like crazy. Sigh. My calendar says it's only Oct 13. Looks like Dec 25 out there. Nuts.

Mmmm, not much else to report. Other than just knowing there is so much snow out there is making my feet cold.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday - time to take a breath!

What a week!

I worked - like many do - but boy am I out of a routine. I felt like I was rushing all the time. Daughter of course, works with her personal trainer Mondays before school. All 3 of us were up at the gym to work out before 6:30 am!! Tuesday was a mad rush after work to pick daughter up from work right after work and then off to Alpha course at the Church. Wednesday rush after work to club to run, home to make dinner, back to club to Belly Dance. Thursday rush after work to make dinner then off to club to Belly Dance. Oy - I hadn't realized how much we did in the evenings until I was busy during the day also! Of course, daughter was working after school every day, doing a swim fit class and husband was working out and curling all speckled in there. Yeesh!

The good news is that work went great. Remembered everything I needed to remember and got my work done in a really timely manner. I also managed to pick up some more contract work for the end of the month. I'm quite happy about that.

Today I was supposed to curl, but there was a death of a Club member and so many people from my curling league are friends with him and his surviving wife that most of the league will be at his funeral this morning. This is the fellow that I had been receiving e-mail updates about. So sad.

I am going to buy new running shoes today. I need them BADLY. I can't wait!! I have a run scheduled today. But not before I get new shoes!

Oh, bloggers! This has been a week of good news. First I get the extra contract work for the end of the month (and it should go on for 3 month ends - fingers crossed), then my sister in Ottawa calls - wondering if she (and her son) can come for Thanksgiving. Um.... YES!!!! How wonderful is that?? It would be perfect of course if her husband could come also, but he has to work and I am grateful for as many of them as I can have visit. We are going to have the very best Thanksgiving because I also have an Aunt in town from New Brunswick. Yay!! Then, if that wasn't enough, husband received some excellent news from his business that I can't talk about - but dudes - some huge pressure lifted. We have been very blessed this week.

Food front...... um...... well, I've written it all down. I have a plan in place though for the end of the month so that I can continue on my path of healthy eating. I will be shopping using a weekly plan and grocery list for the Healthy Eating for the Rushed cook book. This will provide me with healthy FAST meals in the evenings and awesome left overs for lunches the next day.

Hmm. Not much else to report. I'm way behind on my blog reading. I will endeavour to catch up this morning as I have been missing you all very much. I have my favourites and I can't wait to read how you're all doing!!

Have a healthy day!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I'm still at it!

I'm still here! Sorry to have been away for so long. I've been re-evaluating my life. Still watching what I eat, and exercising. I've been looking for work. I have contract work starting on Monday. Don't know how many days I will have since we haven't discussed that, but any days are better than none!

I got my tattoo worked yesterday. And I have pictures. Please see below:

This is my tattoo when I started. I got it 22 years ago.

This is what my tattoo looks like now. Yay!!

Many thanks to Tigerlilly for providing the inspiration that ended up my new tattoo!!

My running is coming along so well. I have moved inside to the treadmill at the club. I have noticed that if I'm at the club, just having people around provides enough social pressure for me to get my stretching in. That is a huge plus! I'm happy with the progress I'm making with my pace.

My shoulder is healing.... sort of. I wish it would go faster.

We have learned 40 seconds of our new routine in my intermediate Belly Dance class. I think it will be lots of fun! When I've learned the routine I'm going to video myself for you all. I'm sure you're all just thrilled! HAHA

What else..... eh... not much. My whole family hit the spin class this morning and then daughter went and did a weights class RIGHT AFTER!!! Can you believe that! I was very proud of her. She has also found a swim class at the club that she can do for free while she is waiting for me to be done belly dancing. She is really enjoying her personal training sessions. The young woman she sees has really inspired her. Can you imagine what it must be like to inspire someone?

We are having company for dinner tonight. I'm making what I hope will be a very yummy supper. Pork tenderloin with a rub, bocconcini salad, pine nut salad and baby potatoes with a dijon sauce. 2 of the recipes are from Eat, Shrink & be Merry. The rub and the bocconcini salad. Mmmmm.

Well, I must away! I have an obscene amount of housework to do before the company comes. I'm such a slob - I don't know how my husband hasn't divorced me!

Have a healthy day bloggers. I will be back to regular posting and reading, although I have deleted many blogs from my bloglines. Some bloggers you just don't connect with, and it is overwhelming to have a bazillion entries to read. I still have some to delete yet. Even doing that takes time!