Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Am in Ottawa for Christmas with my family visiting my sister and her family having the absolute time of my life.

Have been on two runs so far - picked up mine & my sister's race package for the Resolution Run here in Ottawa - can't wait - sister's first race EVER!!!!

Love the jackets they gave out this year - am wearing it while blogging it is so awesome.

Was going to report on my eating - but have decided to keep this post positive!! Wink, Wink. Am currently drinking the biggest bottle of Bailey's I've ever seen.

Can't wait to get back to you all when I get home.

Hope all is well with everyone!!

Stay healthy and safe bloggers!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Towel It Off: No-Equipment Total-Body Workout

Here is a workout that requires no equipment - perfect for any of us traveling over the holidays!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday.... a fresh start

Diana left a comment on my blog then deleted it - cause she thought my last post was a joke (I saw Jack Sh*t's post - so I understand why she thought that) - so to Diana - your deleted comment actually made me laugh!! So, thank you.

Today is a new day. I dropped daughter off at her diploma prep for Math. All part of my not giving up! I then drove myself promptly to a meeting. A WW meeting that is. I seriously feel like an addict. I deal with stress by eating and I needed a reminder of why I need to not do that. (I'm up a pound by the way) Know what the topic was at the meeting? "dealing with holiday stress". Well, my stress isn't holiday related - but yowsers - useful or what?? Anyhow - I felt a million times better after the meeting. I cannot miss any more meetings. If the girl I go with can't make it I just have to and go alone. I need that charge.

Lunch out with two friends today. After the meeting I am well inclined to chose well. I am in charge of ME. I CHOOSE how to handle my stress.

Oh, ladies - did you all get the new 2010 pocket guide do-hicky-mabobs?? Cool beans, eh? They are made out of paper that likely WON'T SHRED in your purse!
Also out is the updated CANADIAN eating out guide. Didn't get one cause I forgot by the end of the meeting but plan to. They are SO useful! And it is good to stay current.

Hmmm, what else? Gym on the agenda later today. Have to earn my sticker for the 12 days of Christmas Challenge (I have 7 so far!). Don't know what I will do today... my knee is hurting a bit, BUT I may try a run anyhow. I just feel like running. I need that high. That rush. Those deep breaths that remind you you're ALIVE!!

OK peeps - get out there and rock your healthy lifestyle!! Have a good one!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday and more snow!

I'm so done with the snow already!! I have to go back out on the roads here pretty quick and I'm a complete wreck!! It is going to be a long friggin winter!

This week has been ok. Finally got my H1N1 shot. My arm is SORE. To make matters worse - I fell in the parking lot after getting my shot and jarred my other shoulder (the injured one) so bad that I almost threw up! The night of my shot I was awake most of the night because every time I turned over, I turned onto a sore arm! Plus, I had the chills really bad. Collective "awwwww"!

I did the treadmill program earlier this week and something popped in my knee while I was in the running portion. That can't be good. My knee has been sore all week. Sigh.

Family continues to be disjointed. Daughter is not applying herself in school and it is frustrating the hell out of us. Husband & I approach things completely differently and all of this has resulted in tension en-masse. I made a nice dinner tonight - with the intent to make a nice table, turn off the tv and talk. Daughter just called - she has to work. Deep sigh. Best laid plans..... I'm exhausted from crying every day. Sometimes the tears are frustration, sometimes disappointment, sometimes hurt..... but my eyes are tired and we are out of kleenex in the whole house!! I just can't give up on her. She has so much potential.

Well peeps. I had tons more to write about - but now that I'm doing it - I got nothing!! Have a healthy day!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

can I be honest?

Just writing yesterday's post made me feel better. I went up to the Club with husband and did the same program on the treadmill as the day before. I totally rocked it - I did over 7k. Husband then generously took me to the dining room for dinner at the Club. Yay to not having to cook. We shared an appetizer of dumplings (I only had 2 of the 8). They serve the best dumplings I've ever tasted in my LIFE. For dinner I ordered the mixed greens with chicken breast. Mmmm. It was GOOD. I also had a nice glass of red wine. Good for the heart. Wink wink.

Any of you read MizFit's Friday post? It was a good one. Sigh. It actually made me cry. Just because I feel like my family is falling apart. We are so... disjointed right now. I hate the feeling. We are spinning out of control and I don't know how to stop it or fix it. Bigger sigh.

I made some chicken soup last night for dinner tonight. And I picked up a nice crusty loaf of whole grain bread. Good comfort food for this cold weather we are having.

Tonight I have to drop daughter at tutor and then I may run up to the gym. I haven't decided yet. My hamstrings are screaming from that treadmill program. That has to be a good sign.

Well peeps - have a healthy day.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Snow, snow, snow

It snowed so bad Friday that I couldn't get off my street Saturday morning to get to the Santa Shuffle. Sigh.

I did make it up to the gym late in the day Saturday and did some treadmill time though. I tried a program that daughter got from her trainer. Start on 2.0 incline for 5 minutes to warm up. Treadmill is @ 3.5 mph the whole time. Every minute, raise the incline 1 full %. The treadmill I was on went to 15. Stay at 15 for a minute. Then, every minute go down on the incline. Then 3 minutes or so @ 2.0 and then cool down at 0 incline. Holy shit. I was breathing so hard that my lungs were sore later that evening. When I was done that - I just ran on the treadmill till I hit an hour... maybe 20 - 25 minute run or so. Anyhow - felt like a good workout.

I have not been on program all week. I could come up with a list of excuses, but really I just chose to take the easy path with my stress and that was to deal with it the way I always do (eat) instead of dealing with it in a more positive and productive manner. The only exercise I did was belly dance Thursday and the treadmill yesterday.

This week I will get my shit together. This week I will journal and put myself first. I will not seek out self destructive behaviour to enable my pity parties. I will fill my body with healthy foods that will get me to old age and I will be active every day.

Short post today as I have Christmas cards to write. And the new Yoga Journal magazine read.

Hope you're all doing well. Congrats to all the Halibloggers that ran the Santa Shuffle - you girls look so happy doing it!!