Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New week, new plans, new program

I realize it is Tuesday already.... just pretend I'm doing this Monday!!

For the next 4 weeks I have what I think is the best plan ever!!

I will be following "The Bikini Body Workout" from Fitness magazine, June 2009.  It has their "best-ever swimsuit shapers"!!  This program is mostly all core work.  I have chosen it on purpose, because I think that is where I need to focus.  I will be doing this program of 8 moves twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

I will be continuing on with the spin cycling because I'm really starting to enjoy it.  I will commit to this 5 days a week, likely the weekdays.  I was going to keep going with the rowing, but the truth is, while it is a good workout, I find it just too boring to consider doing it for another 4 weeks.  I will replace it with treadmill WALKING with the treadmill at it's highest incline.  This is to help me get ready for my Burgess Shale hike in late July.  I will only do this three days a week, most likely Mon, Wed & Fri.

Now, you may have noticed that weight training is suspiciously missing..... no, it's not!!!  I purchased the EA Sport Active program, but didn't use it because I was doing the other program already.  So, I will be doing the 30-day challenge, medium intensity with my own tubing.  

Now, yesterday I did the EA Sport Active and then just walked the dog.  My feet were just killing me.  I had gone to the Club first thing in the morning, only to find my f'ing iPod dead AGAIN.  I turned around and came home, and never went back.  All that to say that this week will be a bit wonky, but by the end of the week I will ensure that I have hit all my targets for the week.  

This morning I've already done 30 minutes of rowing (30 more to go and I'm done my Club challenge obligation) and 30 minutes of spin cycle (15 more to go and I'm done my Club challenge obligation).  I went really, really hard on the bike and I'm really proud of my effort.  Huge pat on my own back!  I even upped my gears today.  Yes, I'm a total rock star - HAHAHAHA!!!!!

I have to take the pup to the vet to have his teeth looked at (just want to make sure he stays healthy), and after than I will do day 2 of the EA Sport Active and then take him for a walk.

Ugh - I'm sure none of you really care about all this - but it helps me if I put it out there.  

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Wow that's a plan! It's very motivating to read about how much you move in a week!! :)

  2. Anonymous6:34 PM

    You're making a commitment, that shows. Guess what, imagine how cool it will be when you've done it so much, it becomes a habit!