Thursday, May 29, 2008

5 things about me.....

I've been tagged to do 5 things about me. I'm WAY too lazy to type out the instructions and tag someone else, but I thought I'd get my 5 things done....

1) This year in October I will have lived in Calgary as long as I lived in Montreal. I still call Montreal home and can't see how that will ever change. Husband gets really mad at me when I call it that. I notice though that when I'm in Montreal, I call Calgary home.

2) I dread Father's Day. I did not re-connect with my father until I was 19 (when I ended up with a co-worker who was related to him in a rather convoluted way). There is just never an appropriate card available. While on some level I suppose there may be love there (?), it is hard to feel a parent/child relationship because he's just this man I know who's eyes & nose I happen to have.

3) I put crushed chillies & garlic on just about everything I eat.

4) One of my favourite things to eat is a home made french fry sandwich. After that is beef gravy on buttered bread. Yikes - now I have the munchies!!

5) I love vampire movies & tv shows. Not the Bram Stoker kind. The fun, action packed, witty kind. I can watch the Blade & Underworld movies and Buffy & Angel till the dvd's wear out.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Title Wednesday

Not much to report today.

The big news is that the gal that I do personal training with (remember, she joined my sessions around 3 weeks ago) is out of commission due to a broken toe. For two weeks for sure. I spoke to husband and he said that I can keep going twice a week on my own (the price goes up for one on one). Yay! I think he is enjoying the results ;-)

Anyhow, this is also the gal I do swim class with. Which was today. And I had to go alone. But, I did it. Worked hard. Certainly earned my 3 activity points!!

We are experiencing a day of sunshine today. I will be taking puppy for a walk in the next half hour.

Daughter decided to start writing down what she eats and took the time to ask me about her points. How much is this, how many can I eat, how many do I earn for swimming a kilometer? I'm happy because this means that she is having an awareness of what is going in her mouth. Yay. I told her even if she journals just for a week, it will be a good gage.

What else....oh, ya.....2 FREAKIN DAYS TILL MY REUNION!!! I have decided I will definitely be asking daughter to take my photo when I'm all dolled up so you gals can see. Assuming you are even remotely interested. ;-)

We are all so excited about going to the reunion. I am really going to try to stay as close to my plan as possible. I am keeping all my flex points to cover the wine I will be drinking. I'm bringing my running shoes and Garmin and plan to do a run Friday alone before we leave, and a run Saturday before I start getting ready. Sunday.....well, I'm not going to lie - that will be completely dependant on how hung over I am HAHA. Actually, I'm really hoping that the interpersonal part of the evening will be so engaging that I won't have that much to drink. Of course, my girlfriend & I are dancing machines, so I expect to be earning some activity points during the evening. I just have to remember to rehydrate with WATER instead of WINE like I've been known to do!!

Alright bloggers, I've blathered on long enough. Hope you're all having a healthy day!

Oh ya - Sex and the City opens this weekend and I will likely NOT get a chance to see it. I tell you this because I will be on a COMPLETE media ban until I see it...this means no blog reading! So, if you don't hear from me for a'll know why!

Monday, May 26, 2008

ok, I'm over it!

I'm done pouting about my WW predicament. I told my WW buddy the story before we met with personal trainer. Got myself so worked up I had a great workout. Really pushed hard and was able to do lots of reps and moved up my weights on a couple of exercises. When I was done with personal trainer I did the elliptical for 33 minutes. I did higher strides per minute than I've ever done. I'm so excited. F*ck WW. I'm just going to get to my own personal goal and let the other stuff go. Guess they will just miss out on a great employee.

I'm cooking lamb for the first time tonight. We are going to bbq it. I'm going to make potato skins to go with them. And cauliflower. Yum. I love cauliflower. I'm going to have baked potatoes for me with cauliflower. Don't know what I will do for a protein - I will figure something out. Might just put extra low fat cheese on my potato.

It is raining for the 18th billion day in a row. Ugh.

I don't have much else.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

PS: Thanks to Sally for reminding me about the bigger picture!! You're completely right. As usual!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just in case I wasn't sure how invested I am in my weight loss journey.....

In laws are gone. I survived. Without copious amounts of alcohol. With a few tears shed in private to husband on a coffee run. The silver lining is that daughter got to spend some time with her grandparents. It isn't about me.

With the in laws in, I missed weigh in at WW on Tuesday. I weighed at home. I'm pretty sure I blogged about it. Anyhow, I decided by Wednesday that I would go weigh in today so that I wouldn't miss a week. Even though I have to go weigh again on Tuesday (3 days from now!!). I'm down 0.8. I am over the moon, because this means that I navigated the program properly while being out of my routine and under a lot of (self-imposed) stress. Yay me. Whatever. That isn't the most interesting part of my story today.

This might be long. Either get a coffee, or move on to the next blog ;-)

When I became a lifetime WW member, I was 24 and my goal weight was 125. I started at 139 (I think - it was 18 years ago, I don't still have my books - but for some reason, I have this # stuck in my head). Now, I'm never going to be 125 again. I don't want to be, because I couldn't stay there. Obviously - since I'm back at it.

I have been feeling good, and while I realise I'm not perfect, I think I'm pretty much where I want to be. I THOUGHT that I would change my goal weight (you are allowed to change it once) to 145. This is still a smidgen over 5 lbs from where I am now.

Since I went to WW without my friends (they went on Tuesday) I thought I would do all this "housekeeping" today. Well, the leader then explained to me that you have to pick a goal weight that is at least 5 lbs less than your ORIGINAL starting weight. Which would mean that my "new" goal weight would have to be 134, and not the 145 that I wanted. (I have also learned that I'm actually 1 inch and 3/8's taller than I originally thought. Which makes my ranges higher. Which makes my original goal weight even more ridiculous)

So, how did I handle this news? With grace and dignity? Nope. Not yours truly. I started to cry. Not a discrete, lady-like tear dripping ever so delicately from my one eye. I sobbed. And the leader (one that I don't like, by the by) says what's the matter, don't you think you can go that low? In between sobs, I explained that I was, for the first time in my life, happy with my body and that I really thought 5 more lbs was all that I "needed" to lose. In the end she did the paper work in a way that should enable me to get the goal weight of 145. If not, I may have to go to my doctor to get him to sign a form.

Why does this all matter? I will tell you. I want to work at WW and I have to be at my goal to do that. If my goal has to be 134, I won't be able to work there ever. I felt like a dream was being ripped away. I told the lady I want to have a goal that I can keep. I don't want to be loosing weight ever again. Eventually I stopped crying and was able to go weigh in. I'm so glad that I had a loss today, or the tears may have started all over again!

Anyhow - sorry to be such a time sucker.

Today's agenda includes.....weights at the Club (maybe some cardio - if an elliptical is free)...tutor for daughter and then.....INDIANA JONES BABY!!!!!!!! Where I will be having the children's popcorn & diet coke WITH BUTTER. I know, I know, but it's INDIANA and I will be counting. I don't go to the theatre often, just for the good action flicks that need a big screen, and quite frankly if I'm going to pay the billion $$ it costs to go to the movie these days anyway - I'm having the whole experience. The kid's popcorn packages are a great deal cause they are cheap and it is just enough popcorn that I feel like I've had a treat, but not so much that I feel like I've "blown" it and then end up binging.

I have to say - I've been reading every one's blogs this morning - but I had almost 60 entries to read, so if you notice a serious lack of commenting.....that is why. I hate missing a day (or a week) of blog reading.

OK bloggers - rock on - and have a healthy day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh, that feeling of dread....

building as I wait for my in-laws to come. I still have to do all the vacuuming. We decided to just enjoy our long weekend and now I have to pay the piper.

I'm not going to weigh in at WW today. Don't have the $$ or the time. I weighed in at home and I'm down 0.3. Slowest weight loss EVER!!! I figure I'm 5lbs away from where I want to be. 5lbs. Feels like it may as well be a million. I guess I will have maintenance down pat if I loose this slow.....not much of a silver lining, but......have to take what I can get.

I went to the Club yesterday. Husband & daughter swam. Daughter got in the pool and swam a kilometer like nothing. Brat. I went up to do weights. It went well. The place was a tomb. Just the way I like it. ;-)

Running buddy cancelled today so I have to go on my own. I'm just waiting for my breakfast to digest a bit. It is nice and cool outside - so it should be a comfortable run. I just have to decide whether to take the dog or not. I don't want to end up having to walk anymore than my one minute rests.

I am going to make my Thai Chicken thighs for supper tonight. Daughter is quite excited. She loves that recipe. I just hope it isn't too much spice for the in laws. My FIL only likes salt & pepper. Sheesh.

OK, I've procrastinated enough. Off to vacuum. Blech.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I forgot the best part of last night

I totally forgot to tell you what happened when I went to get dressed for dinner last night.

I was going to wear a top with an empire type waist and some dress shorts with sassy sandals. Hanging next to my dress shorts was my black cotton peasant skirt that I bought but have never worn because it makes me feel fat (it has an elastic waist). Anyhow, on a whim I pulled it out and tried it on. I thought it looked ok, so I got husband's opinion. He also thought it looked alright. I also then pulled out a top that is quite fitted, and you know what? I looked good! Daughter saw me after dinner and said "holy cow mom, have you ever slimmed down!". I honestly think it was easier to stick to my plan because I went out feeling good.

That my friends, is cool beans!!

What a Meal!

OMG! Food was so good at that restaurant. I had the salad to start and then the tenderloin and that came with around 1/2 cup of mashed potato, 1/2 squash of some sort and then mixed veggies (peppers & leeks) on the side. The best part about these fancy restaurants is that the portions aren't big. I had two glasses of wine with the salad & dinner, and then a glass of port for desert. We ordered a cheese plate for dessert (me and our guest shared), but it was goat cheese. I tried it, but I don't like goat cheese, so.....all in all I'm happy with the evening. It cost me some points to be sure, but it was so good.

Today I have to clean like a mad woman because my in-laws come tomorrow till Friday. I also have to hit the gym to do weights, get in a walk, and hit the grocery store, (once I figure out what I'm going to make for dinners this week!) Ugh....I need a nap just thinking about it. And of course, I've been up since 5:30 (YES, I know today is a holiday!). I just could not sleep.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Rocked that Canyon!

Did my weights yesterday. The Club was pretty empty because of the long weekend. It was nice.

Once daughter was done with her tutor, we headed for the mountains. As did everyone in the city. Took our walk up the Canyon. Puppy did well. We did have to carry him once, but that was because we were on the catwalk over the creek and he got scared. There were so many people coming down the path we had to squeeze WAY over. Puppy didn't like being close to the edge at all. Poor baby. He did really well with his barking though. Didn't bark at any people, just the dogs we passed. I had a bit of a panic attack (I'm afraid of heights), but I pushed through it.

Anyhow, it was a nice day. Picked up Swiss Chalet on the way home. Mmmm, so tasty. And the point count for it is in one of my food companion books. I love that! Today we are hitting the mall. Both daughter & I need new bras. I have gone down a size. Yay me! Tonight is our big dinner out. Can't wait - should be good times.

Speaking of which, thanks to all who offered their opinion. I have lots of flex left for tonight, and if I manage my day properly, the salad & tenderloin should fit nicely. I will have to manage tomorrow well with my water intake though to be sure I'm de-bloated for weigh in on Tuesday. I'm thinking I will be drinking red wine tonight. I find it hard to choke down more than a glass of that. I don't have a stop button for white.

As for exercise today.....likely a leisurely walk with dog. I need a day to rest. And it is already so warm....well, at least it is in my house!

Ok bloggers - go forth and be healthy!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

oh, that Indiana!!

Like any true Westerner (well, from this particular city anyhow), my puppy Indiana has never known true heat. Yesterday we hit near 30 I think. I took him for a walk (my knee was sore from running and I thought it best to try to stretch it out instead of sitting around all afternoon). Well, we were around 15 minutes from being done our LEISURELY walk (seriously folks, we were taking it easy) and the pup found some shade, lay down and would not move for anything. I had to CARRY the little bugger for around 10 minutes before he would walk again!! The things we do for out dogs. Sheesh. I passed a lady with a newbie in a carriage. She gave me the stink eye because I was carrying the dog. I thought "whatever lady - you'll be doing this in two years when your kid is supposed to be having a bike ride!".

Went for drinks with a friend last night. We had fun. All counted up and written down.

Today, weights at the club with daughter then a hike in the mountains!! We are doing the hike we can take the dog on. Seems a shame to go for a walk and leave him in his kennel all day. Besides, he has never been carried up a canyon - HAHAHA

Oh, and thanks to Tornwardo for the 411 on loud in French. I was trying to remember "fort", but the word I needed "bruyant".

Have a good day bloggers!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Help Required from Blogland!

Dearest Bloggers:

I require your opinion. I will be going out this weekend for dinner. The reservation has been made, the plan is in place. If any of you have a minute, would you give the menu a boo and then leave in the comments what you think is a healthy choice? I don't eat anything from the water or wild meat. So those are two healthy choices not available to me.

Yesterday's session with personal trainer and friend was a blast. Same torturous program as Monday. I think the reason I enjoyed it so much is because it required core and balance. I'm really good at those types of exercises. Friend & I went to the Cafe at the Club after for a healthy lunch. Other friend ended up joining us as well and it was a fun time.

Ended up taking puppy for a run outside instead of the treadmill. It was so hot out by the time we went out - near 3 I think, that around 4k into the run the dog found a piece of shade and just lay down. He was done! Too cute!!

One thing that was clear to me is that I need to stay off the treadmill. I have lost my stamina for running without it. Don't get me wrong - the treadmill is a great stop-gap FOR ME when the roads are icy - but I loose my ability to self propel when I use it too much. Anyhow, my run was quite a challenge. As this mornings will be when I meet my running buddy.

Well, I guess I should get on with my day. Have a healthy day bloggers!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Still So Sore

I am still so sore from Monday's workout with the trainer that I am literally dreading my session later this morning. Ugh.

Planned after that is the post trainer run on the treadmill. Although, as I type this, I wonder if I should run outside with the dog. It is SO nice out. Seems a shame to miss actual nice weather. Plus then I get the actual, real stats from my Garmin.

You know, the weather man on the radio said that this is only the 2nd time in 5 years that our city will have had a nice May long weekend. Imagine. Of course, now everyone is talking about planting their flowers. Which they will do, and then in a week or two we will get a freak snow dump and then I will have to listen to them all complain. Sheesh.

So, America's Next Top Model? I was so happy with the final two that I honestly didn't care which one won. I was excited though to see them make such a bold move in picking the winner.

So, I had a minor melt down yesterday. It was completely stress triggered. By around 7:00 though, I had pulled myself out of my funk, figured out my plan to move forward.

I'm trying to talk my family into going for a hike this weekend in the mountains. So far I have come up against quite a few roadblocks, but I think in the end we will be able to get out. I really need to get daughter moving more. She goes in spurts and really doesn't understand that you need to be active everyday. I think I will be putting her on dog duty after the long weekend. Right away after school, before she has time to do anything else. I showed her a route yesterday that is just over 3k and an easy walk uphill for 1/2 of it.

Husband is also trying to organize a dinner out with another couple for this weekend. As a thank you to them for a favour they did us. Anyhow, I'm stressed about that because I don't want to have to work my way through the minefield of a restaurant and I don't want the people to know I'm on WW. I know, I shouldn't be ashamed, and normally I'm not, but then if they know you are watching your choices, then every choice you make is scrutinized, and I don't like the attention. Of course, I could just get over myself, but where's the mental anguish in that?

So, I have 2 weeks to keep my head in the game before my reunion. 2 weeks. I can't afford any more melt downs. My girlfriend doesn't even have her dress yet. I hope she gets one soon. I have two that I'm trying to decide between. Closer to "the day" I may post both on my picture blog to get your opinions.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So Sore....

My session Monday with the personal trainer was a killer. Again we didn't use any actual weights. I can still hardly walk my ass hurts so much.

I've managed to up my runs to 5.5mph on the treadmill. I hope to be at 6.0 soon.

BBQ with family was ok. Weigh in the next morning also ok. I maintained.

I'm feeling kinda blah today, so this is all I have for a post. Have a healthy day bloggers!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Best Mother's Day EVER

I had a great weekend.

Saturday we took my mom out to her fav steak place for supper. We had reservations at 8:00 (holy lateness!) and the restaurant called at 6:30 to say we could have a table at 7:00 instead! YAY!!

I ate a dif dish than normal, but I had everything that came with the meal, cause we were having a nice night out special. Came home and thought, eh, that was likely all my points for today and my flex, I will just go forward only eating daily points target and maybe activity points. After around 10 minutes, I thought, no, this is your life now. You figure it out and KNOW what you are consuming. So I did, and in the end, I was over 2 points. I exercised them off yesterday. I know this isn't how the program works, but I thought for this one week, it might ;-)

Anyhow, it was a lovely relaxed evening out. My mom enjoyed it and so did we. The food is so good at this restaurant. If I could improve on one thing about how I handled the evening, I would have ordered a red wine instead of a white. Then I would have stuck to one glass instead of the 3 I had. I don't really like red, so it takes me all evening to choke it down. Note to self for next time.

Yesterday, family made me a points friendly breakfast. Scrambled egg with water instead of milk (makes them fluffier), WW bread, 3 slices turkey bacon, 1/2 cup hashbrowns cooked with no oil or butter. Scrumptious. And they cleaned up after. Then daughter cleaned her room and her bathroom. Husband went for a swim with me at the Club and then ALL 3 of US took the dog for a walk up the big hill we live near. Seriously - it was my best Mother's Day.

Tonight I have to clean like a mad woman because tonight I am having my family over for a bbq. Blech. I have to manage this with extreme caution because I weigh in tomorrow. So, I will drop daughter at bus, do groceries, put dinner on, clean, do personal trainer, run, shower and get stunning looking and then host a bbq. Fun times.

A demain! Have a healthy day bloggers.

PS: To the Canadians out there - how do you say "loud" again in French?

PPS: Is anyone but me disappointed with the winner of Survivor last night? And WHY did James have his top on??? I was pretty happy for him though. He is clearly quite popular with the viewing public!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday - FINALLY

My, this has been a LOOOONGGGGG week.

OK ladies - a couple of you loved Grey's last night. What's that about? I found it flat. I need to know what you all are seeing that I'm not!! Loved Dr. Bailey's new hair cut, but.....

I liked CSI last night. It was tongue in cheek funny. Good cross over writing.

I think the news of the night had to be Survivor! I actually felt BAD for that guy. I loved seeing James laughing in the jury though. Eh, who am I kidding - I like seeing James period. Why does he wear clothes to tribal council anyhow????

"Just" did weights with personal trainer yesterday. Wasn't feeling the run. My foot was bothering me and I thought it best to rest it for a day.

Friend that does training session with me made some more downer comments yesterday while we were training. They bugged me. On the way home though, I realized that this is really my problem. Whatever insecurities she is feeling that is making her say this is her deal. The fact that it is bothering me is MY problem and MY insecurity. I am no longer going to take my self worth from other people. Why would I give anyone that power? I control my own effort. If I am giving my own 110% then nothing else matters. Nothing anyone says matters.

I enjoy this lady immensely and I do not want this to taint our relationship. Plus, I don't want to put all that effort in and then come home feeling bad about myself.

Today was a run day with other friend. She can't make it because she is going out of town on a golf trip. I will do it alone on the treadmill. That means I get to listen to more of my audio book, which as you all know, I love!!

Was supposed to meet yet a different friend for drinks tonight, but she is sick, so that has been postponed till next week. That worked out well BECAUSE my mom got back to me and mother's day dinner is on for Saturday night. Two nights out in restaurants in a week is too much at weigh in for me. I know my limits. As it is, I have some fancy points & sodium management ahead of me.

Have a good day bloggers!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Weight Loss Talk - BLAH

I forgot to do my stats for the week. They were so/so.

8 activity points NOT eaten - this is good for me - I usually eat them all
40 activity points earned - I had a day on the weekend where all I did was rake the leaves. Tsk, tsk
8 Flex points NOT eaten - also good for me - I usually eat all of these also.....(maybe my not eating all my AP's & Flex lead to me loosing more than 1/2 pound!!)

OK - that's it for weight loss talk. I need a break.

Daughter taped a whole bunch of episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I had never watched the show before, and it is surprisingly funny. Even husband enjoyed the show. I like finding a show that we can all watch. He actually seems like a good dad and his kids - they seem so normal!! Nice change from the usual reality type shows that are on.

I love finding a show that makes the whole family laugh. It is such a great way to bond. We already have How I met Your Mother (Barney is a scream!), Two & a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine. And now this. Fun times.

I left a message at my mom's to see if she would like to go to her fav restaurant for mother's day. She didn't call back. Odd. Normally she'd be calling right back.

I finally connected with my old supervisor yesterday. I have been trying for MONTHS!! We are going to do coffee next week one evening. I'm glad because she is one of the nicest people I've ever known. I would really like to keep that relationship. It felt so good just to catch up a bit on the phone!

It is pissing rain outside. Rain that will likely turn to snow. Sheesh. I am so ready for summer. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that suffer from the blues when I'm deprived of the sun light. I sure hope the sun comes back soon.

Alright, I'm off to read blogs. Have a healthy day!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

oooo, it hurts when I do that....

I over did it yesterday and today my legs are sore. Hurts to sit, stand or move. I'm really hoping that my swim class works out the kinks. That is all I have planned for today. Except to walk the dog to the vets to purchase some adult dog food. He is ready for the switch. My baby is all growed up.

Didn't win any money at bowling yesterday. Shitters. Had fun though - cause the other team only had 2 out of 5 players - so the games went really fast. It was cardio-bowling!!

Went to WW yesterday - 2lbs down - thank you very much! Friend that I was suppose to run with ended up going for coffee with other friend instead (the gal that doesn't think I should be running "so" much). It was raining outside and she didn't want to run on the treadmill. I can understand that, so I went alone. I prefer to run alone on treadmill anyhow so that I can listen to my audio book - which is getting really good. They were clearly talking about my running schedule over coffee though, because running friend said later at lunch "no wonder I can't keep up with you if you're running every day!". I gave her my best shocked look and said "but I'm not running every day". She said, "well, 4 days!". I have never come across this kind of resistance before. Very strange.

Of course, this makes me even more committed. So, for the last 5 minutes of my run, I ran 1/2 mile per hour faster than I normally do. It was a great run. I felt REALLY good after. Which is why:

I said yes to walking last night with the walking ladies (running friend is part of this group). Well, 7k later, my legs are sore!! They sure walk at a good clip.

In other news....well, I have none. Today is picture day for the picture blog. Missed last week because husband took the camera with him on his golf trip. Bastard!

Well bloggers. Have a healthy day.

PS: Would you believe they are forecasting snow for tomorrow??? Seriously??? Why do I live here?????

Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday quickie!!

I'm having a great day.

It started with husband giving me the nicest compliment ever (of course, he was looking to get laid, but still!). He said that I look the best I ever have our whole marriage (almost 18 years). I said, but right after we were married I was 30 lbs lighter than now. He said, ya, but now you're rock hard from working out with weights. You look great!

How nice is that?

Met with personal trainer today and friend. Had a great session. Ran after without any comments. Life is good. Weigh in tomorrow at WW. Hoping for good news because I've had a great week. I haven't racked up as many activity points as this point last week (I'm 4 points behind), BUT I have 18 flex points left. This same time last week I was already out of points. I hope that translates into good scale news.

Short post bloggers. Have a healthy rest of the day!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Confessions

I didn't take the dog for a walk yesterday. I just didn't feel like it. I did rake most of my lawn. I hate yard work. In fact, I hate even having a yard. But, I wanted to surprise husband and at least get the back done. I will finish it today. I'm surprised my back is sore today from it. I guess it is from pushing so hard to get all the dead bits up. I did it in little spurts throughout the day. I should attempt the front yard also, but I'm so bad at yard work, I'm afraid that my neighbours will snicker at me.

My cousins dropped in last night. Boy cousin needed a soak in the hot tub cause he was sore from riding his motorcycle all day and girl cousin wanted to talk about WW. She is going to go back to meetings. She has been very active, but her eating is all over the place. We had a good chat, and I think she is ready to get back at it. If she goes back it will be Tuesday, so I've set a reminder in Outlook to check in with her.

I was glad that they dropped in because it really cut down on my snacking out of boredom!!

The group of gals that I sometimes walk with are going this morning. I have to pass, because I have to drop daughter off at her Assistant Water Safety Instructor course later than they are scheduled to leave, BUT, I'm going to meet them at the Club for breakfast and coffee after. That should be fun. They are nice ladies and coffee with them is always fun.

I suppose I should actually walk my poor puppy today. Little monkey would probably really like that. It seems really nice out already. Better enjoy the lovely weather while I can - knowing our city - a snow storm is just around the corner.

Practical Magic is on TV right now. I love that movie. We own it, and still, if it's on TV I can't help but watch it. I think this movie was when Nicole Kidman looked her best. Her blond hair now really ages her I find. I love Sandra Bullock.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Nothing much

Not much going on around here.

Did my run with friend yesterday. It was a hard one. Well, that's not true - it was the same run we always do, it just really hurt my lungs. Funny how sometimes you just don't find your grove. Both of us found it hard. Other than that, it was a pretty boring day. I did lots of nibbling to prove how bored I was. It's all counted, but blah.

Today all I have planned is a walk with the dog. Might do some shopping with daughter, she has decided she needs a back pack. Exciting times! It is already so nice out.

Sadly, this is all I have. Don't know what I will do about supper - I'm thinking sushi from Co-Op. Daughter likes the spicy tuna and I have the avocado roll addiction. Cheap and low on points. Excellent combo.

Well, bloggers, have a healthy day.

PS: Thinking of cutting and colouring my hair. For the cut I'm thinking the bob that is long in front and short in back, and for the colour I'm thinking of staying brown and just covering those 3 grey hairs that are all I see when I look in the mirror! Those of you who have visited the picture blog - thoughts on if you think this will suit me??

PPS: Have any of you ever deleted comments? I was reading a blog today where one had been deleted. I'm always so curious to know why. Was it an accidental duplicate comment, or was it mean. If it was mean, why would someone leave a mean comment? What purpose does that serve?

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I had to post tonight. I had a sabotage attempt again during my personal training session today.

I thought I was being paranoid about my friend trying to derail my running (you all remember the whole you can't run two days in a row conversation on Monday), but today....

We did our session which was the 8 body weight exercises. I find this particular routine unbelievably hard. My heart just races, I got dizzy 3 times. Anyhow, we finish up, and we are stretching and friend asks if I'm going to run. I say that I'm thinking about it, but that I needed to catch my breath a bit. She says again that I shouldn't be running today because I'm running with other friend tomorrow. I say it's fine. Then she engages the Personal Trainer - don't you think she shouldn't run today she asks. Well, PT says, it is good to make sure that you don't over train. That is a mistake that a lot of people make. And then friend says, well, she ran Monday AND Tuesday, and then we swam yesterday. You know, we did lots of lengths. That is using your legs. She shouldn't be running.

This goes on for several minutes with PT trying to stay neutral, I just keep stretching. Finally I say to friend, you've had various injuries for over a year now and you've never once healed properly because you refused to take the rest that the doctor told you to (she currently has a broken toe that is getting worse because she won't stay off it), don't you think it is ridiculous to be telling me to take it easy? Then she says, well, how often are you running anyhow? All I told her was that I was doing short distances, I wasn't running 10k a day.

Of course, by the time all this was done, I was feeling good to do my treadmill work, so I went to the washroom and then told her I was doing my run. Trainer laughed when she saw me go to the treadmill.

I'm really a bit peeved. All I had planned for today's "run" was the following: 5min walk, 5 min run, 1 walk x 4, 2 min walk = 30 freakin tiny minutes of cardio. The friggen running clinic I took had us running two nights in a row for cripes sake. I'm not even a runner, I'm a jogger. But for her to try get the trainer to tell me no really rubbed me the wrong way. My trainer knows my workout schedule. She has for a long time. I haven't changed my schedule at all, the only thing that has changed is that now friend is there to see that I'm doing weights and then cardio.

Sorry, I'm sure this is a boring story for all of you, but I just needed to vent so that when I see her for coffee tomorrow after my run with running friend, it doesn't all come blathering out!

So, tonight I went to the gym AGAIN with daughter. While daughter was on elliptical I stretched. My hamstrings were really tight (even after my massage this morning) so I worked them out. I'm so glad I did that - my legs feel great! Anyhow, we ended up just having dinner at the Club. I had a mango chicken wrap in a whole wheat tortilla. I had them hold the dressing. It was so good. I also indulged in some fries. 10 of them. They were so good. And the best part was that I had the activity points to spend on the dinner.

Ok, bitch session done. Have a good sleep bloggers!

PS: I thought Grey's would be better tonight...what did you all think?

No Title Thursday

My swim class was great! We still worked a lot on breathing, but quite early in the class the teacher decided it was ok for us to turn our head all the way out of the water (but still parallel) to take a breath instead of half way with one goggle eye still in the water. What a difference this made for me! I was able to relax a bit more and I didn't take in near as much water! Plus, we did lots of lengths.

I did take the dog for a nice walk yesterday since it was quite nice out when I got back from swimming class. We did 5.5 k, but it was at a slower pace. It took me 9 minutes longer than normal. Still better than not going at all.

Today I have a great day on the agenda. A massage at 9:00 (gotta get rid of that kink so my bowling game will be back on!), personal trainer at 10:30, run on treadmill (just little one) and then I will meet daughter at the Club after school so she can use the elliptical. I will do some stretching while she does that. I think she can use the support.

I made the Cheese & Mushroom Quesadillas from the KickStart booklet for dinner last night. They are 3 points each, I had 2 and I was quite satisfied. I used the WW tortillas. Husband & Daughter both loved them and they each had 3. Any how, another successful recipe!!

Tonight I will serve the left over Teriyaki burgers because it is just Daughter & I. I may do perogies with them, since they are a fav of both daughter & I.

Oh, I ended my WW week yesterday with a 45 activity points earned!! Yay me!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!