Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Running Again!! (and weigh in news)

Since working with Bark Busters last Thursday, my little Indiana (who is now two - did I mention it was his birthday on Sunday?) has been a stellar walker.  No pulling, just prancing beside me like the little prince that he is.  Well, yesterday I was thinking it was time to test the next level.  So, we ran.  He did SO well.  Stayed right beside me the whole time (except when he had to do his business). 

As always, I was surprised at my loss of stamina.  I tried something different with myself yesterday.  I started my NikePlus, but I didn't take my Garmin to time my 10:1's.  I just ran until I needed a break, walked a smidgen and then ran again.  I know, I know, what a rebel!!

My pace was slower than normal.  That could have been because I walked for 5 minutes to warm up and I had to stop twice for dog business.  Or it could be (and likely is) because I haven't run in almost two months.  Having said that, it was better than I expected.  8:00/km on the nose.  What was truly annoying though, was the fact that I came in, promptly hooked my iPod up to my MacBook and....GOT AN ERROR and was asked to restore my iPod.  Yes folks, my lovely 8:00/km pace was lost and will never be added to my stats.  Stuff like that makes me nuts.  I'm all about the stats.  Sigh.  On the upside, because I'm a freak for stats, I had already memorized the particulars so....

In other news, I made my way up to the Club later in the afternoon.  I did my Fitness Magazine workout - which was a hoot (NOT).  My stomach is looking smokin though!!  (how that for positive thinking??)

I did the following:

Crunches with Stability Ball - 2 sets of 30
Plank with Stability Ball - 2 x 1 minute
Side Plank - 2 x 30 seconds on each side
Rotating Pass - 2 sets of 20 with 3kg Fit Ball
Scissor Crunches with Stability Ball - 2 sets of 30 on each side
Twister - 2 sets of 10 with hand on 4kg medicine ball
Uneven Push-Ups - 2 sets of 10 with hand on 4kg medicine ball.  

Side note on the uneven push-ups - I did 5 of them NOT modified - first time EVER that I've done a push-up that wasn't modified.  It was kinda exciting!!

After that I did 20 minutes on the spin bike - 5 minutes at gear 4, 5 minutes at gear 14, repeat.

My run was 28 minutes and 3.5k.  

I went to WW this morning to weigh in (my day is Wednesday, but since it is Canada day...).  I mentioned yesterday that I spend a lot of time worrying before I weigh in.  Well, I'm also one of those people that has trouble eating before weighing in.  This morning, in an attempt to really just live life, I had my Tim's right away in the morning, like I always do, AND I had my Activia yogurt.  Now, that may not seem like to some of you folks, but let me tell you - for me, it was a HUGE step!

So..... want to know how I did?  Really well actually.  I'm a particularly slow loser because I tend to eat all of my flex & AP points.  Now, having given that disclaimer, I lost 2.8 lbs this week.  Week 1's are always good for that because it is always such a shock to your body when you start controlling your portions!!  In any case, I'm really, really excited.  I have to thank Tiffany again for her post - I really think I would have spun out of control had it not been for her.

Is it wrong that I can't wait to see what Amy's Workout Wednesday is so that I can hurry up and do it so I can hurry up and send in my results??  HAHA

My girlfriend that I weigh in with had a spectacular week - she lost 4.0!!  We're both off to a great start!!  I'm glad to because I have a football game, pre-Stampede party & a Stampede breakfast to tackle this week - it is good to be going into it with a success under my belt!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Rough Weekend

Oh, my sweet Lord - I had a really rough weekend.  Husband went to BC on a golf trip with my mom's husband (belated father's day extravaganza).  Daughter ended up picking up other people's shifts at the Club for life guarding and was gone all day both days.  This left me alone. 

I am an emotional eater.  No doubts about it now.  

Anyhow, since I had NOTHING to do, I kept up with my blog reading.  Another blogger was having a rough time of it and her post really helped me get back on track.  I'm not sure if it was because she was insightful or because it just felt better to know that someone else was struggling.... I think both.  Anyhow - it helped.  I stopped with my self destructive behaviour WAY sooner than I would have otherwise.

My exercise has been almost non-existent.  Just walking the pup 5k or so a day.  I will be getting back at it today.  I needed a break.  My feet and back were killing me.  To that end, I went for a massage yesterday.  I think that will really help.

I found a new author!!  J.A. Konrath.  This weekend I read Whiskey Sour - the first book in the series.  I have trouble sleeping when husband is gone, and so I read.  Unfortunately I was reading a book with a serial killer in it, which didn't do much to relax me for sleeping, BUT the book was so good and it made me laugh out loud 3 or 4 times!!

Taking a chance that I would like the book, I had taken out two others by the same author.  Imagine how annoyed I was this morning when I went to grab the next book in the series, only to find that I didn't get book #2!!  Yes, that is right - I have books #3 & #4!!  Sheesh!!  I hopped online immediately and have put a hold on book #2.  It should arrive at my library in the next couple of days.  In the mean time, I have another author to try.  I love the library.  

Husband bought me a golf shirt while he was away.  I haven't tried it on yet - he held it up and it looked really small.  God love him!  Maybe later today.

So, to fellow WW's out there - and I mean the gals that go to meetings - do any of you freak out before weigh in's?  I have to weigh a day early because of Canada Day, so all the freaking out I would normally do tomorrow I now have to do today.  I am completely panicked.  It is so silly.  I think it is partly because I'm going with a friend who I will have to tell my results to.  Which I want.  I want that accountability and she is a good friend.  But the pressure.  OMG.  I'd be half way through a bottle of wine by now (yes, I realize that it is 8:22 in the a.m.) except I don't have the points!!!  HAHAHAHAHA

OK peeps!  Have a healthy day.  

Friday, June 26, 2009

8 Reasons to Start Loving Your Body Today

This is from the new Shape Magazine:
  1. Because it's unique; no one else has the same one
  2. Because it's capable of extraordinary feats, enabling you to run, climb, jump, lift, squat, snuggle and spoon
  3. Because no matter how badly you treat it, it's willing to give you another chance
  4. Because it's expressive, telling you how it feels (pay attention!) and broadcasting to others how you feel about it
  5. Because, let's face it, confidence is sexy
  6. Because your daughter must learn to love hers
  7. Because somebody out there (or many somebodies!) admires, covets, and adores it
  8. Because you'll regret not loving it later


I think it was Angie that mention the Kraft Balsamic & Fig dressing.  OMG!!  I just tried it and it is SO good!  Seriously - the best I've ever tasted!!  I just had it on a salad of:  coleslaw mix (you know, a bag of precut cabbage), 2 chalots (green onions here in Calgary), a tablespoon of garlic caesar almond slivers and 3 oz of rotisserie chicken.  I honestly cannot believe how much I loved it!!!

So, to Angie - You're A Genius!!!!!

Getting to Know Me

Chez Julie tagged me!

1. Respond and rework; answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention & add one more question of your own.
2. Tag eight other people.

What is your current obsession? Listening to Harry Potter on my iPod - 

I'm getting ready for the movie and I can hardly stand the wait!

What are you wearing today? A blue pair of cargo type shorts and a black top

 with an empire waist.  Which is odd, because I'm almost ALWAYS wearing 

lullulemon's of some sort!

What’s your favourite meal? Cheese enchiladas.... and I can't for the life 

of me find them in the city that I live in!!

What’s the last thing you bought? Extra large coffee with one cream 

from Tim Hortons.  Mmmmm

What are you listening to right now?  The pilot episode of The Closer

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where

 would you go?  I'd go to the restaurant in Kamloops that serves the best 

cheese enchiladas on earth!

What do you love most about where you currently live?   There 

is nothing to not love about living in Canada.  The best thing about living in 

Calgary is that you never know for sure that there won't be snow that day!  HAHAHA

What is your favorite colour? While most people would guess purple, it is blue

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? The dress

 in my profile picture

Describe your personal style? I don't have a style - but I would love to have a style

 similar to Meg Ryan's.... or yoga chic....

If you had $300 now, what would you spend it on? More workout clothes

 from Lullulemons

What are you going to do after this? Finish my coffee and have some


What is something about you that most people don’t know? That

 if I have to drive somewhere that I haven't been before, I make my husband 

drive me there the night before so I can see how many left turns I have to 

make and if there are advance turning lights at those left turns... 

Your favorite smell? Fried eggs - which I can't eat cause they make me gag.

Do you collect anything? Recipes that I never make.

What makes you follow a blog? Someone who shares my general 

philosophy on weight loss.  Or if they just have an interesting life. 

What’s your favorite drink? White wine, beer & clam & caesars equally

What’s one thing you dream of doing? Going on a cruise with my husband 

when my daughter has moved out (not that I want that to happen right now)

What is your biggest regret? That it took me so long to learn how to love.  

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Snuggle under a 

blanket and read

Do you have a tattoo? Yes, I have two.... and would like to get a third.  

Or maybe just get some more work done on my first one.  I'm waiting for inspiration.

What are your favorite books? If Tomorrow Comes and all of the Harry

 Potter Series (#6 is my fav)

What is your favorite fruit? Mmm, I'm not really a fruit person (I only really

 enjoy fruit when it's been made into wine), but if I have to pick - apples.

Blackberry or iPhone? I have a blackberry - my worst fear is missing a 

"let's go for coffee" e-mail from my girlfriends!!

What/Who inspired you to start your blog? I started a blog when I 

quit work to stay home with my then 14 year old daughter.  I was trying to find 

myself.  Still looking..... my brother in law told me about Blogger.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weight Watchers Meeting

I did it!  I went to WW and re-joined.  I'm so glad that I did.  I really enjoyed the meeting.  I left feeling completely re-charged.  

I'm happy to say that Tiffany also joined yesterday!  I have a virtual WW buddy now!!

I have decided for my first week, I am going to make the recipes from the Week One booklet for my meals.  They all look very tasty, easy and fast and they are all right there in one place.  I will do my grocery list up after I post this.  

What I thought was kinda funny is that my girlfriend & I decided on a day, actually liked the leader at the meeting.... and already next week we have to find another day to go because of Canada Day!!  I do better if I stick to one weigh in day.  Plus, I guess are WW location is closing at the end of July.  I hate change.

Of course, I have a billion social things now.  I have a Stampeder game in the box next Wednesday (tons of free booze and food), a pre-Stampede party Thursday (tons of free booze and food) and a Stampede breakfast (tons of pancakes!) on Sunday next week.  This is ok though.  That is the best part of WW.  I go to all of these and stay on program.  I just need to put myself first and count, count, count.  Too bad it is all in the span of 4 days though!!

Oh, I posted my first weigh in on the side bar.  

Now back to regularly scheduled posting.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D16

Today daughter was up early and wanted to come to the gym with me.  Of course, I'm happy any time she wants to come with me.  HOWEVER, instead of being done in the 1.5 hours she had planned, she was done in 30 minutes.  I had at the very least 50 minutes planned. SO, I didn't get my spinning done.  :-(

I did do my Fitness ab work:

Deadbugs with Stability Ball - 2 sets of 10 reps
Crunch on Stability Ball against wall - 2 sets of 30
Plank with elbows on Stability Ball - 2 x 1 minute
Side Plank - 2 x 40 seconds each side
Rotating Pass - 2 sets of 20 with 3kg fitball
Scissor Crunch on Stability Ball  - 2 sets of 30
Twister - 2 sets of 10 reps hand on 4kg medicine ball
Uneven Push-ups - 2 sets of 10 hand on 4kg medicine ball

I also did the EA Sport Active, which was only 12 minutes.

I did a hill walk with my walking group and then walked home from that for a total of 8.2k.  Unfortunately I didn't wear my running socks and my feet were burning by the time I got home.  Just from irritation from the cheap socks I had on.  Silly me.  I know better.

I go back to WW meetings tomorrow.  I can't wait!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D15

Today the fitness center is being cleaned up at my club, and is therefore closed.  This means a nice break for me!!

I did the EA Sport Active, which took 19 minutes and walked the dog.  

Wow - what a light day!  I felt like a slacker, but enjoyed it none the less.  One whole activity point earned.  Holy noodle.  One point.  

I decided that I'm going to start going to WW meetings again.  I need some structure in my life right now.  Summer coming always does this to me.  I thrive on routine, and summer for my family equals no routine.  

The other night husband decided to read before bed.  I brought my WW cookbooks up to start going through them.  I want to come up with a week's worth of recipes and the grocery list to go with it.  There are some great ideas in there.  Amazingly I found my broccoli salad recipe in there (which is actually my mother in law's), except it is heart healthy!!  Isn't that weird??

Not much else to report.  

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D12

Workout was tough today.  No energy.  The gym is still hot and humid.  I sure hope they get the air conditioning under control soon.  I think they are having trouble because the weather has been so all over the place.

Anyhow - I did my Fitness Magazine routine, but made some changes to it.  I did the following:

Deadbugs with Stability Ball - 2 sets of 5 reps
Crunches on Stability Ball with feet on wall - 2 sets of 30
Plank on Stability Ball on Elbows - 2 x 30 seconds (I used to be able to do 2 minutes!)
Side Plank - 2 x 30 seconds on each side
Rotating Pass - 2 sets of 20 reps using 3kg fitball
Seated Leg Extender - 2 sets of 20 using Bender Ball
Twister - 2 sets of 10 reps with hand on 4kg medicine ball
Uneven Push-Ups - 2 sets of 10 with hand on 4kg medicine ball

I then did 20 minutes on the spin bike at gear 5.  

I also walked my puppy.  

So, this was my fun day with daughter.  While I was doing my thing, she was on the elliptical for an hour.  We then each grabbed something healthy from the cafeteria at the Club, which we ate at home so the dog could have some time out of his kennel before we went out again.  Daughter showered while I walked the dog, then I took a quick shower and then we were off to the Proposal. 

Dinner at the Club together, where we talked without any distractions.  It was really, really nice.

Does life get any better?  I think not!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Follow Up on dinner with Daughter

I told daughter my dilemma about the restaurants we were thinking of going to after the movie, and daughter says "no problem Mom, let's just go up to the Club to eat".  We did, and I ordered the Garden Greens Salad with a chicken breast (with Jamaican seasoning).  It was GOOOOOOOD.  And on program.  How cool is my daughter?

The movie meanwhile - was funny.  For those who may have forgotten, we saw The Proposal.  My only complaint is that Ryan Reynolds should have been naked the whole movie.  And can I just say how much I love Sandra Bullock?  Not only do I enjoy her movies - but she is just a beautiful lady.  Classy.  And what a bod.  Holy noodle.  If I was her I wouldn't put clothes on EVER!!

Anyhow - had the absolute best day with daughter.  Workout together followed by lunch, followed by movie, followed by dinner.  Absolute perfection.  

Back to regularly scheduled posting and all it's boredom later - HAHA!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D11

I made a rookie blunder today.  When I finally got my tired butt up to the Club, instead of doing the Fitness program and then spinning - I hopped on the spin bike right away.  HUGE mistake.  I was so spent by the time I was done, I had zero energy for the Fitness exercises.  I made it through 3 of them and threw in the towel.  What a dumbass.

I also took the pup for a 40 minute walk.  He was too hot to do more.  Little monkey.  

Not much else to report.  I have a wonderful day planned tomorrow with my daughter.  Tutor in the morning, followed by us going to the gym together, followed by a quick bite for lunch, followed by going to a movie (The Proposal) follwed by dinner.  I have been looking at the menus for Boston Pizza & Applebee's.  Looks like BP is the lesser of the evils.  I can't believe how much fat is in the food at both places.  How do they stay open?   The reason I picked those two restaurants is because they happen to be right by the theatre.  I will end up having to order a salad with chicken.  How exciting.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D10

I hit a wall this week.

Today I did the EA Sport Active - which was 21 minutes and I walked the dog.  I didn't go spin at the gym.  My knees are tired.  I'm tired.

I earned ONE activity point.  I can't remember the last time I earned ONE activity point in a day.  Sheesh.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I went Bathing Suit Shopping

I have been working out since October 2007.  I've always exercised in some form or fashion over the years, but since Oct 07 I have done my best to combine cardio & weight training.  I have added things like yoga and swimming and I have continued on with my belly dance.  I purchased my new best friend, who I walk on all non-rainy days.  This is the healthiest I've ever been.  I have followed WW all of this time, for the most part maintaining my weights.  I think I've actually done well. 

So why is it that the second I get into Swimco's change room, I feel like a big f*cking blob?  I tried on a several suits - all two pieces.  And I looked in the mirror and just wanted to cry.  I finally decided on one bottom and two pretty tops.  Husband thought they looked great.  I felt down and came home and had a beer.  (yes, I realize how counter productive this is, but that's what happened).

This morning I was in the bathroom getting dressed and I looked at my stomach as I was putting my top on, and I thought it looked good.  So I said to husband "how come I can look in the mirror now and feel good about what I see, but the second I get near a bathing suit I feel like crap".  He said "it's all in your head - you look great".

Now, wether I look good or not is really beside the point for the purpose of my post.  After this exchange I went back in the bathroom and looked at my stomach and thought "I need to do more crunches - then I'll be happy".  Hmmm, "then".  The magic word.  Always living for that time that doesn't come.  I started to cry.  Husband asks what's wrong and I tell him that I'm exhausted from living for tomorrow and being unhappy with my body.  I have to start living for today.  Appreciating the hard work that I'm doing now for what it is giving me today.  Because I'm active now, I'm going to have a lot of tomorrows (God willing).  So, I boldly told him that I was done - starting today I'm going to feel good about myself.  I'm not giving up on my eating or exercise plan, but I am going to push away those "I wish, I can't wait, when" thoughts and replace them with "I'm happy that & now" thoughts.

I need something new to focus on in my life....... but that is a whole other post!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D9

I did EA Sport Active again today.  I really, really like that program.  It is so well set up.  My workout only took 20 minutes today because I didn't do the lunge exercises.  They are just too hard on my knees and today I had to do them in my Fitness Mag program, so.....

Even though I've been clicking the button to say that I have the Wii Fit Board, this is the 2nd time that it hasn't registered it.  Kinda bummed me out, because I like the inline skating and boxing using the board.  Oh, well.  I must have done something wrong.... just don't know what!  I will figure it out at some point!

I went up to the Club in the evening to do the Fitness Magazine program and cycle.  I did the following:

Single Leg Pulse - 2 sets of 20 each leg with 3kg fit ball
Plie Pendulum - 2 sets of 10 reps with 3kg fit ball
Twister - 2 sets of 10 reps with 4kg medicine ball
Seated Leg Extender - 2 sets of 20 with weightless Bender Ball
Around the World - 2 sets of 10 reps with 3kg fit ball
Pretzel Position - 2 sets of 20 with weightless Bender Ball
Uneven Push-ups - 2 sets of 10 with 4kg medicine ball
Rotating Pass - 2 sets of 20 reps with 3kg fit ball

After that I did my 35 minutes on the spin bike at gears 5 & 14.  I didn't go quite as hard as the night before - my legs were tired.  Still worked up a disgusting sweat though!

I put everything in Nutrimirror (just exercise) to figure out my net calorie burn, and I burn between 400 -500 net calories a day.  That's pretty good, I think.  

Barkbusters didn't come over last night because we had an awful thunderstorm and we were planning on working on Indiana's pulling on the leash.  So, we are now meeting next Thursday morning.  Here's hoping we will have good weather!!

Oh, I have the best news.  Remember how I did the Triathlon Challenge up at my Club?  Well people - I won a 3 pair of socks package!  So funny.  $5 to enter, 18 hours of exercise and I won a $10 package of socks!  HAHAHA

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D8

Mmmm, I didn't do the EA Sport Active today.  By the time I got around to wanting to do it, it was WAY too hot in the house.  So, the lesson I take into tomorrow is to do it right away.

I took the puppy for a walk, and he got so hot at one point he found some shade under a tree and lay down!  Little monkey!!

In the afternoon I went up to the club to cycle.  That was the hardest I've gone yet.  I can really feel a difference in my legs from the high gear work on the cycle.

For most of the day today I kept thinking tomorrow was Friday.  What a drag.  That always makes for a long week.  

I finally finished the first season of True Blood.  My husband finds Jason Stackhouse's character so funny he almost wets himself laughing.  We will watch the premier of season two tonight.  

I think I read somewhere that Saving Grace Season 2 is out on DVD soon.  I will be getting that series.  I quite enjoy it.  For a while they ran it on ShowCase, but not for a long time....

I started a new WW week today.  I was soooo hungry by the end of the day I had eaten 10.5 flex.  Crap.  Looking back on my day - 7 of those points were junk.  That is a lot of points to spend on silliness.  

So, I have two years of financial stuff to shred.  I started working on it yesterday.  I must be the most inept shredder EVER.   I get so frustrated.  Those little mastercard receipts get stuck.  The shredder overheated.  Ugh!  I still have so much to do.  

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D7

Today I had to do the Fitness magazine exercises - only because I got a late start with my new program.  Going forward I will be doing them on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

I did the set twice through and it took 30 minutes.  I did:

Single Leg Pulse - 2 sets of 20 each leg with 3kg fitball
Plie Pendulum - 2 sets of 10 reps with 3kg fitball
Twister - 2 sets of 10 reps with my hand on a large 4kg medicine ball
Seated Leg Extender - 2 sets of 20 each leg with the weightless Bender Ball
Around the World - 2 sets of 10 reps with 3kg fitball
Pretzel Position - 2 sets of 20 each leg with weightless Bender Ball
Uneven Push-Ups - 2 sets of 10 with my hand on the large 4kg medicine ball
Rotating Pass - 2 sets of 20 reps with 3kg fitball

I then cycled for 33 minutes and was a big puddle by the time I was done.

I took my puppy for a walk on Nose Hill where I finally had the courage to take him off leash.  He did really well.  I would let him walk for a while and then call him back - just to be sure he kept watch for me.  By the time we were done he must have walked twice what I did!

Watched some more True Blood.  We are now done episode 10.  Two more to go!!

Oh, I ate a whole bag of chips today.  The large bag.  Want to guess how much my stomach hurts????  Self-sabotage is hard, hard work.  ;-)

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D6

Today I did the Footstock 10k in Cochrane with my walking group.  It was a lot of fun and we finished in under 1.5 hours!  It was a fun race - the course was really pretty - right along the river and the weather could not have been nicer.  The best part though, had to be the pancake breakfast that was included in the run!!  Mmm, it was good.  It's the only time I eat pancakes and boy did I enjoy every bite.

We stayed in Cochrane for the afternoon and shopped.  I hate, hate, hate shopping.  My feet were killing me by the end of the day.  We did stop at a nice place for lunch - a hotel with a saloon type thing attached.  I had a hamburger and it was really, really good.  So was the side salad.... although I suspect the fries would have been fabulous!  HAHA

Last night hubby & I watched Gran Torino.  OMG.  I loved the show, but boy, oh boy, did I cry!  I will be buying that next payday for sure.

Here is a picture of me from the half marathon that I walked.  We ran across the finish line....

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D5

I finished my Triathlon Challenge today for my Club.  Ya baby!!

Over the course of a month:

4.0 hours rowing - done
6.0 hours cycling - done
8.0 hours walking/running - done

I can't wait for the challenge again next year - this challenge makes me do activities that I normally wouldn't and I think it's healthy to switch things up once in a while.

Today I did the following:

EA Sport Active - Day 5 which ran 22 minutes and was fun, fun, fun - EXCEPT it included jumping lunges that I had to skip - my knees hurt too much to jump into a lunge.

Rowing - my last 30 minutes until the challenge again next year.  Thank God!!

Cycle on the spin bike - 35 minutes - I went HARD - I was at Gear 14 for almost the whole time!  Of course, I was a big puddle at the end of it, but... what a high!!

Of course, little Indiana & I went for a 40 minute walk around the neighbourhood - poor muffin was so hot he wouldn't go for longer.  Sheesh!

Not much else to report on.... I'm having a really hard time keeping to 22 pts a day - I need to up my veggie intake - it's the only way to keep full on so few points!

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Friday, June 12, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D4

Today I did the Fitness Magazine workout for the first time.  It was actually pretty quick (15 minutes) and challenging.  I had to take the magazine in with me to remember the moves.  I will be glad when I can remember them, cause I felt a little silly.  

Video of the moves I'm doing can be found here.

I did the:

Single Leg Pulse - 3kg fit ball - 20 each leg
Plie Pendulum - 3kg fit ball - 10 reps each side
Twister - 5kg medicine ball - 12 reps each side
Seated Leg Extender - no weight Bender Ball - 20
Around the World - 3kg fit ball - 10 reps each side
Pretzel Position - no weight Bender Ball - 20 each leg
Uneven Push Up - 5kg medicine ball - 10 each arm
Rotating Pass - 3kg fit ball - 20 reps each side

Next time I do this routine (Sunday), I will do it twice through.

I also cycled at 5 minute intervals (sprints at gear 5, & hills at gear 14) for 30 minutes.  It was a great workout.  I ended up turning off my audiobook (I'm listening to Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets again) and put on my workout playlist.  It is AWESOME!!  I thought I would share it with you all:

Feeling Good - Michael Buble
Express Yourself - Madonna
Kiss You All Over - Exile
Brick House - The Commodores
4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake) - Madonna
I Can't Get Next to You - The Temptations
Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston
Strange - Reba
Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne

My last 5 minutes are a hill, and that last song really gets me going!!

Indiana & I had a great walk in the afternoon - not long or fast, we just enjoyed the nice weather.  

Belly dance was fun - no one else showed up and I had a private lesson.  We worked on technique for 40 minutes and then did choreography for 20 minutes.  I guess I'm performing at a bazaar on the 27th.  Should be fun times.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D3

Phew - today was hard.  

Went off to the gym first thing and did the cycle spin.  I upped my gear again for the hills - I'm up to 14 now (gear 5 for the sprinting).  Yay.  It was a hard workout and the whole time on the bike I was thinking about how I wasn't going to do the treadmill.  I was hungry, tired, hot.... every excuse went through my head.  There was no way I was doing the treadmill.  I would just take the dog on a walk on the hill, and combine the two.

Somehow, when I was done the cycle, I found myself on the treadmill.  I did 30 minutes at elevation 12.  It was hard. 

I was so tired, I never did the EASA until 8:30 at night!!  That was a doozer also.  I'm really liking the program.  I finally figured out the tennis component of the workout.  Last time they had me do tennis I missed every ball!  This time I hit almost all of them and it was a lot of fun.  I really, really like the roller blading with the Wii Fit board.  It makes my legs burn to be crouched down so long and it's fun.  Again, I was dripping by the end!!

I also walked the pup - but only for 40 minutes.  It was only 17 degrees out there, but the sun was so hot.  Both of us were too toasty to go longer.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D2

Oh my Good Lord!  Day 2 of the EA Sport Active for the Wii (to be called EASA from now on) was HARD!!  I was dripping by the time I was done.  Day 2 included more cardio than day 1, which kept my heart rate elevated and me panting!!  It was a fun workout though, and the time flew by.  The workout lasted 29 minutes (workout minutes, in real time it was almost 40 minutes, with video watching and such).

My other activity included 30 minutes on the rower and 30 on the spin cycle.  I talked about that already in my earlier post on my new program.  

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New week, new plans, new program

I realize it is Tuesday already.... just pretend I'm doing this Monday!!

For the next 4 weeks I have what I think is the best plan ever!!

I will be following "The Bikini Body Workout" from Fitness magazine, June 2009.  It has their "best-ever swimsuit shapers"!!  This program is mostly all core work.  I have chosen it on purpose, because I think that is where I need to focus.  I will be doing this program of 8 moves twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

I will be continuing on with the spin cycling because I'm really starting to enjoy it.  I will commit to this 5 days a week, likely the weekdays.  I was going to keep going with the rowing, but the truth is, while it is a good workout, I find it just too boring to consider doing it for another 4 weeks.  I will replace it with treadmill WALKING with the treadmill at it's highest incline.  This is to help me get ready for my Burgess Shale hike in late July.  I will only do this three days a week, most likely Mon, Wed & Fri.

Now, you may have noticed that weight training is suspiciously missing..... no, it's not!!!  I purchased the EA Sport Active program, but didn't use it because I was doing the other program already.  So, I will be doing the 30-day challenge, medium intensity with my own tubing.  

Now, yesterday I did the EA Sport Active and then just walked the dog.  My feet were just killing me.  I had gone to the Club first thing in the morning, only to find my f'ing iPod dead AGAIN.  I turned around and came home, and never went back.  All that to say that this week will be a bit wonky, but by the end of the week I will ensure that I have hit all my targets for the week.  

This morning I've already done 30 minutes of rowing (30 more to go and I'm done my Club challenge obligation) and 30 minutes of spin cycle (15 more to go and I'm done my Club challenge obligation).  I went really, really hard on the bike and I'm really proud of my effort.  Huge pat on my own back!  I even upped my gears today.  Yes, I'm a total rock star - HAHAHAHA!!!!!

I have to take the pup to the vet to have his teeth looked at (just want to make sure he stays healthy), and after than I will do day 2 of the EA Sport Active and then take him for a walk.

Ugh - I'm sure none of you really care about all this - but it helps me if I put it out there.  

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

5-Minute Pilates Workout: Firm Up Fast

This is for Jodi @ Just My Weigh - no need to put off pilates - you can do it in 5 minutes!! ;-)

5-Minute Pilates Workout: Firm Up Fast

Friday, June 05, 2009

Beach-Ready Plan May 2009 Shape Magazine WRAP UP

Video of the routine that I followed for 4 weeks can be found by clicking on this link (under the tab for Month III - you just need to scroll down on the page a smidgen):

I did these exercises 3 times a week, dropping my weights and upping my reps on the 2nd time per week:

Grapevine Lunge
Sumo Squat
Bench Row
Triceps Push-Ups
Curl to Press
Ball Circles
Leg Lifts
Ball Pike (I later changed this to sit ups on the ball, because this move was too hard on my shoulders)

The changes that I noticed were:

My shoulders are quite sculpted now.  I found the Curl to Press particularly effective.

My thighs were the other place that I noticed the most change.  This was from both the Grapevine Lunges and Sumo Squats.  (FYI - husband did a thorough inspection and thinks my thighs have changed the most and ps:  his inspections are more fun than mine!!)

Over all I really liked the routine.  It gave me an all over workout, didn't require a huge chunk of my time, and I enjoyed the exercises - well, as much as I can given that I don't like doing weights!

I would highly recommend doing the monthly programs given in Shape - keeps your body on it's toes and you wouldn't get bored because every 4 weeks you'd be doing something different.  Of course, I think you would have to belong to a fitness facility, so that you would have access to the different equipment that would be required every 4 weeks.  

The stats are:

Change in weight in 4 weeks:  down 0.7
Change in waist in 4 weeks:  down 2 inches
Change in hips in 4 weeks:  down 1.5 inches

I'm quite happy with the inches.  The weight is more a reflection of my inability to stay on program on the weekends than a reflection of the Shape program - so if you wanted to try it - please don't let that deter you!!

Plans for new program will be posted with my Monday post - I'm excited!!