Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Really Quick

Couldn't post last night because I was busy...working out and ironing an obscene amount of clothes.

Stayed on plan better than I would have had I not known I had to report back to you.

Lunch - would have been Chinese from Tiki Ming, but was a 6" turkey sub on wheat instead - thanks to you guys! I was famished by the time I got home though - I think I'm expending a lot of calories because I am so cold at work - my fingers are almost purple by the end of the day!

Workout - would never have happened, but when husband woke up from his after dinner nap at 7:30 - I asked him if he wanted to go to the gym - and I did weights (upped all my weights this go around - it felt great!) and 20 minutes hard on the bike - thanks to you guys!

Stayed on plan - except - I finished off the bottle of Bailey's that we had - that stuff is like crack for me - I told husband next time I ask to buy it to remind me of that fact. I cannot have it in the house.

Gotta run - have a healthy day bloggers!!

PS: I WILL be on plan today!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, after kicking butt at the Italian restaurant, I woke up Saturday feeling confident. Sticking to an eating plan is easy, peasy. I went for 9k walk with buddies, stopped for breakfast where I had eggs benny (with the sauce on the side, so I wouldn't eat it), all counted up, all on plan. Then it was time to entertain. One glass of wine turned into a bottle, and before I knew it, I was munching on chips while playing cards and drinking a good part of a bottle of Bailey's. CRAP!

I got my hair cut and coloured today. Feels good to have my bangs out of my eyes. I also went for a massage. Feels good to have the knots out of my back.

Bloggers. I cannot have any more days not exactly on plan. I have worked so hard, and I am sabotaging myself like crazy!! Today was also not a good day. You know what it is like the day after a lot of alcohol. UGH!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow, after supper I will post that I stayed on plan. I will, I will, I will.

Friday, July 25, 2008

NSV at Italian Restaurant tonight

1 glass of white wine - 2pts
1/2 of a 1/2 order of gnocchi with tomato sauce - 4pts
1 cup minestrone soup - 4pts
1/2 slice of cheese toast - 3pts
accidental ingestion of 1/2 of warm bun brought while waiting for soup - 2pts (I forgot about the cheese toast we had ordered - oops!)

Leaving the restaurant without feeling like a stuffed pig - priceless

Yay me!!

Had a very productive day at work today. While I toiled away doing the project I had been contracted to do, my co-"worker" came in at 9:15, chatted saying good morning till 10:15 which is when she went down for coffee, went for lunch at 11:45, came back at 1:15 and then left at 2:15. Oh, did I mention she is "full time". Sheesh. In the meantime, I finished another Harry Potter on my iPod and did an entire month reconciliation. I was just zooming. I love those kinds of days.

No exercise today except my weight class this morning. It was a good one. I worked really hard and was happy with my effort. Tomorrow I go walking with my walking group (and breakfast after) and then we are having a couple over for supper. BBQ cedar plank salmon, wild and brown rice, roasted asparagus and spinach salad. I even picked up veggies and dip for hors d'oeuvres. It will be a challenge to stay on plan, but I suppose I should give it a go.

That's about all I have for now. Hope you're all having a great healthy day.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Legs are HURTING after that walk & bitty run yesterday!

Still struggling with my eating plan - frustration at an all time high.

Made it through another day without telling chatty loud young obnoxious co-workers to "shut the f*ck up".

Am completely hopped up on caffeine from the Starbucks Double Shot on ice I just consumed.

Am just watching SYTYCD that I tapped while out having the coffee - am tearing up already knowing for sure one of the really good guy dancers will end up going home. OMG!!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm not dead!

Goodness gracious! I have been working and I no longer no how to manage my time! I haven't even considered blogging, cause I've been too busy being overwhelmed!

Let's see. Did my weight training class Monday & Wednesday before work. Been working full days. Vegged Monday night. Last night did a fast 5.7k walk (well, fast for me). Tonight I did a good just over 11k walk with my walking group. I actually ran home which was just around 1.25k. It just poured rain on us. But that didn't stop us!

I was glad to start a new WW week today. Last week was disastrous. I was over by around...20pts. I am totally freaked out about being so close to my goal. Anyhow, moving on, moving on. Certainly being back at work for this little contract has been a challenge. I'm not used to having to "find" healthy alternatives. Hats off to the gals who are working often, or every day and making the plan work.

My puppy has been spending his days at a doggy spa daycare. He is so cute. He is completely spent by the time we pick him up because he doesn't stop the whole day. He gets so excited even when we drive up to the building. The ladies at the daycare just laugh at how hard he plays while he is there. He has been fast asleep on the couch since we brought him home at 5:30. He won't move now until we wake him up to pee before he goes in his kennel for the night.

I guess that's all I have for tonight. Hope you had a healthy day!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update...Warning: snoozer ahead!

Mmm, not much to update. Friday we dropped daughter off at brother in laws. She is off having the time of her life, and I am officially in moping mode.

Who wants to hear what a food snob I am? When we walked in I was HORRIFIED to see that sister in law was feeding her family....KFC!!!!! I seriously felt like I had walked in on a scandal. They had a whole BUCKET of chicken, fries and two kinds of salads. We actually haven't eaten KFC since I was pregnant - some 16 years ago. I always say to husband, who eats that stuff? Well, I guess now I know! If we get fast food, it is almost always Subway, which we feel is the lesser of the evils. I know, I know, I need to get out more!

Anyhow, yesterday we went shopping to buy some new curtains for daughters two rooms. We were supposed to wash her walls yesterday, but didn't get to it. That is now on the agenda today. Yesterday we shopped, shopped and shopped some more. Then we napped (eye roll), made dinner and watched a DVD. 3/4 of the way through the movie, I tallied my day up and said to husband - I have to go for a walk (I needed the activity points) - so we actually paused the movie and I went on a 40 minute walk with the dog! He stayed home and played Wii. Groan!!

This morning I have already done a 7k walk with a friend over some really hilly terrain. Garmin says I burned 666 calories! Husband is watching some golf - he has also already golfed himself 9 holes. We are going to wash walls and see The Dark Knight this afternoon. I can't wait. I am going to have the children's package - the little drink and bit of popcorn. It is easy on the pocket book AND points! Plus, I'm such a loser - if I get a normal drink, I have to go to the bathroom DURING the movie!!

Not much else to report. Pork chops & corn on the cob for supper tonight. Yum. Last night, the reason I needed the activity points was because I went nuts and put butter on my corn. What a loser! Not tonight!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm on an Emotional Rollercoster.....

Yesterday's golf game was a hoot! It was the prettiest course I've ever seen. Normally I get bored doing 18 holes, but not yesterday. It was just too beautiful (http://www.stewartcreekgolf.com/golf/). And the weather. We were expecting thunderstorms in the afternoon and they held off until we were in the clubhouse having dinner! It was so nice out. Sunny with no wind. Lovely, lovely day. We got home around 8:30 and I was beat. Not too tired to watch SYTYCD results though. Even though I liked Kherington in the beginning, I was unimpressed with the video they showed of her whining about the judges. I quite like all the dancers that are left, so it is going to be hard to see people get voted off. I was sad to see Gev leave, I quite enjoyed him.

This morning, as we were stretching at the end of our class, personal trainer announced that she is leaving our club to go work full time at another club. I am devastated. I cry easily, so I couldn't even go over and congratulate her. I had to wait and e-mail her from home. Of course, I'm happy for her - she will be doing personal training full time at the other club and I have no doubt she will have great success. I'm just really worried that I will fall off the fitness wagon with this change. You all know, even from watching the Biggest Loser how different training styles can be. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh some more.

My lower back is still really bothering me. Golfing yesterday may not have been a great idea. I think it made it worse.

Oh, I have a story to tell about class this morning. One of the cardios we had to do was skipping. Which I hate. But for whatever reason this morning, on the first go through the station, on the 2nd set of cardio, I made it through a minute of skipping without slapping my arms with the rope, or tripping. So I said to personal trainer - did you see - I made it through the minute. She says - well, next go see if you can do 120 jumps cause that is around what you should be doing. Crap I think. Anyhow, next go through that station, the first attempt I do 80. Not bad she says, now you have a # to beat. The 2nd go - I did 109! I then tell her, I think I'm a goal person...so when I was at the next station, she gave me a goal # of step ups to get. I came just short (she said 35 in a minute, and I did 32) and she said that she had given me a really high number and that she was surprised I got that high.

Kate (http://fromflabtofit.blogspot.com/) had posted about how she needed a goal and I noticed this morning I do to. Even doing tricep dips for a minute. I was getting tired around 17 and then taking a break. After personal trainer gave me the step up goal, I gave myself a dip goal and I did way better (didn't stop until 24). So, from now on when I'm doing timed exercise, I'm going to give myself a rep # to get to also.

What else....hmm, not much. Daughter did in fact go through with the piercing. Looks cute. We are so different daughter and I. I have piercings, but I get quite nausious and dizzy when I'm getting it done, and don't even ask what happens when I have a new piercing that I have to turn. Daughter (who wants to be a surgeon) has a stomach of steel and didn't even flinch when it was done. Yeesh. I told her this morning though - no more piercings until she is an adult. I don't even want her asking. Mostly cause I have trouble saying no ;-)

Daughter leaves tonight for vacation for two weeks. She is going with my brother in law and his family. She goes every year. She has a ball. I sit home and mope. I hate her going cause I miss her so much, but I can't keep her home doing nothing. They have a vacation place and a boat and the kids are busy every day.

Well, I have laundry to finish before daughter can pack. Better get to it. I hate laundry.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Measurement Results

I mentioned the other day that I had an appt with personal trainer to get my body composition done - as part of the class I take 3 mornings a week. I also mentioned that I wouldn't get a % of fat, but be put in a zone.

The zones are:

*Needs Improvement: your body composition falls within a range that is generally associated with considerable health risk

*Fair: your body composition falls within a range that is generally associated with some health risk

*Good: your body composition falls within a range that is generally associated with many health benefits

*Very Good: your body composition falls within a range that is generally associated with considerable health benefits

*Excellent: your body composition falls within a range that is generally associated with optimal health benefits.

Well, I'm happy to report that I fell into the VERY GOOD category! Yay me!! The down side to this is that trainer said it is very hard to move from Very Good to Excellent. I will try though.

Other stats: since January I've lost 16 lbs AND almost 10 inches.

The lamb, pork and rice dinner I served last night was a hit. I had planned on tacos, but couldn't go to the grocery store to get the ingredients, and so I had to just go with what I had in the house. My mom then told me she hated tacos. I said why didn't you tell me when I said that is what I would be making. She said, well, that would be rude and I thought you knew. I said well, um, if you never tell me when I serve it, how would I ever know? Sheesh!!! Anyhow - my mom had never had lamb and she liked it. Turns out I can't even stand the smell of it cooking, BUT daughter just loves it, so I'm happy to hold my breath!

On the agenda today....golf. Husband & I are going with another couple. I expect it will be a fun day. I have to take the dog for a walk this morning before I go because he will be in his kennel for quite a while today. Don't worry - I keep lots of water and toys in there for him.

Daughter is getting the top of her ear pierced today. Yuk. I couldn't do that.

Sounds like daughter is awake. I should get going with my day. Have a healthy one bloggers!!

2 pointing myself to death...

It is not news that I have been struggling the past few weeks. So close to my goal and I just can't get my shit together.

I start my days strong. Full of commitment and plans for fitness and health. I eat breakfast, then by the middle of the morning, actually, not long after I eat, I get...peckish...and then it starts. I need a snack, so I get something for two points or so. But, that doesn't do it. More 2 points or worse, I stay peckish till lunch where I overeat. Spend too many points. Of course the pattern repeats in the afternoon. By the time supper time hits, I have 3 or 4 points left. Which means I go over with dinner and then later in the evening, when all is lost and I'm over on points, I think "I'm over anyway...."

I've looked at the evidence. My food journal. I mean, what's the point of writing this shit down if you never look at it.

I read/heard two things yesterday that made me re-think my 2 point philosophy.

The first: I finally got around to watching last week's episode of X-Weighted. My good buddy Paul told the gals that were on the episode not to bother buying things that were full of whole grains, fibre, low cal, low fat, only 100 calories (2 pts anyone?) yada, yada. "These companies are not charged with caring about your nutritional needs. Along with a whole grain, are a bunch of additives and preservatives that the body doesn't need. Their job is just to sell a product." (That is likely not the EXACT quote, but you get the point) He went on to tell the gals to only buy food that was grown (fruits, veggies, meat). Never go down an aisle. Shop the perimeter.

The second: an e-mail I received from Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser). I get her daily mailings. I don't often read them, but this one seemed timely and topical for me. It was about grazing. Eating all day, lots and lots of little things. Mindless eating. Never paying attention to what is going into your body. Never paying attention to how you're feeling (are you hungry?). She called it constant indiscriminate eating. I've been doing that.

I have, of course, some 2 point foods. I will finish them, because, well, I can't afford to just throw food out and also, they are tasty treats! I will not, however, be replacing them. I am going to make an effort to shop the perimeter. I will still need to have a snack - that is just good sense - but it will now be a piece of fruit, or cheese, or almonds. Not something out of a box. And I am going to make an effort to identify the snack in my food journal. This should help make it a conscious decision and not just auto-pilot.

I am also going to use 2 flex points a day to cover one snack and 2 activity points a day to cover the other snack. With my daily points, I should be able to have 3 quality meals. This will give me some flex points to use for special occasions that come up. And it will keep me moving everyday - since I need to earn the two activity points.

Last night I wanted my family to go for a dog walk with me. No one would. I was mad. Fine, I said. We are going to be a family that just sits. You can just go husband volunteered. No thanks I said. I don't need another activity that I do on my own. We will just sit. No problem (of course, it was).

40 minutes later, I'm almost asleep on the couch from inactivity and husband says - let's pause Stargate and go for a walk. I smile and say great idea. Daughter of course, wouldn't go. But we did, for 40 minutes. I felt so much better after. I know he did also. Sheesh.

Class this morning was the same as Monday. A drencher.

I am waiting around today for a telephone repair dude. We can make calls but not receive any. What a pain. Can't tell me what time - just anytime today. Goodness.

Let's see. Oh, I have mom & her husband coming for supper tonight (lamb, pork & rice) and I have to go do a quick 20 walk with the Running Room. Fun times.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Silly Post

Click on the link to see a picture of Helen Mirren at age 63 in a bikini - OMG - this woman deserves special mention - I would kill to look as good as her now - and I'm 21 years younger!!!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clarification for Fatmom!!

A "Tims" is the best coffee ever! (http://www.timhortons.com/en/index.html) A common phrase heard in a Tim Horton store is " I will have an X-Large double double". OMG - they are so good that way (two cream & two sugar). I never order them NOW, but that is how I used to drink them!!

Stampeeding.....well, The Calgary Stampede (http://calgarystampede.com/) comes to town the first Friday of July and runs for 10 days. What is interesting about the Stampede is that our city transforms into the Wild (and I mean WILD) West for the 10 days. Everyone wears western clothes, the parties start at 7:00 a.m. and run into the wee hours of the night. Local folk lore says that there is a high number of divorce after Stampede because everyone gets so out of control. I don't know how true that is, but certainly I've seen some stuff to suggest it might be. The city is quiet right now, since everyone is recuperating!! I'm not from here originally, and even though I have now been through 20 of them - I'm still amazed every time!

Monday, July 14, 2008

so much to say....

Husband & I had a real taste of what our life will be like after daughter goes off to University. She was out all weekend. It was weird. Anyhow - what follows are all my thoughts - in point form - feel free to skim through....

* Hellboy II - OMG - what a movie! I enjoyed it much more than the first movie - which I had enjoyed thoroughly!! It was funny and great story - and great monsters....The only thing I found distracting, and you'd have to be a Stargate Atlantis watcher to even potentially think this - was that the main "bad" guy looked quite similar to the Wraith. Husband said they were going to do a third movie- I can't wait!

* Cleaning bedroom - we finally got started on our spring cleaning. Husband & I took advantage of daughter being gone for the day and we cleaned our bedroom top to bottom. Two bags of stuff to throw out and two bags of clothes that we dropped off at the donation center. We washed walls. I found 5 new pairs of pants that I fit back into. Anything that didn't fit - too large OR too small - was either pitched or given away. All that is in my closet are things that I can wear. It felt so good. The next day we did the linen closet and top hallway.

* Work out Monday - OMG. That little brat trainer decided to add some cardio to the mix. It was so challenging and yet a hoot. I have to tell you all in excruciating detail, so feel free to skip if you're already nodding off!!

She set 4 stations up. We were to spend 4 minutes at each station and then move to the next one. We did the whole circuit twice.

First station: 1 min of squats on the bosu (3 squats then jump 45 degrees, then 3 more etc until you've gone around once and then reverse directions), 1 minute of step up and out on bosu (this is the cardio), 1 minute on your knees on bosu (feet off floor) doing hammer curls, then 1 minute of the cardio for that station again.

Second station: 1 minute of hamstring curls on stability ball, 1 minute of knee ups through a ladder on the floor and running (this is the cardio), 1 minute of reverse sit ups on stability ball and then 1 minute of the cardio for that station again.

Third station: 1 minute of reverse lunges on the gliders, 1 minute of skipping (this is the cardio), 1 minute of squats while pushing one leg back 45 degrees and then 1 minute of the cardio for that station again.

Fourth station: 1 minute of tricep dips off the step (with 5 risers), 1 minute of step ups on the step (this is the cardio), 1 minute of push ups and then 1 minute of the cardio for that station again.

Needless to say I was drenched by the time we were done. Of course, there were stomach exercises at the end. Sheesh. What is scary is that she always makes the Wed class harder - I can't help but wonder what she is going to add or do to us!!

Not much else to report. Still really struggling with staying on plan. I think, and this is really silly, but....I think I need to switch back to my old journal.

* Tim Horton - now I am a fiercely loyal Tims drinker. Every day, without fail, even on vacation, I go get my Tims. For the 2nd day in a row, they haven't had any X-large cups. WTF??? I was quite mad this morning. Like I mean PISSED. I didn't say anything to the gal serving me, but I did ask if it was going to go on much longer. I mean, really. Do you want a large she asks? Well FUCK no, I want an X-large. Ugh. So, now I'm sitting here with a lousy large. Sheesh. Husband thought it was so funny that I was so mad. I, was not amused.

* Blogger Quilt: While cleaning my bedroom, if you can believe it, I found the materials I wanted for my square. I'm just thinking about how best to put it together. I'm not a sewer at all, but worse, I'm not creative. Fear not! Something will come to me.....eventually!

Well bloggers, I should get to my day. I have some blog reading to do. I'm halfway through the Closer. OMG! I just love that show.

Have a healthy day!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I can't believe that

I didn't even think about blogging yesterday. I worked a full day (daughter was Stampeding, so, no need to work a short day) and then went shopping with husband right away and then got busy at home, and.....before I knew it it was 10:30, I was in bed and I realised I forgot to blog!

Yesterday I was treated to lunch by a co-worker. Indian Buffet. Yum, yum, and yum some more. I had two modest plates, but was still stuffed when I was done. So much so that we didn't make supper last night. Husband had eaten so much at Mother Tucker's buffet that he nodded off at the lunch table after he was done eating!!! (huge eye roll!)

We needed a new DVD player - the one we had was so old that it would stall the DVD when it hit the security features. I just got Stargate Atlantis S4, and I almost had a stroke at how hard it was to watch because the DVD kept stalling. So, we now have a new DVD player. And a new TV. Don't ask.

Setting all of that up took the whole evening, and so I forgot to blog AND exercise!! Anyhow, the controversy now in the house are the 50 billion remotes we have......

Oh, and I need to clarify. I only walked a 10k race - which is what the finishing picture was. My time was 1:31. There were marathons and half marathons going on at the same time.

I had class already this morning. I also had my measurements and weight and calliper test. They aren't going to give us a % of fat, they are going to give us a range of health. Trainer said the % doesn't mean much anyhow, because it still depends on where it is distributed. This test takes into account my height, weight, age, BMI, waist circumference AND the distribution of fat as well as the %. I will go over the categories you can get when I report on my results. I already warned trainer that after all my hard work with her these months, I'd better not end up in the lowest category. She laughed.

What I found particularly exciting was that I weighed in at 147. That is only 2 lbs from my goal. Since I'm the slowest loser known to man & woman, I know I'm still weeks away, but I have hope!

Let's see...what else. Mmmmmm...nothing, I suppose. I'm on my way to see a tattoo artist today. Did I tell you all that daughter drew a really rough draft for me? Well, she did. My tattoo will be this: my family tree of the women in our family. So, it starts with a long red rose (Nanny), then, along the stem among the leaves will be flowers representing Mom - Daisy, Me - Canadian Maple Leaf (cause being Canadian freakin rocks!), Sister #1 - well, she chose to be the leafs to represent her place in the family (supportive, always around, but not too close....), but I have decided to represent her with a Sunflower also, cause that was the game, and she likes those, Sister #2 - blue rose (she is the one who is pregnant, so if she has a girl I will add a butterfly by her flower till said niece can choose a flower), daughter - Orange Cala Lilly. Rough draft below.

It will go on my foot. I think it will look beautiful. And it will be meaningful. What more could a gal want?
Well, I must away. Need to update my food journal, be thankful it is a new week and I have flex points to cover the butter chicken ;-), and clean up my house a bit....man, we are the messiest family!!
Have a healthy day bloggers!!!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Picture of MOI

One of my walking buddies found this great picture of me finishing the race! I'm the gal on the right in the red top with a blue jacket tied around my waist....

Behind the fellow in the orange shirt is a fellow in a black shirt being held up by a gal in pink and a dude in red. He was a half marathon runner that had completely collapsed right before the finishing line. The paramedics were on their way to get him, and in the mean time, those two helped him over the finishing line so he could get a time. I've never, ever seen anyone that spent before. Of course, I've also never seen anyone that shade of green.

Oh, and I officially need an intervention with these Starbucks Double Shots on Ice. OMG - they are SO good. I'm sucking one back now. And YES, I have the points!

Anyhow, I digress. Just wanted to share the picture that will be going in my race scrapbook.

I'm a weenie....

I have tickets to a stampede party this afternoon and I'm not going. Officially it is because daughter wants to go to the Club with her friends, and I need to drive her, but the reality of it is that I can't face beef on a bun and free booze. I just don't feel strong enough to make the right choices.

Last night I went walking with my walking buddies. We walked for 1:45 and did 9.38k. Our pace was slower than race day to be sure, but we walked up on the hill, so there were a lot of hills. My garmin said that I burned over 800 calories.

Guess what came in the mail last night??? That's right - our pre-order of Stargate Atlantis Season 4. I almost cancelled on walking so I could watch it. BUT, I didn't. I did come home and watch one episode before bed though. I just love that show. I still to order the new Stargate SG1 movie, the latest season of The Closer....hmm, there was another show....oh, the latest Grey's for daughter. Sheesh. I'd better get a job to pay for all this - HAHA

Today I had my weight training class. That sneaky lady put an extra rep in for us to do today. Holy crap - was it hard. My heart felt like it was going to jump right out of my chest. Kinda nice to have my exercising out of the way for the day. I also did 20 minutes on the bike. Fun times.

Well, bloggers, that's about all I have for now. Have a healthy day!

PS: I think I see a double shot on ice in my future!! I can't stop thinking about them!!! Help - I need an intervention!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I blogged I would stay on plan yesterday.....

and after supper daughter says to husband - can we go to DQ? He says sure, I could go for a cone. I'm thinking - crap - that is 7 points I don't have for a sundae. Seriously. That is what went through my head. So, we sit and finish watching whatever we were watching and I'm thinking the whole time. 7 points I don't have for a sundae......oh, wait a minute - just because they are going to DQ doesn't mean I have to get anything.....so instead I ask husband if we can stop at Starbucks for me to get something, since I don't have points for a sundae. Sure he says. You see, the problem is never that he won't be accommodating. It's me. Thinking because they are going I HAVE to get something also. So sad. Anyhow, I try the new Starbucks Double Shot on Ice...or something like that.....for 2 points. And 2 points I had.

So, bloggers.....ALL that to tell you all that the only points I ate over and above my daily points were my activity points (60 minutes weight training and 20 minutes bike).

Today I worked. I really struggled with the munchies. I went down and bought an apple. Exercise for the day will be a 90 minute walk with walking buddies. It sure looks like it is going to rain, so I'm going to wear a cap.

So, I was all dressed up like a cowboy waiting for my 2nd bus to come when I find out it won't. There has been an accident and the bus can't get through. Now I have to walk home. Sheesh. Cowboy boots and all. I make it home, finally, 30 minutes later. I think it felt longer because of the boots and the heat. Poor me. :-(

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Monday, July 07, 2008

So, how many times do you have to.....

post about "this time I'm going to...." before it finally takes????

I have much to say about a whole bunch of things.

First off. I have not been on plan. Since I started writing in my new 3 month weight watchers journal I have felt off. Of course, I didn't actually fall off plan until Saturday. But I have felt off plan since Thursday. It just never ceases to amaze me that this is such a mind game for me. So, Saturday I go over by 6 points. I should be able to manage this. Really, I can just create a defecit of 6 points before Wednesday and all will be ok. Yesterday, well, I haven't figured out yet how many I went over by. But I'm thinking...maybe 10. Now I'm over and there is no hope of making things right before the end of my WW week.

Of course, this leads to all kinds of negative feelings. What changed? I was really doing well, and now....

Last night I think I figured it out, as I lay there, completely unable to fall asleep because I couldn't stop thinking. Do you remember me mentioning that all of my challenges ended? I think that made me feel relatively inactive, which made me feel like a blob, which lead to overeating.

Luckily, today I started my weight training class, and then I did 20 minutes on the bike. I'm hoping that will have the desired effect on my head and this madness will be over.

The other thing that I think was affecting my weight loss (or gain, I'm sure in this case) was that I was so very close to my goal. For almost 16 years I've been someone that wanted to lose weight. I don't know how to be someone who is happy with them self. Nothing like a little self-sabotage to fix that!

In more positive and exciting news - I had my 10k race this weekend. What a fun event. In the end I walked it with my walking group. I'm very happy with my time. It only took me 15 minutes longer to walk the 10k than the last time I ran one!

It is such an exciting event because there are marathon run/walk, half marathon run/walk, 10k run/walk all going on at the same time. It is very exciting when the marathoner's pass you on the course. You can't help but clap them by!

After our walk we went for brunch. Mmmm, I didn't make the best choices. Stayed away from the veggies altogether. Dumb ass.

We cooked a roast beef last night on our new BBQ using the rotisserie. Yum. It turned out great. I served it with tossed salad and corn on the cob. Easy on points. Needed that after my brunch.

Tonight I'm going to cook one of those marinated pork tenderloins from Costco. Can't wait. More tossed salad and some basmati rice.

Yesterday my baby sister called (she is getting married in October) to tell us that they are having a baby at the end of December. My mom didn't react as well as I would have liked. I think because she was so shocked. In any case, I felt bad for sister, because that is the kind of news that you expect gushing about. Instead my sister said to my mom "we are expecting" and my mom said "expecting what?". Sheesh (and huge eye roll). I'm happy for her - they were getting married anyhow and that would have been the next step. And while she is my baby sister, she is hardly a baby. 27. Certainly old enough to be a mom.

OK. On my way to a healthy day. I've typed it, so it must be true. To all the bloggers who are doing well on program that I'm jealous of....and you know who you are....I'm jealous in the very best way. I'm happy that you've found your groove and I will be looking to imitate you today!!

Have a healthy day!

Friday, July 04, 2008

What a Class Act!

The party I went to last night was awesome! Not like any Stampede party I've ever been to. The hors d'oeuvres were duck confit, tempura shrimp, bbq beef (on little spoons like you find in a chinese food restaurant), stuffed sirloins (too rare for me to swallow it turned out!) The main fare when it was put out was a buffet of cheeses, veggies and the likes. So good. Free booze the entire time. I'm still feeling nauseous from the 4 glasses I ended up having! I thought I would die when I realized this morning that I had to work. Yeesh.

Tonight I'm meeting a friend for drinks. Going to be diet pop for me - I'm still too sick from last night to even consider a glass of wine. Gross. Actually, maybe what I need is a virgin Caesar - the clamato will help the hangover.....

Anyhow - I have to toodle - I need to finish supper before I leave...and I still need to shower. Oh, and I have blogs to read! HAHA

Hope you're all having a healthy day!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Quick Weight Watchers Question

does anyone know if a banana counts as one fruit serving or two?

The Floodgates Opened....

when, as suspected, no one liked my soup (spinach tortellini). Daughter, it seems only likes cheese tortellini (I used rosemary turkey) and husband doesn't like spinach. And so, the tears started, as did the ranting about how that was it, I'm not making supper anymore this week. Oy....I have since deduced that I am having the worst case of PMS I've EVER had. And of course, I didn't stop eating after the soup (which is now in the garbage).

I tossed, turned, fretting in my sleep last night. Woke up with a really bad headache. A hangover type headache, except I didn't drink last night. Ugh.

The good news in all of this? I'm back on plan. I was reading a blog this morning and the gal had a day on plan. I thought - hey - I'm going to do that to. Have today on plan. Just one day.

Sometimes I overwhelm myself with the grandeur of the journey ahead of me. You know, having a healthy lifestyle for...EVER. But, one day I can do.

I have a Stampede party to go to tonight. I'm going to wear my new boots. If I think of it, I will take a picture before I go out.

Fitness today is my last personal trainer session. Monday I start my new class (which is run by my personal trainer). Here is the class description:

"The Fast Track Body Makeover is a 12 week class designed to take your fitness to the next level. This intensive class will include 3 full body weight workouts a week, 2 informative workshops on topics such as nutrition, ongoing support from a certified trainer, group motivation, body composition testing and a great booklet of information and so much more! This class is designed for those who have taken Fast Track before or are experienced weight trainers"

I'm quite excited about it because it means I will be using weights an additional time per week. It will also be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than the personal trainer sessions. The design of the class will be quite similar to what I do with personal trainer now.

I will also do the bike for 30 minutes. I need lots of activity points for tonight. My plan for this evening is to alternate my drinks starting with diet coke (alternating with water), then a wine. I get full quite easily from liquids, so that should make sticking on plan easier. I'm sure they will have some food there - Stampede buffets aren't very plan friendly, but I will do my best to a) make the healthiest choice possible and b) make appropriate portion choices

Well, I must get some breakfast in me before personal training session.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

PS: The blender saga ended when I emptied the dishwasher and found the seal in the bottom....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I am so frustrated right now

I am literally sitting here tearing up. And I don't know why. I just had a 2nd day of really bad eating. The worst part is I don't feel like I see an end in sight.

I worked this morning. I found my groove and found that I quite enjoyed it. Came home, changed right away, went to the Club to do the bike for 30 minutes. Then off to the grocery store. I'm in the middle of making a soup for dinner that I know no one will like. I used too much spinach. I found out that daughter put my blender in the dishwasher and now I'm missing the seal ring. So that will end up in the garbage. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UGH, UGH, UGH! Maybe I should just go cry. What I really feel like doing is crying AND punching something......

Have a healthy day bloggers...... :-(

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What's Lululemon??

See link below (should take you to a picture of my top):


Happy Canada Day!!

I hate when Canada Day isn't attached to the weekend. Everything gets all messed up. Husband had yesterday off instead of today. A lot of the oil companies made it a 4 day weekend. Oh, well, husband should get lots of work done today if half the companies in town are closed. No phone calls to interrupt.

Daughter & I are going to go meet husband for lunch. Don't know what restaurants will be open, but we should be able to find something. That is, or course, if daughter gets out of bed in time!

Meeting with personal trainer yesterday was another painful experience. I had to use the disk sliders for every exercise I did. She basically took last week's program (which was hard, but I enjoyed) and made it more difficult. Last week, if I was doing plank just on the mat - yesterday I was doing it on the bosu. Remember the plank I had to do with the disks under my feet, moving one leg out for 20 seconds, then the other for 20 then both for 20? Well, yesterday she had me doing that again, but my elbows were on the bosu. F*ck - it was so hard. It was all so hard. I wish I'd had a heart monitor on, because my heart was pounding the entire way through.

I made it to Lullulemon's. Doesn't matter what time of day you go, that store is crazy busy. Anyhow, I bought new pants and a top. I will post a picture, because I think the top is so cute. I wore it yesterday and then complained to personal trainer that she made me sweat on it. The pants were a size 10 (now that I've found size 10's from two dif stores, I believe I am now a 10), but the top was a 12. Husband brought me a 10 to try on, but my boobs were out of control, and it made me look like a hooker. A little too riske for the type of Club I work out at!!

Oh, the best part of my new outfit was when I got home from working out with personal trainer, husband said I looked so hot in my new clothes that they had to come off immediately!! Money well spent! ;-)

Today I have nothing planned except lunch! Don't know what I will do for activity points....but I'm sure I will think of something.

Have a healthy day bloggers!