Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good News

I just checked the hourly forecast, and it should be only -6 for my run tonight! This is awesome news!!

I went to the gym today and did my weight workout. It went really well. I did learn though, that I can't do a burpee to save my life, but I still gave it a good effort. The gym was so busy I couldn't believe it. It is going to be a long two months until people stop coming. I was happy though to finally finish my 12 Days of Christmas challenge (yay me) and to notice that the Club is actually open on New Years day! This means I won't have to miss my run.

Tonight, after my run, I'm going to a house party not far from my place. I'm the designated driver tonight so that my husband can relax and enjoy himself. There will only be a total of 4 couples I think. Should be a lovely evening. I have made my special bean dip (which ironically has very little bean in it) to take over.

Tonight is also my first New Year that I will be bringing in without my daughter. She is going to a party. This makes me sad, even though I new this day would come. It seems that it got here faster than I thought it would. Why do they have to grow up?

My sister had a baby yesterday. She lost a lot of blood and had to have a minor surgery after, and now has to stay in the hospital for 2 more days. I will feel better when she is out. She had a little girl. I can't wait to see pictures.

Does anyone else find it odd that we are getting ready to bring in 2009, when it seems like just yesterday that we were bringing in 2000? Time really does go faster as you get older!

Stay safe everyone - can't wait to see what the next year will bring us!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am so mad at myself!!

I did my run today and forgot my Nike+ sensor!!!


If you run without a sensor - does it still count????


Now my little Nike+ Mini will be a run short. Poor avatar......

PS: The gym was so busy I had to run on a machine that only has miles (gasp). So now I can't post because I have to go convert my speed, and's hoping I chose the right speed!! Maybe it felt like a great run because I was running at a walking speed! ;-)

Monday, December 29, 2008

2 stickers to go!

Phew! I sure looked like I wasn't going to make it to the gym today. I was watching Season 3 of The Closer. Husband was watching Matrix II after having watched Matrix I....we were feeling lazy, lazy, lazy. Finally I came downstairs and said "are we going, or what?" and that was all it took. Husband popped up and away we went. Got all the way down the street, around the corner and down the other corner when I realized I didn't have my running shoes. Who the heck goes to the gym and forgets their running shoes. Crickey. Eventually we got there and away I went on the weights. I worked very hard and gave it my best effort. Sure felt good to get it done. Plus, I am now only 2 stickers away from getting my name in for the gift basket draw for the challenge I'm doing at my gym (the 12 days of Christmas - I won that awesome basket last year on this challenge).

I also went for a walk with my walking group this a.m. Just over 7k. Quite an easy walk except for the fact that my ass was freezing and frost-bite tingling the whole way. Even with my new long underwear. Bummer. I have that Resolution Run on New Year's Eve, so I have to figure out what I need to wear to keep my tushy warm. I'm doing the Run with my walking group, but I think I'm the only one running. It's too cold to take too long. You should see the smokin jackets we got for signing up. They are so nice, and now we all have matching jackets. We were all giggling about it over breakfast this morning, after our walk. It's like we finally have a team jacket!

Oh, Seabreeze asked about my Nike+ Mini on my page. When I was logged into the Nike+ site, I went to the part where the Mini is and "grabbed the code". I then pasted it in a "gadget" on the top of my page in the layout section (I think). I had been trying to get my actual runs in there, but to be honest, I like this better, since it keeps a cumulative total.

Well folks, that's about it for today. Have a healthy day!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking Back & Looking Forward

Looking Back:
I had a good year. I have now been working out consistently for over a year. I have been including weights, which is a huge step forward for me. I have been trying to be more active in general by taking swimming lessons, joining curling teams, being part of a walking group, taking Belly Dance. Yes. I rocked it......EXCEPT, where I continued to struggle was with my eating plans. Since we all know that weight loss or maintenance is 80% food, 20% exercise...well, my weight isn't where I would like it to be. I had many plans....just didn't care enough about me to stick to them.

Looking forward:
I have taken the time to plan out the next 12 weeks of workouts. I really believe that having a workout planned works for me, because I feel compelled to do it if it is written down. On the food plan of attack will be to continue with WW. It's a sound program, it works, and I'm comfortable with it. I will only make WW suppers for me & my family and I will eat out no more than twice a month. That is once per pay cheque and quite frankly, we can't afford more than that right now anyhow.

The Biggest Loser Challenge that Angie ran recap:

I sucked wind at this challenge. I had my dad staying with me for almost the entire challenge, which was a huge source of stress for me. I don't know him very well and was uncomfortable almost the entire 2.5 months. In any case I let that stress get the better of me and I was unable to make any progress at all. I used the stress as my ticket to not pay attention. Not make healthy choices. To feel sorry for myself. To remind myself that I have a father that doesn't know me, I must not deserve a healthy body. What a crock. Who got hurt there. ME. What a dumb ass I am. I am not using anyone else as an excuse for not putting my health first! I was also so embarrassed at my lack of progress, I didn't report in very often. I so hope that Angie will let me join the next challenge.

Christmas Recap:

I had a ball with my little family (hubby, daughter & puppy). My in-laws let me down, again, in a huge way. I spent a lot of time crying. Next year we have decided that we will go away at Christmas time, the 3 of us, and everyone else can do their own thing. In the end, they all do their own thing anyhow, they just won't have me to knock around. I did serve a spectacular dinner, which consisted of ham and 10 side dishes. Yum....

I went to the gym yesterday. Was supposed to do my LSD - which I had decided was 60 minutes on the treadmill. HOWEVER, I had been for a 7k walk in the a.m. with my walking group, and by 30 minutes of running, my left knee was too sore to go on. So, I walked hills for the last 30 minutes. Iced my knees for an hour when I got home, and this morning my knees felt ok. Ice does work!!

Well, that's all for now. Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Calling all Nike+ Users!!

I got a Nike+ from my daughter for Christmas. I used it today with my walking group. My question is:

How do you girls get your runs posted on blogger? I have tried "grabbing the code" from Nike+ and then pasting it in a post...but it hasn't worked....what am I missing???????

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Plan of Attack!

I sat yesterday and planned out my next 12 weeks worth of exercise. That's right. 12 weeks.

I then had to get my butt to the gym to get going on day one. I hadn't worked out with weights once in December. The first week I was sick with the stomach flu - so I did nothing. And then the next two I worked and had limited time, so I only did my runs. So, yesterday I hit the weights. OMG. I can hardly walk today. Today I have a 30 minute run and some core exercises planned. Can't wait. (typed with heavy sarcasm!) The idea of running right now makes my legs feel even more sore!

I didn't have a stellar eating day yesterday. I've certainly had worse....but I've also had much better. The worst part was....I did it out of boredom. I was excited to be done work for this week because daughter is done school, but she spent the day with her friend shopping and then went for a sleep I was alone. Oh, well. Today is a new day.

I finally got around to making my grocery list. Husband & I are going to go tonight. After we go to the gym. I may wander over to Superstore....they are open until midnight. I don't know my way around the store there though....sometimes that can slow things down.

What else.....not much I guess. I noticed that just about every light bulb in my house is burned out. It's driving me nuts.

Deborah asked about my bonanza bean is really just fancied up baked beans. I put 4 cans of baked beans (I buy 2 maple kind and 2 tomato kind) in the crock pot (my MIL does them in the oven), a chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, bacon pieces, mustard, molasses & brown sugar - mix it all up. Then I just let it simmer away for the afternoon. The Brussels sprouts recipe I haven't actually tried yet, but it looks so good - it is from here: I can't wait to try it.

I made Bionic Woman's squares....they taste great, but my chocolate layer separated a bit from the base when I cut them up. I'm still going to serve them, but...I wonder what I did wrong. I'm going to bake some WW pumpkin pies today.

Well bloggers. Have a healthy day!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It came, it came!!

Ladies - it arrived today - my beloved fitbook ( OMG! It is perfection all in a 5x5 book. I will start using it Monday. I will use my old journal till then.

Let's see. I haven't posted in a while. Haven't been up to much. I finished my contract at work. I thought I might not be able to get it done before the holidays and therefore would have to go back in January. But, I worked like a pig, didn't chat (which is easy cause the girls still don't talk tome) and I got it all done! Ya baby!!

I am up to 50 minutes on the treadmill. Seabreeze wondered if I ran straight....I do not. I run 10:1's. I learned this at the Running Room and it works well for me. I do this even on the treadmill.

I have been a journaling fool. It is helping to keep the holiday cheer in check.

I have decided to buck tradition this year. I am cooking ham for dinner instead of turkey. Do you all remember when I had the stomach flu for a week a few weeks ago? Well, it hit me right after I had eaten a turkey dinner at the Bonspiel. I just don't think I can cook a turkey yet. I called the in-laws to see if they would be disappointed - they actually were happy - FIL finds turkey too dry anyhow (who knew?? I've been making turkey forever!!).

So, I will be cooking ham and I will do those little baby potatoes. I have a recipe that uses Dijon mustard and olive oil. I'm going to make Angie's Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan & Roasted Pine Nuts, standard mashed carrots and turnips, broccoli salad, Thai pasta salad, spinach salad, bonanza beans (a standard at all of husband's family meals) and I forget which blogger's Ultimate Party Meatballs. For dessert I will have chocolate chip cookies, short bread cookies, and Bionic Woman's Chocolate Toffee Bars. Mmm, I get hungry thinking about it.

Oh, we purchased a hoodie and little light up running shoes for our dog. OMG - he is hilarious with them on. We have him used to the hoodie, we just have to work on the booties. As soon as I get him used to it I will post a picture. It has been so cold here, we had to get something. Poor little muffin was shivering so bad just ridding in the car!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Exciting News....

I had a great day today.

  • I signed up for the Hypothermic Half in February. Thanks to Uber-smart Sparky - my thoughts right now are to run 10k and walk 11k. I'll see how training goes...if it goes well, I will try to run the whole thing.
  • I found a blog- thanks to Jodi's blog - that talks about DETAILS of the Momentum WW Plan!! Visit: to find out more!!
  • I had a good day at work today. No one spoke to me (again), but since I was starting a new project, that suited me and the day flew!
  • I went to the gym right after work and ran 40 minutes on the treadmill. I'm going to work on upping my time in preparation for the half marathon. Normally I just do 30 minutes.
  • My puppy played so hard a doggy daycare today that he is passed out beside me on the couch drooling!! Cute little monkey!
  • Oh, I ordered the best FRIGGEN journal EVER!!!!! Go to this site: I actually can't wait to get it!!

Have a healthy day!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Kicking Santa's Butt!!

I had the best time today at the Santa Shuffle. First, and most importantly - they served subs again! Yay!!

I made it through the run. We had planned on 10:1's. I made it through 2 with no problems, and during the last 10 minutes I had to walk a couple of extra times. Having said that - we still did it in 37 minutes. I was so excited I could have jumped up and down!

When I got up this morning to go to the run, there was actually freezing rain and fog so bad that I got my husband to drop me off. By the time I made it downtown to where the race was starting it was actually quite nice out. Perfect running weather.

After the race and sub (yum - AGAIN) my running buddy and I met our other friend for coffee. The first Starbucks we tried actually had to close the store because they had run out of hot water. Seriously. Anyhow, we found a Starbucks with hot water and had great coffee time.

What an awesome day. Can you tell I still have a runner's high??

Have a great night bloggers!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Spoke too soon!!

Wow - I so wasn't better. Still throwing up last night. The only thing I was able to keep down was a bowl of chicken broth with a slice of bread. I must be on the mend though, because I'm hungry.

I feel like a big blob. I haven't exercised all week. I can feel myself getting softer. Of course, since I couldn't stand up without getting dizzy all week, there was no way I could have exercised, but....

I'm a bit worried about the Santa Shuffle tomorrow. I need to keep some food down today if I'm going to be able to finish the darn thing!!

Well, off to perform my motherly duties - gotta drop daughter at school. Have a healthy day bloggers.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I feel like myself again.....

Thank Goodness!!!! I woke up and no nausea!!!! Who knew waking without nausea could be so much fun!

So, today will be my first official core day. I can't count the others, because I wasn't eating. I did make a core supper last night, which I was able to eat a bit any case, it was good. Chicken Cacciatore.

Now that I have to count points for bread, the only thing I can think of eating for breakfast is toast. I can't stomach eggs yet.

If it warms up I think I will take the dog for a walk.....I haven't exercised all week, except for curling...

So, I've heard some chat on the blogs about the Momentum Plan...anyone have anything specific yet???

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On core for two days and down 5lbs!

Ya, because I have the STOMACH FLU!!!!!! I had stuff happening to my body that would have given Tornwordo ( a weeks worth of icky posts!!

I was curling in my first ever bonspiel. Came home Monday feeling kinda motion sick. You know, that kind of nausea? Started throwing up and other stuff around 12:20 that night and was up every hour after that. Still threw up half my lunch today - which was only 1/2 bowl of soup anyhow. Ugh. I feel like I will never be normal again. I have a 5k run to do on Saturday. I have no doubt I will be well enough by then, but I won't get any practice runs in. Bummer.

I thought you all might like to see a picture of me in action at the Spiel! See, I don't even look sick, right? Sheesh.

Well, I need to lay down. Hope you're all having a great day.