Friday, February 19, 2010

Regularly scheduled programming will return in...

a week or two. I am taking a small break - just waiting for my daughter's marks and quite frankly cannot concentrate or think about anything else. Once I have her marks and know what she is doing and where she is going - I will be back. And by then I may also have work news. Old boss called today - sounds promising!!!

Go Canada!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My runometer just blew up!

That is what my little Nike+ Avatar is saying tonight. We did hills tonight at the 10k clinic. 5 of them. 7.5k worth of hills. I've been home for almost an hour and my lungs are still sore!!

I also took the pup for a nice long walk this afternoon. It was so sunny out. I really needed the sunshine. Sunshine just makes everything right, doesn't it?

I have to work tomorrow and daughter is going to meet me downtown to look at grad dresses. That should prove interesting. Or frustrating. Or both.

Not much else going on. I made a really, really tasty shepard's pie for supper tonight. I love shepard's pie.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Biggest Loser - Didn't watch? Then don't read!!

I totally think that red chick threw it to go home!!!! There is no way she looked anywhere near as upset as she should have. Big stinky liar!!!!!!!!!! I actually threw my arms up in the air when I saw her results and yelled "YA!!". I think she just didn't like working so hard.


Monday, February 08, 2010

working through the stress

So, after blabbing about my stress and how I need to find another way to deal with it..... Sunday I had an argument of sorts with husband about daughter and immediately picked up the phone to call cousin to tell her I would be skipping our scheduled run with the running room 10k clinic. I had the phone in my reach, and then thought to myself that if I was ever going to make a change it had to be now. So I went for the 8k run. Small steps, right? At one point I was talking to cousin about the tiff and got myself so worked up I had to stop running because I got so short of breath!

Oh, and I did run Saturday with Indiana. It was slow and a smidgen frustrating because Indiana kept stopping. And just sitting. What a little monkey! Anyhow, we finished the run and I'm sure we BOTH felt so good when it was done.

Last night we went up the the club for Superbowl fun and frolic. All food written down and counted.

This morning I joined daughter for her session with the personal trainer. Oy! The up side was that she commented on my form and said that is was perfect! The down side was that it friggen hurt!!! I have some work to do with weights!

Not much else on the agenda for today. Taking the pup for a nice long walk this afternoon. Not going to run because I've run two days in a row and my knees are quite sore.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

What a friggen week

I did not have a good week this week. My stress level is at an all time high. My daughter, whom I love dearly, is on a mission to drive me completely insane. Just school issues. But enough to be all consuming. Sadly, I eat when I'm stressed. I'm back on plan now though.

Went to the club last night for my first real workout in 3 weeks. While my lungs were quite unhappy with me, it felt really good to exercise. I did an hour on the treadmill - upping the incline every minute. First go up and down I went as high as 11, and the second go up and down I went all the way up to 15. I was drenched by the time I was done.

Today I plan to try a run with the pup (try in that we will go out, I just don't know how much running I can do, not try to go out). I'm sure he could use the time outside. He's been in doggy daycare all week because I've been working. Of course, he has a ball there - especially this week, they put him in with the medium sized dogs (up to 70 lbs) because his style of play was better suited for that group. He is exhausted every night. But he also got so excited the one day when we pulled into the parking lot to drop him off that he yelped and hopped up and down in the back seat! Anyhow, even with all that I think both of us would benefit from some vitamin D. It certainly will help my mood.

I wonder when I will learn to deal with my stress in a positive manner? I guess when I just do it. I want to be someone who goes for a run when I want to put my daughter through a wall, instead of grabbing a glass of wine and some Tostitos!

Anyhow, I should boogie.... get some food in me so I can get out there. Have a healthy day bloggers!!

PS: My contract at the one place I work got extended 2 months - woohoo!