Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beach-Ready Plan May 2009 Shape Magazine D5, W3

Mmmm, weights and cardio again already!

Did my workout later in the day (@ 4:00), so that I could go up to the Club with husband.  Thankfully, people have spring fever, so there weren't a ton of people up there.  The weights went well, and I feel like I just hit my groove with them.

I did the following:

Grapevine Lunge - 3 sets of 12 using 12.5 lb weight
Sumo Squats - 3 sets of 12 using 12.5 lb weight
Bench Rows - 3 sets of 12 using 12.5 lb weight
Triceps Push-Ups - 3 sets of 12 
Curl Press - 3 sets of 12 using 8 lb weights
Ball Circles - 3 sets of 12
Ball Sit Ups - 3 sets of 20
Leg Lifts - 3 sets of 20.

I had a breakthrough with my push ups and really felt good about them.  I'm still doing them modified, but I felt strong.

This workout only took me 45 minutes today.  

I followed it up with 30 minutes on the spin cycle.  I went particularly numb after that run, followed by a moment of tingling I'm not sure was appropriate given that I was out in public - needless to say I can't wait to spin again!  HAHAHAHA

Of course, my day also included a walk with the pup and what is turning into daily de-dandelioning of the yard.  

We went to the fitness fair to pick up our tops and race numbers for the 1/2 marathon this weekend.  I have stopped dreading it and have decided that I am looking forward to the almost 1,000 calories I will burn walk, walk, walk, walking for so many hours.  The tops this year are red, and quite pretty.  I used to shy away from red, because I felt like it made me too noticeable, but I will wear this top proudly!

Of course, the best part of the 1/2 marathon is that we have breakfast reservations at my Club for brunch after the walk.  Ya, freakin whooooooo!!

Not much else to report.  Have a healthy day!!

PS:  I've found my new 4 week workout program to follow after this one.  This time I will be doing a routine from Fitness Magazine, which will mostly focus on my stomach, which is where I feel I need to move my focus!  I can't wait to start it!

PPS:  My belly dance teacher has the name of a gal for me to call so I can get my swimsuit made for me this year.  I found the one I would like in fitness magazine... I'm going to be smokin!! ;-)  (see, the old me would have added, "well, relatively smokin", but not now!  I'm going to be SMOKIN!!!)

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  1. Hope the half marathon went well! Look forward to hearing about it.

    It never occurred to me to get a swimsuit made. Maybe that's where I've been going wrong all these years!