Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting My Life Back and Starting Over

Well, this morning we dropped my dad off at the airport. While I appreciate that he took the time to come and visit - 2 1/2 months is just too long. I felt so out of sorts. He was cooking dinners, I lost control over what I was eating....I felt obligated to be here.....Oy.

So, today I get my life back. I have decided to give the Core program a try. For one month. I spent some time this weekend going over what is on it. I try to eat core foods anyhow (or so I realised once I went over the list), but I really need a break from journaling. Somehow the idea of journaling just my exercise and 35 flex seems less daunting. I need to stop obsessing. It's exhausting and not productive. I also need to get to know my body better. Find my "ok, I'm full" point. Right now, if I have figured out my points, I eat all of it. I would never work out a 7pt meal and then leave some because I was full, because then I wouldn't know how to count it. This mentality that I have just sort of keeps my problems going. Eating when I'm not hungry. Anyhow, enough about food.

This week I'm curling in my first bonspiel. I'm kinda nervous and excited at the same time. It should be fun. The lunch we have tomorrow is a turkey dinner. That should be easy to work my way through. My friends that I'm curling with are also the bonspiel organisers - which means lots of helping out for me. I don't mind behind the scenes stuff, but tomorrow I have to work one of the desks. Which means talking to people I don't know. Yuk.

I watched Tropic Thunder yesterday. While I found some parts funny (in a Ben Stiller way), it had one part that actually made me sick to my stomach. Thank goodness I didn't go see it in the theatre! I never would have made it to the bathroom!

Well, people...I'm on my way to start my day. I expect to be blogging more now that my house is empty.

Have a healthy day!

Friday, November 21, 2008


That is how I've been feeling lately.

My sister came into town with her son and we had the best possible visit. Fun, fun, fun.

I also went to the Stampeder game last weekend. The crowd was so loud, it was hard to not get excited.

I am still doing weights, running, belly dancing, curling and swimming.

I am still not following my eating program.

See how I just slipped that in??

I am almost done my project at work - I'm kinda excited to get it done. Get that sense of completion that I love so much.

Anyhow, I haven't read any blogs in so long I have almost 300 entries to catch up on. Guess I'd better get going on that.

Hope all is well with dad leaves on the 30th (after a 2 1/2 MONTH visit....) and I'm thinking of switching to core....take a break from writing down my food.....any thoughts????

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday wrap up

Didn't make it to weight training class today. Husband talked me into staying in bed. Did go for a massage to help with the awful neck pain I had. Did go do weights on my own after that. It was kinda fun. Got to listen to my audio book, which was nice.

Not much else to report today. Other than I made 4 banana breads this afternoon.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

PS: Did get a call from sister to tell me she & my so cute nephew may be coming in this weekend for a quicky trip! Woohooo!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back from New York!

What a trip!

I can't even say more than that.

Get this: Even though I was staying in a high end, ridiculously expensive hotel, I had to pay EXTRA to use the fitness facility. Seriously! I did, however, suck it up and pay the extra charge. Twice. So, this means I didn't miss my runs! Yay!! I found it hard to run there because the room felt quite a bit more humid than I'm used to. I kicked butt anyway though ;-)

We did a lot of walking. Daughter did even more shopping. I hate shopping. The best day was the day we had a nice breakfast in our room at the hotel, shopped for only 3 hours, rested at hotel for an hour, saw Wicked (which left me speechless it was SO good), had dinner at a Mexican place beside the theatre, hopped on the bus for a night tour and retired for an early night. Life just doesn't get any better.

Kudos to New Yorkers who have made New York a very nice place to visit.

I didn't go into work today. I'm so tired. We had a long day of travel yesterday. I did go to the gym already though to get my run in. I have to go back tonight with husband (he doesn't like to go alone - poor baby). I will likely just do a leisurely bike ride while he does weights. I think next run I will up my speed. Today's run felt so good I must be ready.

I ate and made the best choices I could while I was away. I will admit to a hot dog off a cart in Central Park. Damn, it was good! Other than that, we didn't eat lunch any of the days. There just wasn't time!

Anyhow bloggers, I have lots of blog reading to catch up on!

Have a healthy day!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Good News: I had a fan-freakin-tastic run yesterday on the treadmill. I left work an hour later than planned yesterday and could have very easily skipped it BUT I didn't! I so rock!! I had a nice easy stride and my breathing was so in the zone. Woohoo! I still have a touch of the runners high - can you tell??

More Good News: So many people hated that circuit workout from my weight training class that only 6 people showed up today, including me. This made the workout way better because there was more room in between people, so it didn't feel so sweaty gross. Yay!!

EVEN More Good News: I got off my ass and went back to WW meetings today. Getting there is the first step. I feel ready to commit. The meeting was really good to boot! We had the nice lady.

Bad News: You knew it was coming!! Did you guys know that regardless of HOW MANY activity points you earn in a day, they suggest that you eat NO MORE than 4???? I had NO idea!!!!! That could explain my stall!! Just goes to show, even when you think you know it all, sometimes you don't!

Was going to do my 5.5k walk with the pup today - Lord knows it is nice enough out, but I wore the wrong socks to weight training class today and now I have a huge gargantuan blister on the side of my heal. I don't want to wreck anything for my running, so.....

Oh, ya - did you guys know that I have been working out with weights for an entire year now? Isn't that amazing? Over 12 months. My bones are gonna be great!!

Well, bloggers, I am away till Tuesday - I am taking daughter to New York City to celebrate her 16th birthday. We will be shopping (yuk) and seeing Wicked. I'm quite excited. And happy that I am OFFICIALLY back on WW so that I will have some reason to control myself while I'm away. My girlfriend and I told each other our weights today at the meeting so that we will have more accountability next Thursday.

Have a healthy day!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Holy Noodle!

Barack Obama is President!

I honestly didn't think it would happen. Maybe this will be a time of change. I'm quite excited to watch how things play out. Of course, when watching things like this - I always feel bad for the loser (except when it's Stephane Dion!).

Meanwhile, I'm watching McCain speak now, and I'm completely convinced that it is Tina Fey beside him and not Sarah Palin. Ever see that movie Dave????? Or Moon Over Parador??? In any case - what a great speech - classy, classy man.

The one fun thing out of all of this will be watching Elisabeth on the View tomorrow. I have to work, but hope to remember to tape it! here

Bloggers - I'm curious to know my audience. US & Cdn alike, leave me an anonymous (or not, your choice) comment saying who you would vote for.

I'm quite excited to see who wins. Either way it looks like it will be a first. I sure hope to see a huge voter turn out - given that the US is at war trying to get another country this very special right. We had less than stellar voter turn out up here - friggen drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!

Since it's my blog, I will tell you who I would vote for......

Obama. There. I said it. I have to admit though, I don't think McCain would be as bad as the fellow in there now. (for that matter, I'd take McCain over our own PM!!) I actually feel bad for either of them. Things are in such a state whoever gets the job next is in for a very bumpy ride.

Time now to talk about my weight training class. We did a circuit today. I hate those, not because they aren't super challenging - 'cause they are - but because I hate sharing equipment. Almost made me gag. Meanwhile, sure worked my ass 'cause I can already hardly move!

I think I will take the pup for a nice walk today. It is a balmy 2 degrees out there (brrrr), and I'm dying to listen to more of my audio book. Plus, it may work the kink out of my butt!

Not much else to chat about. I imagine I will be glued to the TV tonight.....

Have a healthy day!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Candy and a crisis of faith....

Stupid f*cking Halloween candy! It was a thorn in my side all weekend. It is FINALLY out of my house.

I rented "Then She Found Me" this weekend, with Helen Hunt. Has anyone seen it? I quite enjoyed it. It must have been a small budget movie, but I really liked the story. I had an overwhelming urge to convert to Judaism while I was watching it. And when I say overwhelming, I mean almost all consuming.

All weekend I had been thinking I need a change. I need to change. my life? my fitness program? what?

I had started a new journal. I had browsed through my latest Yoga Journal thinking maybe I needed more quiet reflection time. This movie kind of worked it all out for me though.

No, I don't think I need to convert. I do, though, need to get back to church. I think that may have been at the root of my feeling.

Meanwhile, yesterday I had a great run on the treadmill. But, as good as it was, it wasn't as good as the run I had TODAY on the treadmill. I totally hit my stride. It felt so freakin good! I was almost the only student in swim class today. A gal showed up, thankfully, 10 minutes into class. That took some of the pressure off.

I started a new Sue Grafton book today on my iPod - A is for Alibi. I like the voice of the lady reading it. Makes my run time fly by.

Have a healthy day!

PS: Thanks for the bullet comments - won't be wasting my airmiles on those!

PPS: To Tornwardo - I'm glad that your visit with the other pup made you feel better. I think you're smart to wait a bit to get another dog - you've had a huge loss - you both need to process. I'm sure even though Serge isn't crying - he's still grieving. Plus, I think it is nice out of respect to the old pet - to let that healing happen, but also out of respect to any new pet that comes - so that he/she can make a new place in your life - not just fill an old know?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

My curling game last night got cancelled. Too many people with little kids to drag around I guess. I had a great game yesterday morning though. We lost, but played well. And I had to sweep like a pig, so that helps up the activity level.

Took the pup for a 5.5k walk yesterday afternoon. We were experiencing some awesome un-seasonal weather and since I was missing out on a curling game I thought I'd better get my booty moving. What a nice walk it was. Puppy is getting better at not barking like a mad fiend at people we pass, and I was at a really good part of my i-book, so.....good times. I need to buy a new book for my run this afternoon. I think I will buy book six of James Patterson's serious on the Women's Murder Club.

We didn't get many trick or treaters last night. Which means that I have a lot of left over yummies, which will be going with husband to work first thing Monday. We had purchased little bags of chips (my absolute fav), little oh Henry's (my absolute fav)....can you see a pattern?

I'm going to try my hand at making some pea soup today. I have some left over ham, and I just love pea soup. We can have it for supper tomorrow night. Yum.

I'm thinking of getting a magic bullet with my air miles. Anyone out there have one? Are they worthwhile? I thought I may be able to make my daughter a shake for snack when she gets home......

Have a great day!