Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weight Watchers Meeting

I did it!  I went to WW and re-joined.  I'm so glad that I did.  I really enjoyed the meeting.  I left feeling completely re-charged.  

I'm happy to say that Tiffany also joined yesterday!  I have a virtual WW buddy now!!

I have decided for my first week, I am going to make the recipes from the Week One booklet for my meals.  They all look very tasty, easy and fast and they are all right there in one place.  I will do my grocery list up after I post this.  

What I thought was kinda funny is that my girlfriend & I decided on a day, actually liked the leader at the meeting.... and already next week we have to find another day to go because of Canada Day!!  I do better if I stick to one weigh in day.  Plus, I guess are WW location is closing at the end of July.  I hate change.

Of course, I have a billion social things now.  I have a Stampeder game in the box next Wednesday (tons of free booze and food), a pre-Stampede party Thursday (tons of free booze and food) and a Stampede breakfast (tons of pancakes!) on Sunday next week.  This is ok though.  That is the best part of WW.  I go to all of these and stay on program.  I just need to put myself first and count, count, count.  Too bad it is all in the span of 4 days though!!

Oh, I posted my first weigh in on the side bar.  

Now back to regularly scheduled posting.....


  1. Congrats on hitting the meeting. Sorry to hear that you'll have to switch meetings though. I haven't been to an actual meeting in ages. I might have to try one out if I can find a local one that fits my already busy schedule.

    Also, I like the 15 week challenge on the side bar. Mind if I jump in on that?

  2. yay, I am doing the 15 week challenge too.

    I do wish I had your starting weight though!

  3. Yay, another 15 week challenge buddy! I agree with Hotch. I think we should all start with Fatinah's starting weight.

  4. I want to play too and shed my quit smoking pounds. First I have a two week vacation though. Then I'm going to get serious. 186.6 this morning.

  5. I signed up for the 15 week challenge too. I'm hoping I'll find my just do it attitude again. I also return to WW tomorrow and face the music of my weird 2 weeks.