Friday, June 15, 2012

So so glad it's Friday!

What a week.  It felt really, really long.

But, it's over now and it's Friday and I'm off to Victoria for a few days with my daughter - so YAY!  

My personal trainer took the week off and I had a substitute.  Oof.  How is it possible that I work out as much as I do and something as simple as a change in trainer can cause me to seize up completely?  You'd think I had never touched a freakin weight.  I do think I'm going to talk to my regular trainer though about turning it up a notch.  The glitch is that I have a partner that I work out with who might not be up for that.  She spends most of the hour complaining and trying to get out of doing the exercise at hand.  

I am reading Bob Harper's new book - The Skinny Rules.  Any one else reading it?  There are some good ideas in there that would be pretty easy to incorporate into a day.  I haven't gotten to the recipe/meal plan section, so I have no idea how that will jive with my food restrictions, but we'll see!!

Oh, anyone watching SYTYCD????  I haven't watched this week's yet - but looks like there are some lovely dancers in the pool.

Have a healthy day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family Stress

I have my family in town this week.  Oof.  My stress level is through the roof!!  I had a total melt down last night at dinner.  Bad.  At my mom.  Why is it that I can act like a grown up right up until my family is around and then I turn into a 10 year old??

My challenge this week is going to be:

Not eating my feelings
Not drinking my feelings
Not alienating my husband because I take out my family frustrations on him
Not skipping my workouts because I'm too stressed to do them - I suspect I will need them more than ever!!

Have a healthy day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Paying the price!

My sister is coming to visit later today with her 3 year old daughter.  I'm really looking forward to it.  As always when we have company coming we go nuts cleaning and re-organizing - I think I mentioned I'm a terrible house keeper?  ANYHOW.... we've been so busy doing that, that by last night I was feeling really lazy and said to my husband - do you mind if we order in??  Of course, because he never says no to me - we did.  Indian.  Which I love, love, love!!

HOWEVER, since I've been diagnosed with all my food allergies (sensitivities..) I don't eat dairy or wheat, yada, yada.  WELL, let me tell you - the butter chicken and two slices of naan (which were oh, so delicious!!)  almost killed me!  Oy!  I do NOT have a happy tummy today!!

Workouts this week have been..... ziltch!  Mondays are my day to sit on my ass - done!  Tuesdays I meet with personal trainer - she cancelled.  Wednesdays I do belly dance - too busy cleaning and eating Indian food that almost killed me.  SO that leaves meeting with personal trainer tonight.  I'm feeling guilty as I have to pick sister up at 3:00 from airport and then basically drop her at my house and then hit the club.  She said she doesn't mind.... but it feels rude somehow!  I just hope it's a good workout - I feel like I really need it.

Have a healthy day!!

Monday, May 07, 2012


I'm still sore from working out with my personal trainer on Saturday! I guess it was a good workout!

I also got two runs in this weekend. Felt good to run for fun instead of for training.

I made pea soup this weekend and had it tonight for supper. Man was it ever good if I do say so myself! I'm going to take some for lunch tomorrow.

Have a healthy day!

Friday, May 04, 2012

TGIF in a big way

Ugh.  Today marked the end of what felt like a really long week.  The starts must have been aligned today though - because we got to leave at 2:30!!  I finish @ 3:30 anyhow - but an hour is an hour!!

I have so much to get done this weekend around the house.  In the next 2 weeks I have 2 sets of guests coming to stay and I'm a terrible house keeper - so I will be a cleaning fool!!  Why oh why do I put that kind of stuff off??  

A long while ago I had purchased some fitbooks.  I got an e-mail from them today - a promotional type - and ended up going online to buy a new one - and just as I was "checking out" I turned my head and there, on the bottom of my coffee table was a brand new one that I had never used!!  I'm going to sit and plan out the next 12 weeks.  After that triathlon training I'm kinda flailing a bit... no direction. 

But first I'm going to have another glass of wine!

Have a healthy day!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Belly Dance Thursday!

I had belly dance tonight.  Thursdays are the beginner class.  I like doing the beginner class as it keeps the basics fresh.  I missed class last week and apparently they started the choreography.  I had to play catch up tonight - but it was still lots of fun.  

I have recently discovered polenta.  Oof!  I love, love, love it!  I had 3 slices tonight broiled with a bit of garlic powder sprinkled on top.  Yum!!  For a while the naturopath had me off corn which was just breaking my heart cause I love corn!!  But, since I got back my food sensitivities test corn is back on and I'm taking full advantage!

Hey - anybody watch the Biggest Loser this go around?  I'm quite convinced that Kim looked, by far, the best of any finalist ever.  I mean - her body was rocking!!  And healthy looking.  Just amazing!

Have a good night!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I'm Still Here!

I'm still here - still at it.  Lots has been going on.  My daughter just returned from 3 1/2 months in Thailand - she did some volunteer work and touring around.  While she was gone I decided I needed something to take my mind off her being gone so I signed up for a triathlon training class up at my club.  I participated in and completed the Mount Royal Sprint a few weeks ago!!  

I also recently went to a naturopath because my headaches have been getting worse and my stomach has been bothering me quite a bit.  Well, turns out I have food allergies.  I'm now off dairy, eggs and wheat because I'm quite allergic to them all!!  That has been a huge adjustment and it is taking a lot of time just to come up with ideas of what to eat.  The upside to it all is that my headaches are almost gone completely.  I'm just waiting to hear from the doctor about celiac disease.  

I went back to work in January.  I was able to get a position at my old company and am thrilled to be back with the old gang.  Of course - getting back into working permanently has been a change in routine.  A nice one though.

We had a scare a few weeks ago with our pup.  He got food poisoning and had to spend a night in the hospital.  It was surprisingly stressful.  I'm happy to report that he is back to his old self.  Thank God!!  Seriously - it was awful.  I ended up missing 2.5 days of work caring for him, as did my husband.  

Just a quick update for now.  Hope all is well with all out there!!