Friday, September 28, 2007

Falling off the wagon....

Well, it was bound to happen at some point this week. And it happened last night. Well, not last night....yesterday. Had too many points for breakfast, so everything I ate after that was over points. I didn't go crazy like I normally would...but I didn't have a zero point salad for dinner either. Anyhow, this morning I will update my journal and start fresh....and by that I mean stick to my daily points target and not use any extra!

I think I will rake up some leaves in the backyard today...they are actually starting to bug me. Normally I wouldn't even notice there were leaves in the back yard, but now that I have a dog....I put them in a pile last week, but since then...more have fallen....and it took until now to come up with a plan to get the leaves into the plastic garbage bag that the dog was sure to nip at. I now have a plan, and I'm sure the dog will enjoy the company while he is playing outside.

I was supposed to start curling tonight, but the other team couldn't get enough people together. Imagine...1st night and they are having to jam already!! I'm not too sad though....I really wanted to watch that new vampire (and Angle rip-off) show. Now I can ;-)

I'm going to do a run today on my own. I don't run again until Sunday a.m. with the Running Room. I was himming and ha'ing, but now that I'm not curling....I'd better get out there. It's only 30 minutes....still walking for 1 minute, running for 5

What else......oh ya...CSI...anyone watch? I'm really glad that they didn't kill Sara off. Not that I'm particularly fond of that just would have been so sad for a season premiere. The other show I watched was Grey's. I HATE Izzy's character. Blech, blech, blech......seriously......a horse? I was folding laundry and threw a sock at the tv when George showed up saying he loved her. F*ck! I also watched Big Shots, cause there was nothing else was ok. I really like the guys they have for the I will watch again......after Grey's we just watched StarGate 1 on dvd. We are in the middle of season 3.

Well....I suppose I should get moving. Literally. I have to drop off puppy's vet papers at the Doggy Spa that he is going to next week. I think he will have so much fun....I have to work and didn't want him home all day alone....he is young yet. Plus, it is a good opportunity to get him used to other dogs. There is a little cocker spaniel that is the same age as him there....

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

2 Running Room classes down....28 to go!

Last night my cousin couldn't attend the run because she had a university class. This meant that I had to go alone. I usually jam on myself when left to do something alone. But, last night I went. It wasn't a great experience. Running wise - I did well - I ran up with the teacher for almost the entire time, so I was happy with my pace, and I didn't walk during any run time...all that was good.

What wasn't great about last night's run was, well, running with the teacher. There was also another gal, so 3 of us were running in a line...shoulder to shoulder, you get the picture? Anyhow, they are chatting....are you married, what do you do for a living, what does your spouse you have kids....and not once did they address me. They quite pretended I wasn't there. I was so uncomfortable that I ended up falling back a bit behind them. Sheesh. This is why I hate doing stuff on my own.

Food wise, I had a good day. Ate 4.5 flex points. I was really hungry....actually, I was quite munchy after my run, but all I had was a half cup of yogurt.

I'm off for breakfast with my other cousin...can't wait. He's so nice.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1 Running Room class down....29 to go!

I went to my Running Room class last night. I signed up for a 5k class, which is for people who have "learned to run" - presumably from their learn to run clinic - and just want to increase to 5k. Somehow, I forgot this, so when she told us we were going out to run 4 times the following: walk 1 minute, run 5 minutes...I just about fell off my bench! WHAT???? RUN 5 MINUTES?? That is what my head screamed.

Needless to say, the first 5 minute run was so hard. It hurt my legs, my lungs, my arms were cold.....on and on. But, it was just the first 5 minutes. By the second set....I found my groove.

My cousin joined the class with me. I'm very glad to have the company running, although neither of us are talkers while we run. She found the run quite challenging and told me to go ahead. I thought it better that we stayed together. Had I gone on, she would have stopped. As it was, we were slow, but steady! We never stopped once.

I ate 1 flex point yesterday above my points target for the day. I figure I earned 2 activity points from that class. So, a successful day.

I have a run again tonight. I'm looking forward to tonight because it doesn't have the talking part. You just show up to run. It will be an earlier night.

I missed most of Biggest Loser last night, but we caught....well, I guess the last hour or so.....I teared up when I saw Jerry in his after clip. I was beyond impressed. I will miss him on the show for sure.

Anyone watch SVU? Cynthia Nixon was great on it. The other show I watched was Bones. I have watched the show from the beginning, but somehow was still kinda surprised when they said it was already year 3 of the show. Has Angle really been gone that long?

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Point Counting Day 1...

I found out why I had such a bad headache yesterday - we are having our first Chinook of the season. I felt like my head was ready to explode all day and actually had trouble keeping my food down. Now that the nice weather is here - I should be ok. My headaches only happen as the temperature goes UP. Now that it is up, I will just enjoy the nice weather.

Counting points yesterday. Always a shock to go back to that. It is amazing how quickly your portion sizes grow, your choices are not quite right. In any case, I wrote everything down. And I used 21 flex points!! We had no groceries (I go shopping today) and daughter had a hankering for pizza. We ordered chicken, feta & tomatoes. OMG! Best pizza I've ever tasted! The good news is that I found the count for the pizza in my WW Canadian fast food guide, and so I was able to track everything properly. I didn't need to use that many flex pts - where did I go wrong with my choices? Well, in two places. 1) I looked up the count AFTER I had eaten the food. We all know that if you look it up first - you don't have that third piece! 2) When I have such a bad headache (or am sick in ANY way) I crave comfort food. So I sort of self-justified along the way. This is what the flex points are for. I just have to be sure to get some activity points in.

Which brings me to my first class at the Running Room tonight for my 5k running class! I'm so very excited. My cousin ended up signing up for the class also, so I will even have company. She won't be able to make the Wednesday runs, but I need practice getting out there on my own anyhow.

I have an appt today at the doggy daycare center to see if they will accept my pup as a client. I sure hope they say yes, because I have to work next week. I don't really want to leave him alone all day if I don't have to. I have another place in mind as a back up, although....the place I'm going to today if my first choice - it has such a good set up, with organized play times, sleep times, walks outside.....'ve all been reading long enough....and I'm not getting any activity points typing.....or am I? HAHA!!!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Why not counting doesn't work

I have been writing down everything that I'm eating, but not really following a program. That so does not work for me. So, today I'm back to counting my pts. It is really the only way I can eat a reasonable amount. I've tried and tried again to track calories, but after doing points for so long, I just find that I get lost. I know WW works - why do I keep resisting?

On the vegetarian front - things are going well. I'm quite surprised though, at how naturally I order or eat meat without thinking. I found a health food store to go check out in my area to look for protein substitutes.

I have such a bad headache today. I have tried a cup of tea, advil, napping....nothing is working. Too much of a change in pressure in the weather, I think.....still haven't even taken the dog for a walk.....

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Friday, September 21, 2007

So long between posts....

I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. Sheesh, time flies when you're bored!

Over the past few days I have had some great posts in my head. Now I'm sitting down to mind is blank.

I was on some vegetarian websites the other day, nosing about. I printed off the PETA vegetarian starter kit. There is some very interesting reading there. I will admit, I didn't read the "get to know your meat" pages, because, quite frankly, I like beef too much. However, I do digest my food better when I'm not eating meat. So far I've been able to do around 2 days meatless and then I have some. Like everything else, this is a work in progress.

On the weekend I am going to Chapters to look for a vegetarian slow cooker book I saw advertised. I love using the slow cooker, but my current recipe book doesn't have a ton of meatless recipes.

So, is anyone out there watching CSI still? What are your thoughts on whether Sarah will be killed off?

I sure wish Biggest Loser was on more than once a week. I love that show. Don't you all just feel so happy for the people in there "where they are now" clips, looking so proud? Oh, and I officially don't like the black team. I was happy that the red team lost the last weigh in though - seriously - those two ladies were making me CRAZY!! What was with the attitudes? I mean we all have them, but these gals have the chance of a life time.

I bought a new mock chicken product to try at lunch today. Mmmmm, pretend chicken...doesn't get better than that!

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Big Brother we care?

Well, I wasn't going to watch, but then I realised that I would miss everyone finding out that Eric was America's Player.....I'm just too curious to see every one's reaction.

I'm still sore from yoga. I wasn't able to take the dog on his big walk up the hill yesterday, because it was raining, but I took him for 2-30 minute walks on the bike path. It wasn't as much fun for either of us, I don't think. But, at least it wasn't as muddy!

I had a good food day yesterday. Still not following a program....but making healthy I guess that is like the core plan?

I see that Poppy is back blogging! Welcome back Poppy!! ( Stop by and check out her page - it is one of my fav's!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yoga Rocks!

We started yoga again yesterday. It was great. I am so sore today. Even husband is sore today. And teacher took it easy on us! YIKES! There was one couple that returned that we knew from last time, other than that, new people. One other couple, two ladies and a pregnant lady. Good size class.

After class, we grabbed a quick bite of lunch and took puppy on his big walk. We managed to knock 10 minutes off my regular time. So, I'm thinking when I do it on my own, I need to pick up my pace. Daughter started on the walk with us, but most of the way up the hill, she turned back.

Today I am golfing with a former manager, her friend and my husband. So, after I'm done my Tim's coffee, we will take puppy on his big walk, since he will be locked up for a good part of the day......I'm a bit nervous about doing that big walk and then golfing 18 holes.....we will be using a cart, but I get quite sore from all that swinging of the any case, sore or not, it will be a fun day! My former manager is one of my favourite people - we always have a good time together.

Well bloggers, have a healthy day!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday, finally!

Puppy was up to pee at 2:30 this morning - I couldn't fall asleep for over an hour after that.....I hate when that happens!!

I added onto my route with the dog for our "big walk" and got it up to an hour. I'm quite pleased about that. My lungs still want to jump out of my chest on the way up the hill. When will that stop??

I didn't make it to belly dance last night. Was busy arguing with daughter. Had a less than stellar parenting moment.....why can't we turn back time?

Meanwhile, my mom just called. Her brother in law died this morning. I feel bad for my mom's husband. He is so sad.

I sure feel like having a glass of wine tonight. I have some homemade port downstairs.....Maybe I will have a glass of that. It is kick ass!!

So, BB8. What a bust, eh? Those two trashy skanky people winning the $$. Unbelievable. But, not as unbelievable as the first week of Biggest Looser. The losses were stunning. I felt bad for the gal that got sent home, because I think that type of person is the one that needs the help the most. I just about cried when I saw how successful she had been on her own, and how proud she looked for the after photos. Awesome. Oh, and how much do I love Bob the trainer? Man, I would love to have just a week with him. I think he seems so NICE. Mind you, so does the blond chick...I forget her it Kim? Personally, for me, Jill would not have the right affect (effect??) on me. I can't wait till the next show.

Well bloggers....stay tuned for a run down of my yoga class tomorrow....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ok, I'm back

I have been gone for a bit, but I'm back now. I will bring you up to date on what has been happening....

1) hosted breakfast for 12 people (husband's family) and had one SIL complain because she had to drive into town for it. We were having said breakfast specifically so she & her husband could see other SIL who was in from out of province.
2) drove out of province SIL to yet another province to drop her & her hubby off at MIL's. Husband remembered to pack his golf clubs and shoes - a last minute decision, but not our overnight bag.....
3) took dog on his big walk, and on the way home, blew out a tire
4) was up all night next night with a very sick puppy
5) haven't felt like blogging because I feel I have nothing to say - except that I forgot that this blog is really for me...I don't need to have anything to say
6) I have been keeping track of my food, but not really following any program

I start Belly Dance tonight. I'm really glad, because I need some routine. Plus I find that I really miss it in the "off season". The bummer is though, that my friend I do class with is having surgery next week and she didn't sign up for this session. Husband & I start yoga on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to that. We always have fun, and I love the stretched out feeling I get after a class.

I have been taking the dog on his big walks up that hill. My lungs still haven't adjusted to the hike. Everyday still hurts as much as the day before. I guess that still makes it a bit of a workout. We walk for 40 - 45 minutes. He really likes it, and I listen to my iPod - still working on Harry Potter, book 5. I can't wait until the 7th book is available on iTunes.

What, I guess that is it. Haven't heard about dinner with former co-workers yet. I hope they schedule it soon - it isn't long until my running clinic starts up and I will be busy 3 nights a week with that. I'm quite surprised at how much I'm looking forward to the clinic. The weather is nice and cool, and great for running.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mojo still MIA

I'm still feeling blah about things on the weight loss front. Just feel like I have so much else taking up my time. I'm still writing things down, trying to make more good choices than not. I guess why I feel like I'm not making an effort is the lack of formal exercise. Maybe I will feel better when all of my classes start up.

We have been having a busy 1st week of September. Daughter is adjusting to her new school, which comes with many challenges, such as making a whole new set of friends. Husband is busy at work. Puppy is busy peeing every 2 seconds. If I can get through this week and the weekend, I think things will settle in, and I will feel less blah.

I just spoke with my former supervisor. Man, I miss those girls so much. She is going to try to arrange a dinner for a couple of us - then we don't have to fit all of our talking into an hour over the lunch hour. I sure hope it comes together. These are people that I really want to keep in my life. It is so easy to drift apart if you don't put in any effort.

Well bloggers. The weather has turned the worst kind of awful, so I think a cup of tea is in order, and then I will be out in the torrential downpours to walk to dog.

Oh, the dog did two trips up the huge hill on our big walk today. I thought there was a good chance my lungs would leap out of my chest!! He, on the other hand, seemed to gather more energy the longer we walked!!

Have a healthy day!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

This post is for "Mister & SmarT"

Indiana went on his "big walk" again today. Below are a couple of pictures of him during the big walk, and of course, a picture of him after the big walk.....

I've lost my Weight Loss Mojo!

Oh, my word! I have been having a heck of a time of late! My goals haven't changed. I just can't seem to find my grove since vacation. I'm really hoping that I find a routine again soon. Daughter goes back to school tomorrow. That may help. The only exercise I've been getting is walking the dog. We took him on a "big walk" yesterday - I ended up napping for an hour when we got back. Indiana ended up sleeping for a good part of the afternoon. Blah, blah, blah. Sorry, this isn't much of a post. Sadly, it reflects where I am with things perfectly.........