Monday, June 30, 2008

Daughter Jammed....

Daughter decided that she didn't want to finish the challenge. Just like that. "I just don't want to go swimming" she said, and like that it was over. She asked if I was disappointed. To be honest, I was a smidgen, just because it is my nature to finish things. BUT, she put in an awesome effort and did I think around 22 hours of exercise in the month of June. Before the challenge she had been doing none. Who can be disappointed in the grand scheme with that? Really, all in all, an awesome effort on her part. Plus it is one less person for me to compete with for a prize! ;-)

So, of course, I didn't end up doing anything either, except for eating points I don't have. I am going to have to work very hard today to be sure that this little fact doesn't send me into a tailspin.

Lurking reader Mizfit gets a gold star for funniest comment. BBQ'ing M&M's indeed! To that end, I'm happy to report that the pork chops were amazing. Seriously good. We will buy them again. We had purchased the Lemon Pepper kind. Oh, so good. I served them with slices potatoes and onions cooked in a big foil on the BBQ, corn on the cob (which I actually almost enjoy without butter and salt), and tossed salad. All in all, a great low point meal. It fell off the rails for me when we picked up two bags of chips "for our guests". They, of course, had none, cause we ate them all!! One thing that I did that was positive was that I put the chips into a container (one of those plastic Ziploc bowls). I then had one container of each kind. Still a lot of chips to be sure, but normally I'd have had more than twice that without even a thought.

Today I am going to go shopping again for Lullulemon's. The store was way too busy last time we went - we are going to try to go right near opening. Then I have to meet with personal trainer. To be honest, it will be nice because the Club has air conditioning!! It is so hot already! I figure I will see hail before the day is out. Our fine city doesn't handle warm weather well at all.

Well, I'm off to start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


mmmm, husband just left to go golfing. Luckily, he took me for coffee BEFORE he left. My Tim's is particularly tasty today, since I felt like a treat and got it with sugar.

My mom is coming for dinner tonight. We are going to bbq. Pork chops from M&M. Haven't tried them before. We had some steaks last night from there. Won't be buying them again. Found they tasted - mmmm - processed? Of course the good thing is that they come with the nutritional info right on the package. I like that. We may try the more expensive cut next time. Perhaps meat isn't the place to cheap out.....ha!

So, yesterday we all bought cowboy boots. Yikes - I can't even think about how much $$ it came to. Having said that - they are all really nice boots. I have resisted for 20.5 years. I guess I have to accept my fate. I live in a city that thinks cowboy boots are acceptable at least 10 days a year. Daughter is quite proud of being from here and has been asking for boots for YEARS. We have always resisted, saying they are WAY to expensive and her feet were still growing. Well, that little brat's feet are done and she totally called us on it. Smart little monkey. She is so stoked to have boots to wear for Stampede.

So, today I have to go to Club with daughter. We have two hours of stuff to do today for her challenge obligations. And almost two for tomorrow. Talk about leaving it all to the last minute! That kid is going to give me a stroke yet! At least I don't have to wonder what I will be doing today to earn some activity points!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I did it!

Went to the Club last night and did 40 minutes on the bike - I'm pretty sure I got all my miles done for the Tigerlilly challenge. Woo hoo!!

What a weird feeling I had today. I woke up and realized that: my weight loss challenge with friends is over (well, this leg anyhow), the triathlon challenge is done AND my Tigerlilly challenge is over. To be honest, I'm kinda glad - I feel like I need a day off from challenges. Tomorrow I start my quest to loose that last 3 lbs. Ya baby!!

On the agenda today.....I was supposed to meet a friend for drinks, but that got postponed. May go shopping for a new lawn mower. These are exciting times, my friends. Oh, and I think I'm going to get some new Lullulemons - since mine are falling off me!! (it could just be because they are so old though...)

Well, I should get busy and enjoy my day of no challenges.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Weigh In Results and Other Fun Stuff

As suspected, I maintained (well, up 0.2). I was the only one in my group to go weigh in! So, no closer to my goal this week.

Then it was off for more leg torture with personal trainer. I worked really hard and gave it my best effort. I have two sessions left with her and then I start my summer weight training class which runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:30 - 7:30 a.m. My personal trainer runs the class. It will be much cheaper for me.

Last night we had tickets to the season opener football game. We had box seats, which is always fun because then you don't have to worry about the weather, and there are all kinds of goodies to munch and drink. I stayed on plan, but am now out of flex.

Today I worked. I hadn't worked in such a while that I didn't even think about bringing some breakfast, and then didn't get lunch till 2:00. Anyone care to guess how bad a headache I ended up with?? I'm getting ready to take some more Advil.

I'm also going to the Club in 6 minutes. I have some miles to log yet on the cycle for my Tigerlilly challenge. It ends today. Yikes!! Daughter is on a sleepover, husband is watching Lord of the Rings III for the umpteenth time, and puppy is driving the dog we are dog-sitting crazy.

Husband has Monday off instead of Tuesday, and so we have a long weekend together. And we are even going to have some nice weather. These are good times!!

Well, I'd better get my ass going on that bike. Have a healthy rest of the day bloggers!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Do you all remember that I went into that competition with my girlfriends, the first part was to lose 10%, the second part was to get to goal, and the third part is to maintain.

Well, we just finished our 2nd part and I was closest to goal!! The bet was to put $200 each into a pot and then go shopping. In the end, we decided we had all been working hard, so we would just go shopping and each buy something new. Since the two gals still hadn't purchased swimsuits (from the first part), we got that done, and then looked for some clothes. I ended up getting two new pairs of capris and a cute pair of cheapo shoes. Oh, and a cheapo belt. The capris look really good, if I do say so myself. And, they were a size 10! I'm officially down a size (finally!).

I'm on my way to weigh in this morning. I'm thinking I will see a maintain. Eh, whatcha gonna do?

I have to meet with personal trainer today. I'm a bit nervous BECAUSE I'm still sore from Monday's session. It was all leg work, and I was sore in places in my legs I didn't even know I had muscles. The workout was quite hard, but I really enjoyed it. One of the things I had to do was the plank on my elbows, with my toes on disks (the ones that make your feet slide). Then, for 20 seconds move my right leg out to the side and back, then for 20 seconds my left and then for 20 seconds both legs out to the side and back AT THE SAME TIME. Holy hardness batman!!

I also have some more of the triathlon competition to do with daughter today. We still have some swimming to do and walking. Oh, and somehow I have 15 minutes of cycling. Don't know how that happened. Daughter is finished her cycling and she had more than me!!

Well, I must away to weigh in!! Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

7:52 am and it has already been a long day!

Daughter is at a sleepover, husband is at work. I'm sitting reading blogs and I think - sheesh - I'd better get my breakfast in me - it must be getting late - then I look at the clock. Crap. It is 7:22. Sheesh. I figured it must be close to 10. Daughter has a day at the zoo planned, so she won't be home today. I have to wait for her to go to Club, so.......long day ahead.

I will take dog for a walk this morning after breakfast. That will kill an hour.

I read Oprah's blog this morning - the one she wrote while doing the 21 day vegan cleanse. Interesting reading. The author of the book she was following sent over a chef. When the chef wasn't with her, she found it challenging. Sheesh. I'm actually not an Oprah fan. I typically ban all things Oprah. But, I was bored, and nutrition related items interest me. They posted some recipes - there was a soup recipe I will likely print out, cause it looked good. Anyone looking for some healthy recipes might want to check it out. (

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sister Gone = Sad Fatinah

Well, just like that, the visit is over. I'm so happy for the time, but yikes, did it ever go quickly. We had a grand old time. My nephew is just too cute, and so tall!

Program.....on track-ish. I start a new week tomorrow - and right now I'm around.....2 to 4 points over. Didn't get as much exercise as I would have liked, but.....overall, I think ok. I'm likely retaining a fair bit of water.

Today daughter and I went to the Club - an hour of cycle followed by an hour of swimming....not. I guess the filter on the one pool wasn't working, so they booted us out. Unfortunately, in the other pool there was an aqua fit class going on. So, no swimming for us. Time in the hot tub instead! Since we had just finished our cycle time, it was a welcomed soak.

Well, that is all for today. Have a healthy day bloggers!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Dance!!

FatMom is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!! I have missed you missy!!!!!(

Oh, and Deborah - you're very wise - I'm so stuffed up today I can't breath!!!!

Lunch Remorse

Ugh. Met my walking group downtown for lunch yesterday. It was nice, food was good but OMG!!! $80 for MY PORTION. $80!!!! I'm still in shock.

The upside: We ordered the Lunch Express, which is either two courses or three (I had two). The Express doesn't mean it is faster (WTF?), it means it is SMALLER. Only 60% of what you would get if you ordered the actual thing off the menu.

I had the salad - I didn't ask for dressing on the side, but it came with quite little on it. Nice greens salad. Very small. Well, 40% smaller! (the other choice was soup) And for my main meal, I had spaghettini bolognese. If, and I mean if, there was a cup of pasta on my plate, that was IT. It was really tasty, and really filling. I had a coffee during desert (which the rest of the table had) and two glasses of wine. I should have stuck with my diet coke. Two glasses of wine cost me $25. F*ck.

Exercise yesterday was only an hour of cycle. I actually got quite motion sick during the time on the cycle, and didn't feel like I could swim. Daughter seemed ok with that, since she had yet another sleep over to get to.

Have to count yet for yesterday. Was on track until I picked up Little Caesar's $5 pizza's for dinner. Had 3 pieces AND 3 crazy breads. That won't be pretty. I hate using Flex Points before the weekend.

Today....don't know what it holds. Maybe I will take sister & nephew to the Zoo. It is really nice out today. Husband is off golfing. Mom & her husband are coming for supper. I'm just going to make spaghetti with meatless balls & mushrooms. Garlic toast for everyone else. Easy peasy.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Big News Ahead People!!

Went to WW yesterday after personal trainer. Lost 3.2 freaking pounds!!! Ironically, this puts me at 3.2 pounds to go to goal.

Things went well with personal trainer. She modified two of the exercises for me and then worked me to within an inch of my life. Fun times. Girlfriend wears her heart monitor & watch - we burned over 440 calories in that hour. I just think that is amazing.

We went for lunch after at the Club. I had a lovely chicken & mango wrap. With vegetable crudites on the side. It was really good, and I was really hungry - I ate ALL of my veggies. Except my little cherry tomatoes. Tiny veggies freak me out. I mean, why isn't it normal size?? Creepy!

My one friend gained a smidgen this week. She works out like a pig. But she doesn't track. Ever. I tried so hard to get her to commit to tracking even for a week. I really believe she would see such success, she would be hooked. My other friend, the one I see personal trainer with, stayed the same. She is still battling her broken toe and only just now returned to exercise, so...that is a pretty good result.

So, as expected, did not go to Club with daughter. I didn't know this, but she cut her heal on a door yesterday and couldn't put her shoe on. And she really wanted to get over to her friend's house for the sleep over. No worries - we still have time to complete our triathlon hours.

We will be going tonight before we go pick sister up at the airport. My shoulder is feeling much better today. Phew!! I think I will be able to swim with no problems.

Not much else on the go. Likely won't be blogging much with sister and nephew in town. I fully expect to be able to tell you all that I tracked and stayed on plan when next I blog. ;-)

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Injury - but not how you would think!

I had my dental apt - the hygienist couldn't stop saying what a good job I had done keeping my teeth sparkly! Yay! Anything I can do to make her job easier.

I mooched a ride home with husband after appointment. While we were walking down to the parking garage, I slipped going down the stairs. Managed to stop myself from falling. Pulled my shoulder something awful. I don't know what is going to happen with personal training session today. I will tell trainer my woes and see what she says. Just hurts every now and again when I move it a certain way. Shitters man.

Meanwhile, yesterday did my 30 minute swim. Got 20 laps in and lots of chatting with my friend. Last night I went with the walking group. Holy crap. I saw parts of the hill I didn't know existed. We walked for an hour and 45 minutes. 9.1k. It was a nice night for a walk. with personal trainer with friend. Then WW meeting and then lunch or coffee. Tonight more triathlon fun with daughter. Likely a swim (if I can) & cycle.....she has a sleep over planned, so working out may go to the back burner.

My sister and her son are coming to town tomorrow and I simply can hardly stand waiting. I have so much housework to do. And laundry. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Well, I should go do SOMETHING. Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have to get my teeth cleaned today. I love the feeling when it is all done. I'm going to meet a friend for coffee before. Yay!!

Ok. I did not get running yesterday. By the time it was time to go, it was too hot and I ended up cycling for 1.25 hours and swimming for 30 minutes. I was a bit freaked out, because I have this race coming up, and then I remembered.....

All of my friends that signed up for the race are walking it, so I'm running alone. Since my goal is always just to finish, I'm not going to freak out. I was still plenty active. Keeping daughter company is putting a strain on my regular exercise. It will be much easier to follow my own schedule when triathlon competition is over. Which is June 30. I have two races in September. The race at the end of September (Melissa's) is one that I will have a time goal for. I want to better my time from the last time I ran it.

Anyhow, moving on.

The chicken & dumplings turned out great! Husband & daughter both loved it, and we ate the entire head of cauliflower! Easy peasy on pts also, since the dumplings were made out of Pillsbury bun dough. They puff up nice.

Fitness for today is a swim later this morning and a walk tonight with the group that is doing the race with me. They are fast walkers. We are going to do the hill next to the Club. It should be challenging. And it will count towards my challenge. Daughter is going to cycle while I walk, I think.

Not much else going on. We watched a billion episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels last night. It was fun.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

PS: Sparky - I'm not far enough along with my swimming to swim in a natural body of water. I am just now able to get over the deep end of the pool without panicking....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not much going on

Not much going on here today. Am running later today and then going to either cycle or swim with daughter. She hasn't decided yet. Oy.

Going to try a new recipe I got off the Carrie's Cooking blog. Chicken & dumplings. Mmmm, I will steam up some cauliflower to go with it. I haven't figured out the points yet. I think it will be good though, because the recipe calls for low fat soup and an onion.

Ok bloggers, have a great day!

PS: What a match yesterday for golf! I got to watch it during my workout session with personal trainer - who was on a mission to friggin kill me!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Make A Plan Lady!

Sparky - it simply CANNOT be that easy! Make a plan - really! Next you'll be telling me that exercise and healthy eating will lead to a healthy lifestyle!!

Ok, here's my plan: I am running this week on: Tuesday, Thursday and....Sunday.

Today I meet with personal trainer. Friend with broken toe is joining us again, with her focus being on things that don't involve using her toe. Not an easy feat to be sure. She was worried that I wouldn't be challenged. I was like dude, whatever Trainer thinks up is still going to be hard, just not on my toe! HAHA.

After trainer, I have to do an hour of cycle with daughter for the triathlon. She is going to swim for an hour while I work with personal trainer. Fun times. Oh, and thanks Sparky for all the triathlon info.

So, last night my mom was over with her husband for father's day. I told her I was 5lbs away from my goal. She said, "well, I thought it looked like you lost weight, but I didn't want to say anything 'cause YOU'RE SO SENSITIVE". Hands up anyone who can guess who started me down my road to sensitivity about my weight? Yep - it was my mom. Ugh!! I'm not sensitive about POSITIVE comments, just the freakin negative ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYHOW....moving on, letting it go........

The sun is shinning today. I can't believe what a good mood that puts me in!!!!! Dare I say it - it is like......summer out there!!!

Oh, and who watched that nail-bitter of a golf game yesterday? I'm so conflicted...I'm a huge Tiger Woods fan, cause he's like, well, AWESOME! BUT, Mediate - how nice does he seem? He looked so happy to be in the final. I'm not sure what time or channel the final is on.....

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Personal Religious Question - Poll

I have a personal question to ask any readers who consider themselves Christian.

What are your thoughts on people saying things like "for Christ's sake" or "Jesus - that's great"....yada, yada?

Personally, it makes me cringe. But I was reading something and the Christian person writing it used "Jesus Christ" as a means of communicating her dismay with a situation. And that just made me wonder what other's opinions were. I'm not thinking my way is right, or anyone else's wrong - just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this.....oh, and should you have one, I would also be interested to know what Christian religion you follow.

So, we already know I don't say that, and my background is that I was raised Anglican (where I was baptized as a baby), and I was also baptized again as an adult in a Pentecostal Church. My heart is with the Anglican Church though, I like the ceremony of it all (although I really do think baptism as an adult makes more sense).

In the house where I was raised, saying "for Christ's sake" and the likes wasn't discouraged at all. It wasn't until I was a young adult and met (and lived with) a hugely devout born again-type family that I even noticed I said it. And that was because the mom asked me to stop, because it offended her.

I find religion fascinating, because it is such an intensely personal thing that every single person makes it their own.

On a lighter note - we took husband for breakfast for father's day. Ordered fruit instead of those lovely tatter tots. How's that for commitment to an eating plan?? Tonight for dinner is his choice: cedar plank salmon. Daughter & I will be having chicken sausage!! HAHAHA

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


What am I thinking? I just signed up for a 2nd 10k race this September! I'm still panicking about the 10k I have to do pretty quick here in July!!


PS: Sun still shining, but husband is making me watch golf....which was only fun for the first 30 minutes...

The Sun is Shining!

Too nice out to be on the computer.

Feeling guilty cause I used flex points yesterday - WTF???

Have a good day bloggers!!

PS: new recipe was AWESOME!!! 7 pts for the whole meal - screaming deal!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Man, did I need my Tim's this morning!!

mmm, I woke up jonesing for my coffee today. I actually had a good night sleep last night, but I think that is because I took a couple of Advil before bed. I took those because I was so sore from all of my hard work yesterday. In the end, I did the following:

1) 60 minutes of personal training where the trainer did, in fact, torture me with the tubing. In fact, we went through 1/2 the routine, and then she said "now we do it all again". It was ALL I could do to not cry - I was so spent. I made it through though.

2) 60 minutes on the bike (with daughter) at the Club where I rode 21.06 miles. You should have seen me try to walk when I got off to get the disinfectant spray for the bike. I looked like I had consumed a bottle of vodka!!

3) 90 minute walk home FROM the Club (with daughter). We had a break in the rain and by the time we were going home, the sun was shining and it was warm. And, it turns out there is a lovely view from the brand new bike path that we took. And, it also turns out that we live exactly 8k from our Club.

My feet are tender today. Daughter has me doing another hour of cycling and an hour of swimming with her today. This triathlon challenge is going to be the death of me. I told husband last night that he needs to help me keep her company for this challenge. I'm going to end up with an injury, and I really don't think this much activity is necessary.

Well, I don't have much else. Mostly this weekend my little family will be working away at triathlon challenge hours. I have to tally up my hours for my Tigerlilly challenge. Phew - I'm challenged out!!

Caribbean Chicken with Creamy Avocado Sauce is on the menu tonight with grilled veggies. It is from my new recipe book. Can't wait. The only change I made to the recipe is that I substituted thighs for breast. Only adds a pt and it was way cheaper.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

SYTYCD provides a dose of reality and a pretty dance....

Anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance?

They do a blurb about the dance before hand. The one couple was doing what I think was hip hop and the back story was that he was going off to war. My head goes to an image of the 40's. They cut to the stage and the two young people are dressed like....two young people. I start to cry. What a powerful dance that was. My favourite of the evening as far as being a meaningful dance. My favourite for entertainment had to be Twitch and Kherington. What a pair they are.

In other news...I swam a kilometer again in (my last) swim class yesterday - this time, only 4 lengths with fins. The best part of the class? When the teacher told me my breast stroke looked like....the breast stroke!! Something clicked and I was able to do the stroke!! Of course, my front crawl fell apart completely, but I will take my wins where I can get them.

We had the tiniest of non-rain windows yesterday so I took the dog for a really quick 3k walk. He was so happy to be out there again. I think I may be able to get him out again today since there is only a "chance" of showers.

I have a bunch of new WW recipes to try this week. My family is responding well. Husband has accidentally lost 15lbs. Bastard. It's all I can do to not punch him in the face (jk). We are going to book an apt at the doctor just in case though, since he has not changed anything else. I can't believe a low-fat healthy supper would cause that much of a weight loss. Of course, I hope that is what it turns out to be!!

I mentioned that daughter had started tracking her food. And of course, she is doing the triathlon challenge at our Club, so her activity level is up. Anyhow - she weighed herself today and she is down 4lbs!! I'm so happy for her. I'm glad that her efforts gave her some results - because now she is motivated to keep tracking.

Of course, this means that my family is dropping weight like crazy, and I'm plodding along. Crap. I need to tweak something, obviously.

Today I meet with personal trainer, where I'm sure she will torture me some more with that friggen tubing. Ugh.

I haven't run for a while. I have to get going again BECAUSE I have the 10k race coming up quick in July. Yikes. What to do, what to do.

Well, I have to finish my grocery list for my new recipes. So far I have two chicken, one veggie and one lamb.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Facing the Music

So, journalling is fine, but if you don't count it up - what's the point? And so, I counted....and counted.....and counted. By the time I was done....36 points over plan. 36. This was after I made what I thought were stellar food choices. 36. Oy Vey.

Then came the decision this morning. Do I go weigh in, or not. I weighed at home last week after my high school reunion. I was quite sure that none of my possey would be going to the meeting. In the end, though, I figured after my two weekends away I needed to know EXACTLY where I'm sitting so that I can move on. So, off I toodled. And I'm glad I did. In the end, after the two weekends away, I was up a total of 0.5. There was a time where that # would have been on the other side of 5lbs. I'm quite happy with myself. Yay me.

So, yesterday, I drag my ass to the personal trainer. Quite literally, because I was still feeling blue. Well, I left blue also, but I wasn't feeling it, I was looking it - I had a bruise from the exercise!! The entire workout was with tubing. F*ck. It was so hard. I had to do the exercise for 30 seconds and then hold the tubing tight 1/2 way through the exercise for 30 seconds. My arms were actually burning.

Was supposed to run with friend today, but it is raining like there's no tomorrow, so that was cancelled. May go to the Club later. We will see.

So, I'm quite excited - I have a new WW cookbook. It looks like a magazine, but a book and it looks to have many scrumptious ideas in it.

Tonight however, I'm making my own recipe up. I'm going to stuff chicken breasts with red onion, peppers, mushrooms and then bread them and serve with left over brown rice & some fresh broccoli. Mmmmm...I'm peckish just thinking about it!

Have a healthy day blogger!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Back Again!

I was just away in Vancouver for the weekend surprising a friend! She and her husband were both shocked and we had a great visit.

I journalled the whole time I was gone, and made some shockingly good food choices. Of course, there were a couple that weren't (!!), but over all I'm really pleased with myself. I have some counting to do, since I didn't bring my food lists, but I was able to get 8 km of walking in between the two days. I should still be OP, or dangerously close by the time I'm done.

I don't really have much to report today. I'm tired and feeling a smidgen blue. I did a 9 mile bike ride this a.m. and have to meet with personal trainer this afternoon. Hopefully that will boost my mood.

I'm off to read 62 blog entries and then rest before trainer. Get my head out of my funk.

Have a good day bloggers.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Read this While Seated!!

I have two pieces of very good news.

1) Yesterday was my swim class. I think I posted that I didn't want to go. Not only did I go, I swam....wait for it.....1k!!!! That's right - 40 lengths!!! There was just me and the other weak swimmer that showed up - we were both so pleased with our hard work we went for a hot tub to celebrate. It was awesome!!!

2) I received a piece of mail from WW. About my change in goal weight. THEY ACCEPTED IT!!!!!! I am now OFFICIALLY 5 lbs away from my goal weight!! I just about cried. Also included in the package is a form for me to fill out when I get within 2lbs of my weight to get more information on working for them.

Wow - how do you top a day like that??

So, yesterday SPARKY mentioned in her entry that she would be only spending an hour on the computer per day. Of course, I thought that sounded nuts. But then her entry bounced around my head all day. My house would also be much neater if I wasn't dicking around on the computer. So, I think I will follow suit. She is a wise woman. I will be shutting off at 9:00 a.m. daily.

Totegirl: Can I just say that you totally crack me up!! "Fitinah" actually made me laugh out loud. I have no doubt that if we were to meet in real life, there would be many giggles.

You know, Fatinah is my belly dance name, and it means "enchanting, alluring, captivating" - all of the things I wanted to be after having learned to dance. Oddly, I think that having started on the road to fitness has given me confidence which has made me more of those qualities to my husband.

On the agenda today.....personal trainer and some time on the bike for the triathlon challenge. Then - yum - lunch with the girls!!

Did I tell you all about the triathlon challenge? It runs the month of June at my Club. There are 3 categories. Beginner, Intermediate and Iron Man. I signed up for intermediate. This means that DURING the month, I have to do a total of: 4 hours of swimming or rowing; 8 hours of cycling and 6 hours of run/walking. The only stipulation is that the activity has to be performed at or from the club. Daughter even signed up. She is doing the iron man. Brat!! In any case, I have squares marked off for all 3 activities, so I'm well underway. They will then choose names from those that complete the challenge for prizes. Fun times. Oh, speaking of challenges - I have some miles to send Tigerlilly for her challenge. I'm still trucking along!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

So, a girl goes to her reunion and drinks her body weight in wine....

and I must have somehow compensated on the food front - I'm up this week.....0.3!!!!

So, I finally saw Sex & the City Monday evening. I had to go alone. Normally I don't mind seeing a movie alone, but after spending the weekend with my girlfriends, it was kinda lonely. Having said that....I so enjoyed it. It was like a whole season of shows in one sitting. I wasn't sure how they would all look on the big screen, but they were all gorgeous. When I first heard that they were making a movie I was mad - because I really enjoyed how they ended the season. What more could they say or do I wondered. Now that I've seen the movie, I'm still happy with the ending.

Finally watched last week's BSG last night. Someone in husband's office said it was really good, but I found it boring. I prefer the episodes that have more cylon action - next week's scenes looked good. Happy to see Zena is back!! Sparky - what did you think of Friday's episode??

Today I have my 2nd to last swim class. I really, really, really don't feel like going. Ugh. What a lazy ass.

Puppy is off at doggy daycare getting groomed today. He was so excited to get in there to play. So cute. Yesterday I was quite worried about him - he just lay around all day and his nose was dry. Today though, he seems back to his old self.

Anyone out there watching the Mole or Gene Simmons Family Jewels? We watched the Gene episode where he gets an intern....I thought all 3 of us were going to piss ourselves we were laughing so hard. As for the Mole, I have a couple of ideas who I think it might be. What a fun show.

Ok bloggers. Have a healthy day.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

After the Reunion

Well, I made it through the reunion. We had the very best weekend. I still can't believe how much fun it was. From start to finish. The whole thing. Fun, Fun, Fun. Below is the picture I took before we went out. I took it to send to my trainer - as a joke. Anyhow - it gives you an idea of my dress and such. At the time it felt like I had so much makeup on (I never wear any), but now that I look at the pictures it looks like I have none. Oh, well. In any case, more later. I have no less than 75 blog entries to catch up on!