Friday, June 05, 2009

Beach-Ready Plan May 2009 Shape Magazine WRAP UP

Video of the routine that I followed for 4 weeks can be found by clicking on this link (under the tab for Month III - you just need to scroll down on the page a smidgen):

I did these exercises 3 times a week, dropping my weights and upping my reps on the 2nd time per week:

Grapevine Lunge
Sumo Squat
Bench Row
Triceps Push-Ups
Curl to Press
Ball Circles
Leg Lifts
Ball Pike (I later changed this to sit ups on the ball, because this move was too hard on my shoulders)

The changes that I noticed were:

My shoulders are quite sculpted now.  I found the Curl to Press particularly effective.

My thighs were the other place that I noticed the most change.  This was from both the Grapevine Lunges and Sumo Squats.  (FYI - husband did a thorough inspection and thinks my thighs have changed the most and ps:  his inspections are more fun than mine!!)

Over all I really liked the routine.  It gave me an all over workout, didn't require a huge chunk of my time, and I enjoyed the exercises - well, as much as I can given that I don't like doing weights!

I would highly recommend doing the monthly programs given in Shape - keeps your body on it's toes and you wouldn't get bored because every 4 weeks you'd be doing something different.  Of course, I think you would have to belong to a fitness facility, so that you would have access to the different equipment that would be required every 4 weeks.  

The stats are:

Change in weight in 4 weeks:  down 0.7
Change in waist in 4 weeks:  down 2 inches
Change in hips in 4 weeks:  down 1.5 inches

I'm quite happy with the inches.  The weight is more a reflection of my inability to stay on program on the weekends than a reflection of the Shape program - so if you wanted to try it - please don't let that deter you!!

Plans for new program will be posted with my Monday post - I'm excited!!


  1. Holy! That is a lot of inches! Way to go!

  2. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Great results!