Friday, August 29, 2008

Geez Louise

I don't feel like blogging today. So, this will be short.

* I went to weight training class - man, it was a doozer - she worked us like pigs!
* I walked 8.82 k last night and managed to burn over 600 calories, there were so many hills
* I stayed right on program yesterday
* I'm going to weigh in at 11:45 today. Time to face the music. (still not looking!!)
* I have a walk planned again tomorrow, followed by breakfast with the girls

Have a healthy, on program day bloggers!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boring post ahead - readers beware

Not much to report here. Worked a half day today. Brought an apple and banana with me for breakfast. Had a subway wrap and a Grande Double Shot on Ice for lunch, spaghetti & meatless meat sauce planned for supper.

Tonight the walking group wants to do hills. Yikes - I'm sure that will hurt. Didn't weigh in today at lunch time since daughter was at home waiting for me to get home from work so we could lunch together. Have everything set up to weigh in tomorrow with friend. Still planning on not looking at my weight.

Hmmmm, sadly, I have nothing else to report. I still have a head cold and feel like crap.

Have a healthy, on program day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feeling sick

I woke up completely stuffy up this morning. Which led to throwing up. Which led to me missing my weight class. I don't know if I have a cold or allergies....I do know that I feel like shit.

Went for a walk with the girls last night - we did 9.48k, I think. I haven't downloaded my garmin yet. Anyhow, I burned over 500 calories. I had intended to have a beer when I got back - but I got home and no longer wanted one. Weird. Anyhow - had a good on program day. In the end, I only ate a potato & a corn on the cob for dinner. Yum. Turns out the sausage I had was chicken - I prefer pork.

Beef stir fry with rice on the menu for this evening. I only have one steak, so it will be heavy on the veggies! Of course, I'm sure my left over sausage will make it into the mix!

I have an exterminator over right now - getting rid of a wasp nest. Or a hornet nest, the dude said - like the difference matters to me! Anyhow, it is one of the largest nests I've ever seen. I can't imagine how he will get rid of it - better him than me!! What is kind of pissy is that it will cost in between $125 and $150! It is so expensive because the next is at the very top of our house....bummer.

Well bloggers, have a healthy on program day!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blah, blah, blah Part II

Goodness, we (me & my WW buddies) are having a heck of a time finding time to go weigh in at WW. Turns out I have to work Thursday, so, I think I will go to the downtown meeting alone over the lunch hour and do it. I won't be looking at the scale, or looking at the change in weight. I know I've gained since I can feel a difference around my stomach and the tops of my legs. All I need is a starting point so that when I weigh in next week, the gal can just tell me the loss (how is that for positive thought??). This seems silly, but I don't think I can handle knowing how much I put on. Not if I want to go forward with my efforts. Does this make any sense to anyone else but me???

I had a good day yesterday. Stayed on plan AND exercised. Woohoo.

Went to the bookstore yesterday and bought two new books. Can't wait to get to them. I just finished another book, by a new author I tried. The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz...I enjoyed it. At first, the writing style confused me, but a few pages was ok. If you enjoy the Janet Evanovich books, I think you would like this.

Hmmm, what is on the agenda today. Oh, ya, I have to register my baby for grade 11 today. How the hell did that happen?? Goodness. After that I suspect I will be wallowing....

On the fitness front I have a walk planned with my walking group. We usually walk around 1.5 hours...that will be good for some points.

On the food front - just going to be on plan today. One day at a time. Italian sausage, tossed salad and baked potato for supper planned. Yummmmm.

Oh! Yesterday while buying daughter's agenda I purchased some happy face stickers to put in my journal for the days I exercise. I realize this is really juvenile, but....for me it works.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Blah, blah, blah


Had my weight training class this morning. Teacher didn't show, so the fill in did the same program as last week. Blech.

Took daughter shopping today. I hate shopping. Managed to get everything in an hour and a half. Still have school supplies, but don't have the list yet. I did buy myself a purse, (,default,pd.html?cgid=leatherFlatBags&selectedColor=2402). I'm really excited about it.

Eh. Not much else. Spent the weekend at the in-laws in BC. I am so emotionally drained after seeing those people. They suck the joy out of the air, just like the dementors from Harry Potter. My puppy was REALLY happy to see me, and seems quite happy to be home. I am certainly happy to have him back. He is helping to restore the joy. Little cutie patootie.

Well bloggers, have a healthy day!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My New Tattoo

Well it is, my new tattoo. As I have mentioned, it is my family tree.

I'm...really....having a hard getting into a routine...

Crap. I woke up feeling like crap. I have a headache AGAIN today. I didn't go to my weight training class. Not so much because of the headache (although that did cinch the deal), but because I wouldn't have had time for a shower before I had to take my cousin to breakfast (as payment for driving me to go for the tattoo). Ugh. Why is it so hard to get back into it? Why did I stop? I so could have exercised on vacay. I just didn't. Dumbass.

Ugh. I'm in too much of a rut to even type. Later bloggers!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ouch, it hurts when I do this.....

I had my weight training class yesterday morning and today I can hardly move my arms. Oddly, it hurts when I try to straighten them. I found the class unbelievably hard, but I suspect that may be because I haven't been for 3 weeks.

Oh, I meant to tell you all about a book I read on vacation. I always buy books from the discount bin at Chapters to try new authors. I picked one up and a staffer came over to tell me that it was actually the 2nd book in a series, and took me over to the first book. Of course, the first book was $19 and the 2nd book I had picked up was $7.99. Well, I decided to take a chance and bought both. The first was worth the $$ - I loved it. It was by Christopher Moore, and it was called Bloodsucking Fiends. It is a book about a gal that gets turned into a vampire. Some parts were so funny. Anyhow, if any of you are looking for a good library recommendation......

I have a walk planned for today. It is raining out right now...but I think it is supposed to clear up. In any case, I can just throw a hat on.....I found a good walking program in a magazine while I was in Montreal, and I meant to pdf it to myself before I left but I forgot - I have to remember to get my girlfriend to send it to me.....when she does, I will, of course, share it with you all.

Tomorrow is tattoo day!! Then I have to go out of town right away......I will do my best to post a picture before I go......I'm quite excited about it, and quite scared. I hate needles. Oy!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back in the Saddle....AGAIN

Well, I made it through a day back on program. Went over by 2 points. I consider this a huge success. I honestly expected to be saying to myself "f*ck it" by around 2 yesterday afternoon! I didn't exercise yesterday. I had toyed with the idea of going for an evening walk when it cooled off...but alas, it never did and I was just feeling too lethargic to move. Sad, sad excuse...I know.

I have spaghetti on the menu for tonight with meatless crumbles. I can't wait - I love spaghetti. For lunch I am having left overs from last night. I have left over tossed salad and 1/2 chicken breast. I'm going to make a wrap out of it. Yum.

I'm going to start yoga today. Not a class or anything, just a pose or two here on my own. I have a YogaJournal with a good at home routine in it. I need to loosen up my leg muscles, and I think it would be nice to spend 20 minutes or so with some quiet time. I'm going to browse iTunes for some calming music to listen to while I do it....any one have a suggestion?

I still have 200 blog entries to read. I will likely not be doing a lot of commenting....just trying to catch up on everyone. I think I'm going to go through my subscriptions also. I have a lot of blogs that I read, but am never moved to comment I may cull some. Certainly wouldn't hurt to spend LESS time sitting around reading! HA!

Not much else to report today. Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Man, I'm tired!

I just got back from 2.5 weeks in Montreal. Boy, oh boy, did we have fun. Always feels so good to get home though.

I have groceries in the house again. Felt good to be back in control of what is being cooked (we stayed with a friend & her family). We had souvlaki spiced chicken on the bbq, grilled asparagus & tossed salad. I pan fried some potatoes for hubby & daughter. Mmmm, it was so tasty! I have had a billion glasses of water today, it is so hot out. I just can't cool off.

I think I'm weighing in tomorrow at WW (just waiting to hear from girlfriend). Not stepping on the scale till then. Started back counting points today. Not going on about how much I ate or drank on holidays. Just going to get my nose back to the grindstone. I have my weight training classes, which I will start back with on Wednesday. I missed this a.m. because daughter had volleyball camp and it was the first day - they had to be there a half hour early, so I had a time conflict. Who has a time conflict at 7:30 a.m. their first day back from vacation???????

What else. Oh, we rented a condo in Mont Tremblant (Gray Rocks Resorts). OMG - it was so friggen awesome!!!! If we go back to Montreal for vacay again next year - we will likely rent it again for a whole week. We just went up for 3 days. There was so much to do, and it was so pretty.

I'm not going to write much. I have over 200 blog entries to catch up on....and I have quite a bad headache from the heat (or it could be wine withdrawal.....not sure ;0)

Glad to be back - I've missed you all!!


Not Dead!!

All is well - have been on vacation for - well - forever! Back last night at 1:30 a.m. Have many things to do - but will post later today properly. Can't wait to catch up with you all!!