Saturday, June 20, 2009

Follow Up on dinner with Daughter

I told daughter my dilemma about the restaurants we were thinking of going to after the movie, and daughter says "no problem Mom, let's just go up to the Club to eat".  We did, and I ordered the Garden Greens Salad with a chicken breast (with Jamaican seasoning).  It was GOOOOOOOD.  And on program.  How cool is my daughter?

The movie meanwhile - was funny.  For those who may have forgotten, we saw The Proposal.  My only complaint is that Ryan Reynolds should have been naked the whole movie.  And can I just say how much I love Sandra Bullock?  Not only do I enjoy her movies - but she is just a beautiful lady.  Classy.  And what a bod.  Holy noodle.  If I was her I wouldn't put clothes on EVER!!

Anyhow - had the absolute best day with daughter.  Workout together followed by lunch, followed by movie, followed by dinner.  Absolute perfection.  

Back to regularly scheduled posting and all it's boredom later - HAHA!!


  1. Sounds like a fun day. I'm dragging my husband to see that movie tonight.

    And good for you for staying on plan - it's so nice when the people in our lives our supportive. It makes a big difference.

  2. What an great day, I hope (not in anytime soon, I like my babies) to share wonderful days like this with my girls.

    Mmmm Ryan Reynolds...

  3. Hey Fatinah,

    I saw that you are doing Amy's 15 Pound Challenge. If you have a moment, would you mind posting a comment to her asking her to enable OpenID in her blog comments? I'd like to do the challenge, too, but right now I can't comment on her blog since I'm not a Google Blogger user.


  4. Thank you, m'dear. I am ready for a new challenge!

  5. OMG now everyone in the office thinks I'm crazy because I just cracked up at your Ryan Reynolds observation! By the way, I totally concur.

  6. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I LOVE it! Your daughter IS cool, and I agree about your comments about Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock! I'd be naked all the time! the frozen foods section of the grocery store, in meetings, at the park, you name it, I'd be naked! I've missed you...
    -Michelle (AKA FatMom)

  7. Michelle/FatMom:

    I am REALLY glad to hear from you!!!!!!!!!! are you blogging again?? if you are - let me know how to find you - if not - just so glad that you touched base!!!!!! I miss your entries!!