Friday, October 08, 2010

Melissa's recap and more!

I ran Melissa's a couple of weeks ago. Had a great run - lost my walking group.

We have a gal in the group that isn't particularly good at making new comers to the group feel comfortable. I've been with the group for 3 years and I'm still an outsider. She is just really at making people feel excluded.

So, we all toodle up to Banff for a couple of nights. She was in fine form, and by the end of the race I knew that life is just too short and I don't have the energy to bang my head against a wall. Luckily - my daughter had made a last minute decision to come home for the weekend - and so I left Banff right after the race instead of staying for the 2nd night.

The race was good. I ran the 10k. My goal for the race was an hour 20. I hadn't been running more than 4.5k before the race and so I wasn't as prepared as I could have been. I'm happy to report that I finished in 1:16!!! YAY me!!

This past weekend I ran the Run for the Cure with a girlfriend. We finished with a 7:16 pace - which translated into 37 minutes I think for the 5k. We were over the moon about that. That was faster than I had been running on my own AND that was running 5:1's.

I got my hair done yesterday. Removed around 3 inches and did caramel & copper highlights again. I thought it looked pretty - but husband didn't notice. Hmpf!!

Thanksgiving this weekend. Daughter should arrive around 5 this evening. Turkey on Sunday. Sadly I forgot to put it in the fridge yesterday to defrost. Hmmmm, it's in there now, but..... Sides this year will be... mashed potatoes, carrots and turnips, broccoli salad and by special request made by daughter - chocolate pie for dessert. I don't happen to like it - but daughter & husband LOVE it.

Still doing pilates 2x/week, working with personal trainer 2x/week, belly dancing 1x/week, curling 1x/week and running 30 minutes a time whenever I can..... but getting no where because my eating is all over the map. Being your own worst enemy is hard work!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!