Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Running Again!! (and weigh in news)

Since working with Bark Busters last Thursday, my little Indiana (who is now two - did I mention it was his birthday on Sunday?) has been a stellar walker.  No pulling, just prancing beside me like the little prince that he is.  Well, yesterday I was thinking it was time to test the next level.  So, we ran.  He did SO well.  Stayed right beside me the whole time (except when he had to do his business). 

As always, I was surprised at my loss of stamina.  I tried something different with myself yesterday.  I started my NikePlus, but I didn't take my Garmin to time my 10:1's.  I just ran until I needed a break, walked a smidgen and then ran again.  I know, I know, what a rebel!!

My pace was slower than normal.  That could have been because I walked for 5 minutes to warm up and I had to stop twice for dog business.  Or it could be (and likely is) because I haven't run in almost two months.  Having said that, it was better than I expected.  8:00/km on the nose.  What was truly annoying though, was the fact that I came in, promptly hooked my iPod up to my MacBook and....GOT AN ERROR and was asked to restore my iPod.  Yes folks, my lovely 8:00/km pace was lost and will never be added to my stats.  Stuff like that makes me nuts.  I'm all about the stats.  Sigh.  On the upside, because I'm a freak for stats, I had already memorized the particulars so....

In other news, I made my way up to the Club later in the afternoon.  I did my Fitness Magazine workout - which was a hoot (NOT).  My stomach is looking smokin though!!  (how that for positive thinking??)

I did the following:

Crunches with Stability Ball - 2 sets of 30
Plank with Stability Ball - 2 x 1 minute
Side Plank - 2 x 30 seconds on each side
Rotating Pass - 2 sets of 20 with 3kg Fit Ball
Scissor Crunches with Stability Ball - 2 sets of 30 on each side
Twister - 2 sets of 10 with hand on 4kg medicine ball
Uneven Push-Ups - 2 sets of 10 with hand on 4kg medicine ball.  

Side note on the uneven push-ups - I did 5 of them NOT modified - first time EVER that I've done a push-up that wasn't modified.  It was kinda exciting!!

After that I did 20 minutes on the spin bike - 5 minutes at gear 4, 5 minutes at gear 14, repeat.

My run was 28 minutes and 3.5k.  

I went to WW this morning to weigh in (my day is Wednesday, but since it is Canada day...).  I mentioned yesterday that I spend a lot of time worrying before I weigh in.  Well, I'm also one of those people that has trouble eating before weighing in.  This morning, in an attempt to really just live life, I had my Tim's right away in the morning, like I always do, AND I had my Activia yogurt.  Now, that may not seem like to some of you folks, but let me tell you - for me, it was a HUGE step!

So..... want to know how I did?  Really well actually.  I'm a particularly slow loser because I tend to eat all of my flex & AP points.  Now, having given that disclaimer, I lost 2.8 lbs this week.  Week 1's are always good for that because it is always such a shock to your body when you start controlling your portions!!  In any case, I'm really, really excited.  I have to thank Tiffany again for her post - I really think I would have spun out of control had it not been for her.

Is it wrong that I can't wait to see what Amy's Workout Wednesday is so that I can hurry up and do it so I can hurry up and send in my results??  HAHA

My girlfriend that I weigh in with had a spectacular week - she lost 4.0!!  We're both off to a great start!!  I'm glad to because I have a football game, pre-Stampede party & a Stampede breakfast to tackle this week - it is good to be going into it with a success under my belt!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. That is AMAZING....what a great loss!

    What are Tims?

  2. Wow, fantastic, Fatinah! You are doing great with both the kickass push-ups and the WI result. (And getting the birthday boy to run with you).

    Obviously Hotch is another Tim's-less American like me.