Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blog Reading - what's the point?

Sometimes I wonder why I read blogs. It is time spent on my ass. Not moving. Then I have a day like today, where every blog I read jumps right out at me.

Roni blogged about confidence. Of course, we find some confidence when we lose those extra pounds, but what about finding confidence in other accomplishments? We really are more than our bodies. It's nice if we can find a body part or five that we like, but what about the parts that make up who we are? The parts that people can't touch, but see every day? Our kind acts, hard work, our ability to love. The parts that Lever 2000 can't wash. I need to remember that I have those.

Jason posted the tiniest of posts - just that he was tired because he had really pushed it today. 4 sentences. But, in those 4 sentences, he reminded me that pushing yourself hard is how you get results. We all blog about how we aren't getting anywhere with our weight loss efforts, but we NEVER say - "man, I ate right and pushed myself 110% and I'm not getting anywhere!". I need to make sure that my efforts, when I make them are bang on and full out.

Tornwordo posted about not feeling like blogging today. Then he went on to talk about how just taking and no giving is no way to live your life.... from there he gave us a quiz to take to see how your thinking matches up with religious ideologies. By the end of his post, I was reminded how badly I want to go to the U of C to take a degree in religious studies. I am also struck by the fact that while this young (44 years today) gentleman appears follows no specific religion, he is one of the most spiritual people I've come across on the internet.

And I haven't even made it 1/4 of the way through my reading list. Blog reading rocks. It changes lives.

Monday, July 27, 2009

On Top of the World!!

That is where I was this weekend!!

This is the view of Emerald Lake from near the top of where we hiked.

This is the view of where we hiked to from Emerald Lake. We were just above the tree line up at the top, near where the mountain top comes down.

What was more amazing than me going up that stinking big mountain, was the fact that I went for a swim in Emerald Lake. Holy noodle, was it ever cold. And it is even greener than the photo shows. We actually hiked around the lake the day after the big hike and finished it off with the swim. Then we had an illegal (drinking in public) Big Rock Lime while sitting in the sun to dry off. I know, I'm a wild woman.

The weekend was so perfect. We stayed at the Bear's Den, which is basically a basement suite in Field. It was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone looking to stay in the area. Top notch. Well stocked kitchen (utensil wise).

The night we got there, we noshed on appetizers and had beer-gerita's. Early night since we had a big day ahead of us.

Friday we had our hike. Our guide told us we were the quickest group he had ever taken up. There were 17 of us total. 6 of us and 11 others. Going up was actually a piece of cake. What I found... hard, I guess, is that once at the top, you spend time looking at fossils. Personally, I'm not interested in that, so I sat and actually nodded off. Then I had a 3 hour hike down. Half of that was a piece of cake. The last half though. OMG. My knees were so swollen they wouldn't bend. I honestly wondered if I would make it down. I did. And I'd do it again in a second. That night after the hike we had brought a frozen lasagne & made some salad. We knew we'd all be too tired to go out, or really cook.

Saturday was the hike around Emerald Lake, followed by the swim & sun tan, followed by appies, followed by a lovely dinner out at the famous Truffle Pig Bistro. Dinner was GOOD. We then chatted, and drank back in the room.

Sunday we were supposed to do brunch in Banff, but honestly, we had so much food still and were so full still from the big dinner the night before, we stayed at the room and had a nice leisurely breakfast. Then home!

When I got home, husband & I watched SYTYCD results which we had taped (sorry America, but you guys got it WRONG), and then I heard those 4 awesome words that I love so much..... Let's go get naked!!

I was happy to be home early on Sunday - I got right back on program at breakfast in the room (thank GOD we cancelled the brunch!!) and stayed there for the day. My stomach has been so upset already today from all the food. I did take the puppy for a run/walk last night at 8:00. He missed me a lot and kept staring at me waiting to go out. Poor little muffin. Plus, it felt good to run.

As soon as I hit Publish Post I'm going to take him for a long walk. I am doing spin class tonight with husband, so I'm not going to run - I need my leg strength!!

Oh, and I did publish my weigh in results from Thursday - I stayed the same. Which really made me happy - this means I am learning to deal with stress (in-laws) in other ways than just stuffing my face. Way to go me.

Oh, and I leave for Montreal on FRIDAY!!! YA BABY!!!! I already informed BFF that I will not be using vacation as an excuse for a shit show. She has agreed to support me in this. To that end, they purchased 110 LITE beers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The big weekend away

I have my weekend away starting in a couple of hours - to do my big hike up the Burgess Shale!!

I go weigh in first - will update my sidebar before I go.

I won't have internet access so no updates till Sunday. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Interesting Post on another blog

I don't normally read this blog - I don't care for the writing style - but I happened upon this post and I thought it was pretty good. The part that most interested me was the list he came up with - it is so true - and well worth a read in my humble opinion. You have to go down the post a bit to get to it.....

Goal & Rewards - Weekly Challenge

This challenge seemed easy when I read it, however, now that I have to think of things....

I have decided to make my goals and rewards performance based - like a bonus, or a series of bonuses ending in the bonus of all bonuses I guess. Since I live in a town that is completely entrenched in the oil & gas industry - bonuses I can understand.

For every 250k I run or walk, I will purchase new Nike+ running shoes.

For every 3 losses IN A ROW (no matter the size of loss, down is down) I will buy a new pair of running socks. I wear the double layered no chafe Running Room socks, and they are pricey (at least I find them to be), so this is a great motivator for me.

I'm close to my goal. When I reach goal I will buy myself a new running bra.

For every month that I maintain my goal weight I am going to buy myself a new piece of Lullulemon (for the first year - no one needs a lifetime of Lullu's - not even me!)

If I maintain for an entire year - I'm getting some plastic surgery tweaking. There are some things that good eating and exercise just can't fix.

So, there you have it. Guess I'd better get at it!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Staying Positive

I am emotionally drained from my visit with the in-laws. Have decided I HAVE to just focus on the positives.

  • All siblings made an effort to get lots of visiting done
  • My niece had a baby a couple of weeks ago, and because my SIL was in town, we were ALL invited over to see new baby. I am grateful for that opportunity - since I wouldn't have had it otherwise.
  • Husband got the corporate box for our local pro-football team and we were able to have the entire family there to watch the game. It was a great visit and I bet my husband's side hasn't all been together like that in around 10 years.
  • Daughter had lots of time to visit with grandparents (although she would not agree to put that on the positive list)
  • I have my health and likely many years to stew over the visit!! HAHAHAHA
Meanwhile, I got new golf clubs. Went golfing yesterday with husband and another couple. Entered my 4.5 hours of golfing (with a pull cart) into Nuttrimirrow - over 1,000 calories burned. Ya baby! I love my new clubs. I look good holding them!!

Oh, I learned the hard way that a poutine from Burger King is 18 points. Seriously. Fuck.

I'm trying my first spin class tonight with husband. He has been going for several weeks now. I have been spinning on my own, but have never done a formal class. Husband thinks I will like it. I figure I will be begging for death by the time it's done. We shall see I suppose.

Daughter is off in Invermere now for 2 weeks. I am missing her like crazy. But, she is having fun, I have no doubt.

Not much else to report. Was happy to see a weekly challenge that I can take part in this week. I will work on that later this afternoon.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Really Quick Post

In laws are here. Not SO drunk I can't do a quick post. Yes, I know it is 8:11 a.m.

Went to weigh in - down another 0.6. Officially 8.4 away from goal.

Have been running even with company here - had my fastest time in a long time yesterday. Yay me!!

Will post more tomorrow when everyone is gone.

AM ON PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a healthy day!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still Married

After much deliberation and examination, I have decided that husband has many, many outstanding qualities, and therefore I will not divorce him because he tells me what I want to hear.

Last night we went to the midnight showing of The Half Blood Prince. No spoilers here - other than to say leave the book at the door and enjoy the ride. What a movie.

Needless to say, we didn't get home until after 3:30 this morning. I am very tired and sure that I will need a 2nd Tims this morning. I actually felt nauseous when the alarm went off this morning. I honestly can't remember the last time I went to bed that late - and never on a week night since I was in my 20's!!

I have to go weigh in today. I will be completely honest. I considered skipping it, cause I wasn't feeling good about it. BUT, thankfully, I signed up for Amy's Challenge, and I realized that if I didn't - I wouldn't have a weight to send in. So, off I go in an hour or so. Plus, if that wasn't enough, I promised my WW buddy that I would go, and she promised me she would go to a meeting where she is vacationing. PLUS, if that wasn't enough - I guess I really do owe it to myself.

Didn't exercise yesterday except for the hour & a half of yoga. I am quite tender this morning from yesterday's class. We did a lot of twists. My mid to lower back and shoulders are all making their presence known to me this morning. But not in a bad way. What I did do yesterday was scrub the house in preparation for the big visit today. So, at least I wasn't sitting around all day.

I will take the puppy for a run today. Likely later this afternoon. After the inlaws are here and I need a 30 minute break. I think it is supposed to be nice for most of the day today? We've been getting a fair bit of rain. I'm not going to yoga camp because it runs during my weigh in time. Plus I have some last minute things to rush around and get - like dishwasher detergent. Who runs out of that the second they are about to get company and double their dish use? Sheesh!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

True Blood

just got around to watching True Blood from Sunday. I'm wondering how the preacher's wife learned my husband's bbq dance???

Jason Stackhouse is sooooo funny!

I am so mad right now - Part II

Husband & I hardly ever argue. I sent off an e-mail right away to him this morning explaining exactly why I was so upset (the him not telling me he had no intention of staying home part). I learned long ago with my husband I need to use my words. If I wait for him to just "get it" I'll go freaking crazy.

He e-mailed me back saying he got time off. I e-mailed him saying he had missed the point of why I was so upset. He calls.

"you're right" he says "I need to not just say what you want to hear" I'm nodding on my end. So hard in fact that I have a kink in my neck.

"and I understand that you have a job to do and responsibilities at work" - I'm a big person - I can give in a bit too.

he can't let it go though. And this is why I find him so charming .

"but you also know how much I don't want to see them and I don't want them staying with us"

"but I didn't invite them!" (this is true - we found out that they were staying with us two weeks before they mentioned it to US from my brother in law)

"well, this is really all your fault, because you're the one that wanted your daughter to be close to her grandparents. All those years of saying to them that they should visit us - and now they are"

sigh "you're right - this is my fault - I wanted my daughter to have grandparents in her life"

"ok then - have a good day"

seriously. This is my fault because I wanted my daughter to experience growing up with grandparents. Only my husband can say that and not have any idea how ridiculous a statement that is.

Is anyone out there wondering how I don't need to use all of my 22 pts a day on booze???

Meanwhile, I'm calmer about it all now. That must be because of my yoga camp today. I'm all zen now!

I am so mad right now

My in-laws are coming in tomorrow. They have to pick up my sister in law from the airport and then take her to where they live. I have been fretting this for a long time, as they are not my biggest fans. They aren't outright evil, but just the types to get their digs in. Plus, they are getting old, so they just say whatever they want, while we still have to abide by socially acceptable politeness. Plus, SIL is an exact copy of MIL and likes me about as much. Sigh. Double teaming.

Anyhow, all this time I have been thinking that husband has the days off while they are in. Right up until this morning that is. When he informed me that another co-worker had booked the days off. I was surprised. Really, with you having the days off? No, he replies - I NEVER BOOKED THEM OFF. So basically he lied to me.

Now, I have to make it through the day without KILLING MYSELF at the thought of entertaining these bozos for 3 days by myself.


Oh, and I also have to find a way to deal with my anger without a) falling into the fridge b) punching my husband when I see him after work and c) spending the day moping thinking about how bad I want to do a) & b).


Oh, so just to give you an idea, this was one conversation with MIL:

chat, chat, chat..

MIL to me: "you know, you really aren't as ignorant as you used to be"
me to MIL: "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............... thank you?"

FIL to husband: "these are really, really nice hardwood floors you just had installed. But when I crawl on the floor with my magnifying glass, I can see that the worker dinged the floor here, and here, and here, and here - does that make you sorry that you got them?.... but ya, they are great"
husband to FIL: "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............... thank you?"

see? not evil - just fucking ANNOYING!!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

all this rain = I don't feel like blogging

except that I wanted to brag that I did in fact do an hour of spin at the club while hubby did weights last night. Then I ate dinner and went out to run with the dog.

It was so hot in the gym - apparently they turned off the air conditioning while they do renos. No sign up or anything so that we would grab extra water before starting our workouts. Oh, and they turned off a couple of the water fountains. Sigh. I drank almost a litre of water while spinning. Thankfully I was able to get husband to fill my water bottle for me so I didn't have to stop going! I was so hot at one point though, I started to shake. Not good. Got the hour done though.

Run with pup was good. It had cooled off by the time we went out (not until 9:00), but it was still humid. Got 'er done though. Puppy was slow near the end. I think he wanted to stroll. Wimp! HAHA

This morning was my first day of yoga camp. The class was an hour and a half and we stretched out our shoulders, hips and hamstrings. All of my tight parts! I feel super bendy now!!

Yoga was followed by awesome coffee time with my two friends (also doing camp) in the cafeteria. Such nice ladies. They are doing a cleanse and asked me to do it with them. At first I thought I might, but then I decided not to. Instead I had 1/2 of cherries and not quite 1/2 cup of blueberries for snack this afternoon. Now, this might seem normal to some of you, but I am NOT a fruit eater, so for me, this is a big deal. I'm going to cleanse that way instead. Au Naturelle!! (wink, wink) Besides, I eat an Activia yogurt every day, and I'm not sure how the cleanse pills will interact with that. Don't want to cause my tummy any distress.

Not much else to report. It isn't looking like I will get my run done today - it is just pouring out. If it lets up even a bit, I may take the dog in the rain. We will see. I know he'll be happy to go, and if I wear a hat and a jacket, I should be fine....

So I have now read on two separate blogs that these bloggers felt that WW advocates eating processed low points food. I can't remember who. My question is open to any WW that happen to be reading today: do you find this to be the case? I only ask out of discussion curiosity. This hasn't been my experience with the program, but I'm curious to know if anyone else has come across this...

Well, I'm off to nap (I love taking a nap when the rain is pouring down on the sky lights - it is soothing..... and relaxing..... must nap..... )

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Out of my kitchen = dumb ass choices

Yesterday was an odd day. Husband & I did lots of errands and work in the yard. One of the errands we were supposed to do was pick up our fresh veggies at the grocery, since we had purchased all our meat the night before at Costco. Well, the day wore on, and when we woke up from our NAP on the couch we realized it was 5:00 and all we had for dinner was meat. I no sooner had said that to husband when my cousin sent me a facebook message asking us to a BBQ party he was having - all we needed to bring was our own meat and booze. Which was great, cause that is all we had!

Well, we get there and of course, had a ball. But what he had to go with the meat was store bought macaroni salad, potato salad and of course, not a green salad to be seen! I don't know why, but store bought macaroni salad is like crack to me. I had around 1/2 to 3/4 cup of each - but the stuff from the store is so high in pts..... I don't even know how many points I ate. Does anyone have a guess?


One thing I did right though..... I had put off my run all day - it was hot out, and I was feeling lazy (as evidenced by the nap). When I got home from the BBQ, I didn't even sit down - I went right into my room, changed my clothes, got my puppy and out I went. It was a good run too! You know how when you're out there and you've hit your stride and you get that high? Mmmmm, I love that feeling. It is that feeling that keeps me at it.

Not much on the agenda today. Of course, today we will get the rest of our groceries. I have to separate and freeze my meat. That should prove to be SO exciting. In-laws arrive Wednesday, so I need to continue scrubbing the house for its inspection.

I have to go to the Club with husband today. I will spin for an hour while he does his weights. Later tonight I will take puppy for his run. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler by then. It is supposed to be quite hot today. That should be good for the Stampede though - I think the #'s were down a bit this year. Last day already - boy, it went fast! Back to reality now for a lot of people.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Great Post...

You have to check out Eurydice's post over at Movingout... she has some great tips for staying motivated.


OK, the bloggers I read are on a roll. Please also take a look at Poppy's post over at Melting Away - some really good food (sorry 'bout that but I couldn't resist!) for thought!!

Listening to Janet Evanovich while cycling = feeling like a fool!

Yesterday's run with the pup turned into a walk with the pup.  My feet are so sore!  I feel like they need to be stretched or something.... my arches feel tight.  Anyhow, I finally get out with the dog and I was, oh, I don't know maybe 8 minutes away from being done and I got really, really dizzy.  Weak.  You know the way you feel if you've missed a meal?  I honestly didn't think I'd make it back to the house!  Obviously, I did, but I was a bit scared there for a while.

Husband called me to tell me he didn't feel like going to the Club right after work, but knew that I wouldn't want to go with him after dinner.  Silly boy.  Of course I'll go up with you I said.  Why did I say that?  Ugh.  He pretty much had to drag me kicking and screaming after dinner.  

I ended up doing a whole hour on the spin bike.  5 minutes sitting, 5 minutes standing for the whole hour.  The whole time, I was listening to "Finger Lickin Fifteen" by Janet Evanovich.  Well.  Those of you who read her books likely think they are funny.  This one was one of the funniest.  So there I am, 35 minutes into my ride and I'm panting (cause you know, I'm almost dead from exertion) and I get to the part with the hot dog.  I am now still panting but also laughing OUT LOUD so hard that I can't catch my breath and I think I might start crying.  This would be bearable if I wasn't in the middle of the fitness center, alone over on the spin bikes, looking like a total loon!  Oy!  I wonder if I burned extra calories from laughing?  Sure made the run more fun!!

Anyhow - I between the walk & bike I earned 6 AP points.  Good day.  OP.  Don't you just love having OP days?  

I'm going to read my week 3 book this morning.  I'm going to learn how to Stay Ahead of Hunger.  Can't wait!

Oh, I'm also reading Dating Dead Men by Harley Jane Kozak.  It is FUNNY!!  I was giggling away last night while husband was trying to sleep.  Well worth a read people.  I think I've mentioned this before, but... It is really good!

Today I really am going to take the pup for a run.  Sore feet and all.  I'm also going to spend some time trying to stretch them.  It is kinda cold outside today.  Nice for running.  I have to do some serious housework today - in-laws coming in next Wednesday.  Ugh.  Most of my next week's flex points will be spent on Bud Light Lime I suspect ;-)

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

PS:  Did I tell you all that I purchased my Harry Potter tickets yesterday for the midnight showing on Tuesday?  Ya baby!!!!!  Hubby, daughter & I are all going - I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

And the results are......

Yesterday I went to weigh in, even though I had plans to go to WW today with my girlfriend.  You see, I had a lunch at an awesome restaurant planned & then tickets to the rodeo.  My WW week couldn't handle the party last week, the Stampede breakfast AND that lunch.  So, I weighed in and then went to the meeting with my girlfriend today.  I'm so glad I did.  I lost 0.6 lbs.  Yay!!  Girlfriend gained 0.5 lbs.  She had her sister in who was ready to party hearty at the Stampede.  We were both glad that we didn't miss the weigh in, because both of us did better than we thought!

I counted my points for yesterday.  I'm outta flex points!  I'm good though, because I can still eat my AP.   

I had the best day yesterday.  So much fun.  Even though it rained husband & I had a great time.  The rodeo was so great.  I'm so grateful that we had the opportunity (read free tickets!) to go!  And lunch. OMG people - I had friggen Kobe beef for lunch.  YUM!!  Actually, that doesn't even describe how good it was.  Best part is it was served with parsnips, sweet potatoes and spinach (my fav).  Mmmmmmm

For dinner we ended up bringing in East Indian - which is where all my points went.  It was good though.  

Today.... has been a good day.  WW meeting (only 6 of us showed up) followed by Grande non-fat lattes with friend for an hour at Starbucks.  I have a bunch of porcelain dolls that my daughter wants to get rid of, and friend is going to take them for her nieces.  If it hadn't been for coffee time, that likely wouldn't have come up.  I'm going to drop them off later today.  I like the idea of them going to someone that someone knows.... and that they will get played with.  

Not much else on the go.  Likely a run with the pup this afternoon.  I know - no end to the excitement!!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!!!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Went to bed hungry

My shoulder is killing me.  I can't hold my right arm out to the side right now.  Poor me.  

Yesterday all I did in the end was my run with the pup.  When I was done, Tiger Woods came on my NikePlus to tell me "congratulations, you just ran your fastest mile to date".  I don't think that is true, likely it is my fastest mile on this new iPod, but it made me feel good anyhow.  

The pup was being a little monkey yesterday, and for the last... maybe 5 minutes I had to pull him a fair bit.  Not drag or anything, but he kept trying to stop and sniff.  He is at daycare today (I have a hair appt, and don't like to leave him in his kennel too long, plus he loves to go play with the other dogs) so I will run without him.  I hate to admit it, but I'm a bit excited.  No running with poop!  See, it's the little things in life, right?

About my post title.  I decided yesterday, with my points overage looming, that I would eat my 22 pts and NO AP points (I earned 2 with my run).  I know it was all in my head, but I went to bed early and read because I felt like I was going to die from hunger!  And I had really good, quality eats yesterday.  Lots of quality grains and lean proteins.  There was no way I was hungry.  I drank water, but that did nothing, except get me up twice in the middle of the night!!

Anyhow, I am now only 11.5 in the hole, and I'm hoping to be AT LEAST 9.5 in the hole by the end of today.  All we can control is our next action.

Anyone out there watching So You Think You Can Dance?  We finally got around to watching last weeks episodes.  Wow - they have such good dancers on there - it is just so sad to see anyone leave!  I love dance shows - they just put me in such a good mood.  One thing I've noticed though.  While I find all of the dancers almost a bit more talented than last go (with Twitch and the gang), the choreographies haven't moved me this year like they did last year.  I guess it's still early yet in the season though, right?


It seems from some of the comments from my last post, that some folks don't know what Smarties are.  Maybe they don't have them in the States?  I can't imagine, but.... anyhow, here they are below.  I'm actually an M&M gal, because the chocolate in them is darker than in Smarties, but... Smarties are what came with the kiddie pack!!

canada smarties.jpg

Operation Beautiful follow up

I made it on the site!

Monday, July 06, 2009


Saturday I did in fact go up to the gym while husband & daughter swam.  I ended up doing 55 minutes of cycling.  I have never done that much before.  It was a great session.  

I am now 13.5 points over.  The Stampede breakfast would have been fine, but then husband & I went to see Transformers II (good movie) and I had the kiddie popcorn with topping.  Even that would have been fine.  What got me off track was the box of Smarties.  5 pts.  Gone.  Sigh.  The worst part?  I really enjoyed them!  Normally I give away the sweet treat immediately.  I don't know where my head was yesterday - I didn't even think about doing it yesterday - I just dove right in.  Silliness.

In spite of all this - I had a great weekend.  We watched all of Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis.  We had so much fun at the Stampede Breakfast, which was not only tasty, but we had a great visit with two couples - one from husband's work and one from my previous place of employment.  It was just really nice.  Both couples are just really, really good to the core people.  It felt good to re-connect.  We have to be more than just the food we eat.  The review of a successful day has to be judged by more than how many points were in the pancakes or popcorn or smarties.  

Yesterday I also got to talk to my sister, who lives across the country.  They had to put their dog down a couple of days ago.  Just breaks my heart.  Their dog was quite old, and she said that on Thursday they just knew it was time.  Elliot would no longer eat his most favourite treat, he had no reactions at all to being rubbed in his most special spots that he loved.  He had completely given up.  Her husband is devastated.  They are grateful for the years they had together though, and they have lots of warm memories and pretty pictures.  

Today, my puppy & I will be taking a run.  I have to do Fitness Magazine workout, Amy's workout..... and I may or may not cycle.  Oh, I have to stop doing side plank - it is killing my shoulders.  Husband has a book of exercises, and I've found a replacement to work my obliques.  Phew!

Ok, enough rambling - I need to eat and then get working out!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

What do you mean I have MINUS 1 flex points left???

I did everything I had planned yesterday EXCEPT the EA Sport Active.  I took a nap instead of doing that!  HAHA

My Fitness Magazine & Amy's Workout Wednesday Routine (which I was doing for the 2nd time this week) took me 43 minutes.  I had my 33 minute run with Indiana.  And that was it.  3AP's.  Sigh.

So, we purchased the latest and last (sob!) season of Stargate Atlantis.  In my excitement watching it last night, I accidentally drank my remaining flex points!  It was Friday night and I was on an endorphin high and I guess I was just feeling wild and crazy!  In reality, I only had 9 oz of wine, but because I had something to drink, I felt snacky - and whamo-jammo before I knew it, I had snacked/drank away 8.5 pts.  

Oh, well.  No running for me today - today puppy & I will go for a walk.  I have some hiking boots that I need to hurry up and break in before my hike up the Burgess Shale.  Tonight husband & daughter are going for a swim @ the Club, so I will toodle up to the fitness center and do the spin bike while they bond.  I could swim with them, but honestly I just really hate getting wet.  And at some point I have to do my EA Sport Active.  Can't neglect my upper body, now can I??

I'm really enjoying my Tim's this morning.  Nectar of the Gods really.  Life is good.

Hope you all have a great day!  Will report later on what I'm sure will be a very exciting spin bike session!!

Friday, July 03, 2009


So, I made it through the football game in the box using 6.5 flex & 3 AP and the Stampede party......oy - that was more expensive - 21 flex & 2AP!!  Fun times and I'm still on program!!

Thursday I did the EA Sport Active which only took 14 minutes and a run with Indiana that took 33 minutes.  My pace was a bit slower - 7'43/km.  Run felt good though.  I really, really like the route I've found.  It is just the perfect length so that I can run every day.  I say run, but really I jog.  In any case, whatever I call it, it relaxes me.  

Today I will run with the pup, do my Shape Magazine routine, Amy's ab routine (cause I really liked it).... and the EA Sport Active.  That should keep me busy and work off some of the 21 flex points I consumed yesterday!!

I still have a Stampede breakfast to make it through on Sunday... but I still have 7.5 flex so I should be fine.  

My feet are really sore today.  The Stampede Party we went to last night was actually in a parking lot.  All that standing around on the concrete.  Ow.  Or it could just be old age.  HAHA.

A book I put on hold just arrived at the library.  When I pick it up, I will be dropping off my first Operation Beautiful book.  I'm surprised that I'm so excited about it!

Have a healthy day!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Operation Beautiful

Being one that doesn't like to be left out, I am taking part in Operation Beautiful.  I have decided that avid mystery readers are beautiful people and need to be told.  To that end, I will be leaving notes in the books I check out of the library.  Since I put books on hold, and they often come from different libraries all over the city - I hope to reach people in all 4 quadrants!  Below is a picture of my note left on page 107 I think of the book I just finished - Whiskey Sour.  Should any Calgary bloggers find my note - you'll have to let me know!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


One of the bloggers I read regularly had blogged about breathing while running.  Cinemarie - was it you??  I commented that I hadn't ever noticed my breath while running and that I was going to have to take note next time I was out for a run.

Well, I've been out running a couple of times now with the puppy, and in the middle of my run I think about my breathing.  And my report is that when I'm running, I do not think about my breathing at all.  What I mean is that it is so natural and effortless that I would argue that I hadn't even been breathing.  Kinda like (and yet the opposite of) the feeling you get sometimes when you're swimming under water a lot and you're so comfortable under there that it doesn't feel like you're holding your breath?  Anyhow - there you go.  My breathing is the one thing when I'm running that does not cause me any discomfort (or thought apparently) at all, ever.  

I just got a new iPod nano (purplefrom Air miles yesterday and took it out for it's first run today.  I have to get a proper holder for it, but I made do with my old one, which is from a different generation of nano.  My puppy & I ran almost 4.5k and my pace down a bit - or is it up?  I ran a bit faster anyhow, whichever it is, and my pace was 7'39/km.  Not bad considering I had to stop twice for dog business.  I hate running with poop - but what are you going to do??

I did the Workout Wednesday routine for the challenge.  I liked it so much I'm going to add it to my regular rotation.  Awesome job making it up Amy!!

So, yesterday I did my run with Indiana (almost 3.5k) but husband wanted to go up to the Club, so I went with him and did 30 minutes on the spin bike & 23 minutes of hill programs on the treadmill.  I'd say I only put in a moderate effort, since I honestly didn't feel like going up at all!

Today I did my Fitness magazine program and the routine for the challenge.  That took a total of 45 minutes.  Then I ran with pup.  I'd list the particulars, but I have to run - we are off to watch the Stampeders play the Alouettes.  Thank goodness we have box seats - cause it looks like rain!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!