Monday, July 26, 2010

Yoga Challenge

I've decided that the poses I will be doing for the challenge are the Kneeling Achilles Stretch, Front Ankle Stretch, Toe Stretch and Pigeon. I'm keeping it small as I want something that I will actually do every day. All of these stretches/poses will really help with the areas that I'm finding tight from running. After doing them last night I noticed that for the first time in around 2 years that when I got out of bed this morning I was able to step down and it didn't hurt. So yay!!

I saw Salt on the weekend. I just love Angelina. Can you imagine if Evelyn Salt hooked up with Jason Bourne? What a friggen ride that would be!!!!

I ran Sunday. Took me 30 minutes to do 4k. Sigh. Oh, well - guess a slow 4k is still better than NO 4k.

Not much else on the go. Just putting in time till vacay on Friday! YA BABY!!!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Spent the day with daughter yesterday. We shopped and then had lunch.

I got a bathing suit!!! And I feel really good in it!!!! It is a one piece and it is one of those ones that is supposed to make you look 10 lbs lighter. IT DOES!!! I seriously feel so much better about my upcoming vacation now. The only down side was the cost. $188. Seriously - how is it possible that they can charge that much for a freaking suit? And you may be shaking your head because I did. But I can't even begin to describe how good I feel in it.

So we went to lunch at Milestone's. I had looked up the menu online but couldn't find the nutritional information. I made what I thought was the best possible choice. HA! Of course, I get home, and then am ABLE to see the teeny weeny button to click for calorie count and what do I find? I chose the HIGHEST calorie salad!!!! Thankfully I had asked for no cheese - which helped. ARGH!!!

Last night I went for a run and walk for an hour. It was so nice out.

This morning daughter left for a week in Ottawa. Her flight was at 6:30 so I've been up since 4:30. I hate that nauseous feeling you get when you get up too early. Blech. I meet with personal trainer at 9:00. I'm still sore from Wednesday's session with her. Should be fun.... NOT

Yoga challenge starts tomorrow. Woohoo!!

Have a healthy day!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Swim Suit Shopping

I have to look for a new swim suite today. I'm so down. I'm in the worst shape ever and for the first time in 5 years I'm thinking I need to buy a tankini 'cause I just can't bear the idea of anyone seeing my stomach.

Yesterday husband booked a golf trip to Palm Springs in early winter - us and another couple are going. I am really, really excited. Husband has been several times but I've never been. He just loves it there. I suspect I will also. I'm so happy to have a "get away" trip to look forward to.

Mmm, did I mention I got my hair done? I was going to go blonde but then changed my mind and did copper & caramel streaks. Looks cute. Fresh and different but not too different.

So, one of the gals in blogland is doing a 7 day yoga challenge. I've decided to do it. My feet could really use the stretching and I need to find my focus. Maybe this will help.

So, on the job front. Argh. I'm getting down about that too. The company I'm trying to get on with has hired yet another person who is not me. I'm starting to feel like a stalker and yet I'm hesitant to not keep following up - as I don't want to then feel like I didn't give it my all. What to do, what to do....


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting off my ass

FINALLY!!!! I really got out of my running routine and I have had the hardest time talking myself into getting out there. Why is the hardest part of getting back into a routine the self talk that it takes you to get off your ass? What really pisses me off is that I really, really love how I feel after the run. I feel like I'm on top of the world right now. Who doesn't want that feeling all the time???

Not much else on the go. Daughter & I are powering through Big Brother - we have a lot of episodes taped. Oh, anyone watching The Closer, True Blood, Entourage or that new show Rizzolie & Isles with Angie Harmon??? I'm dying to chat about them - but I don't know anyone watching!

Have a healthy day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Facing The Music

All of my friends started attending WW meetings weeks ago. Lots of weeks ago. Because I was busy losing my mind with that stupid contract job - I couldn't go with them. They chose a Friday morning meeting instead of an evening or weekend. So, off they go - having great success. And in their excitement - after each meeting when they would find out how much they lost that week - they would BBM me. With each text message I would get sadder and sadder. Feeling left out. Feeling like I would never be able to get out of this cycle of self destructive behaviour I seemed to be stuck in. Feeling so jealous it was all I could do not to delete them from my contact list. Seriously.

So the other night when I stepped on the scale to see how much damage I had done to myself - I saw a # I hadn't even seen while I was pregnant. Even though I knew things were bad - I was SHOCKED!!

Fast forward to the meeting I went to yesterday. Step on the scale - and was pleasantly surprised to see I was up 1.5! My home scale is WAY off and needs to go in the garbage!! I picked myself up a 3 month journal and my goal is to write in it everyday.

I really, really enjoyed the meeting yesterday. The leader was so good and I found myself paying attention the entire time. I have to find out if she does any downtown meetings. I don't know how often I can take Fridays off so that I can make the meetings. Although I am going to try - will be talking to boss on Monday!! It was fun to have friends there. One of the gals is already down 13lbs. She is just so excited - it is nice to see.

We planned a family bbq for tomorrow cause daughter is going off to school and this is her last weekend at home before holidays and then she's off to University. One of the in-laws, when asked if they wanted to come, said "probably" and I called Thursday to see if they were coming, and they still haven't called back. Is it just me or is that really rude? I have decided to make all of my sides WW recipes. I found a WW version of the bonanza beans I always make, a WW version of my famous broccoli salad, and I will be scouring my books for a WW macaroni salad. We will serve up italian sausages also (4.5 for half - not bad). I want to be able to count properly - and with my WW serving spoons - portion control is never a problem!

We went to the chuck wagon races last night at the Stampede. If you're a rodeo hater - save your comments - you won't change my mind - I love going. I was really impressed with myself as we were in a private infield box with free food and booze. I had 1/2 glass of white wine (2pts worth) and it took me the whole duration of the chucks to finish it - tiny sips!! I also kept my portions well in check (which frankly is easier when you're not drinking a lot) and in the end I only used 11 flex!! It is weird to say - but I had some of the best chicken curry I've every had in my life last night. At the Stampede - how strange is that?

We ended up getting special passes to go back to the barns so we could visit with the animals. It was really cool. What a different lifestyle the rodeo competitors have. We never got home till after midnight. It ended up being a great date night - and all it cost us was the belt buckle husband bought! Now next Stampede he will look like a real cowboy! HAHA

Today I will take pup for a walk, menu plan, grocery shop, drink my water and journal, journal, journal.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Friday, July 16, 2010


That is how I feel.

On the work front - I ended up quitting one of my jobs. The one that was really busy. I wasn't sleeping cause I was so worried about how I would get everything done. Since I quit I have slept through the night every night! Guess it was the right decision.

All of the stress has taken it's toll on me though. As if work wasn't enough - I have had the drama of waiting to see if daughter was going to go to University. I am happy to report that she is in, accepted, registered and just last Friday got confirmation that she has a dorm room! I was so distracted I had trouble functioning. The idea of having to find her an apartment last minute that was within walking distance of the Uni was mind boggling!!

Of course, during these times, when it would make sense to throw myself into exercise and clean living to help alleviate the stress.... that isn't what I do. I, in fact, do the complete opposite. Because I am the biggest bonehead ever.

I have a glimmer of hope that, on the work front, I may be offered a contract for a company that I really want to work for. So, in an effort to get some good vibes in my life, I've decided that I need to stop using life as an excuse to not take care of myself. A former high school acquaintance that friended me on facebook has breast cancer. It looks like she will make a recovery, if all goes well this next year with her treatments. This woman is fighting for her life, and I have my health and I'm letting it go. How crazy is that? Also - I don't fit into any of my clothes and it is driving me CRAZY!!

So, after I hit publish - I'm going to a meeting, buying a 3 month journal - and not giving up on myself anymore. I'm going to write on every day of that journal and I am going to be active every day. I leave for vacation in 2 weeks and have already told my girlfriend (whose family we vacation with in Montreal) that I will be following plan and I even found a meeting in her area in English!! She thinks that I should be able to stay on plan and I do too. She has a track near her house - last vacation I ran 8 out of 15 days. In the humidity! I should be able to do that again. Just have to not eat my body weight in bread pizza or drink my body weight in wine. HAHA

Hope all is well with everyone. I've missed the blogging community.