Monday, March 31, 2008

No Problem, It's just a Situation!

This was the phrase of the vacation. There are only two problems in Jamaica - 1) your horn doesn't work & 2) you can't get the bartender's attention - everything else is just a situation!

We had a ball on vacay. The family we travelled with suited our vacation style quite well. I found that because I had been working out so diligently, I had an easy time on the tours. The 600 ft climb up Dunns falls was easy peasy, thanks to all those lunges and squats!! Husband & daughter are now certified divers - I was so proud of both of them.

The best part is that I think I maintained. I will know for sure on Wednesday. Cool beans, eh??

Hmmm, oh ya - I think I have either a stomach flu, parasite or food poisoning. Stupid Air Canada. I'm sure it was their food. I passed out on the plane. That was fun. Thankfully it all happened on the way home, and not on the way there. Phew!

Well all, short post for today, since I'm feeling quite faint. I have a million blog entries to read. Good thing, since I have no energy to do much else!

So, for my picture blog, I think I will start taking weekly pictures in a swimsuit that I have that is a bit.....snug. I'm hoping to be able to take it on holidays in August. Those who are faint of hear - consider this your warning! I haven't decided what day I will be taking the pictures....maybe on my weigh in day? Anyhow....I'll keep you posted.

Oh ya, while I was away my baby sister got engaged! She is 27 and they are thinking of an October wedding. I'm hoping they won't pick somewhere tropical with such short notice...I'd hate to miss it!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday and Sadness

To those who celebrate - happy Easter. I find Easter such a sad holiday, and this morning my sadness set in. I'm pretty sure I've told you all this before, but I grew up with my grandmother. She always made a big deal about Easter. This makes me miss her all the more at this time of year. Plus, I'm kinda bummed about missing out on the lovely ham dinner I would have cooked with all my yummy WW recipes. Mostly I'm sad because while I'm excited about our trip, the holiday itself has taken a back seat. After all, Easter is what makes Christmas important. Here's hoping that this holiday will pass without significant additional bloodshed in the Middle East.

Our agenda today is to pack, pack, pack. We are going to take puppy for a nice walk before he goes to visit with his Aunt & Uncle. I'm going to miss that little gaffer. My mom & her husband are coming over tonight for a quick visit before we go. They will spend the night so we can get a lift to the airport in the morning.

So, this will be my last post until likely next Sunday. Even if I do have computer access, I think I will use my vacation time to concentrate on family time. I will commit right now though to not use the vacay as an excuse to go crazy. I am taking my weight program sheets and plan on continuing with my cardio. I wonder how humid Jamaica is? I'm hoping that having to spend 8+ hours a day in a swim suit will give me the motivation I need to do it ;-)

So ladies - you all stay on track so that one of two things will happen:

a) I too will have been on track and we will have high fives all around
b) I will not have been on track and I will need all your hard work to motivate me to get back at it.

Either way, I will be counting on you all - so don't let me down!!

Stay healthy bloggers!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

No Title for today's post.

So, Fatmom wondered how much weight I had lost between my Mexico picture and my getting ready for Jamaica picture. Or was I just toned? She guessed it. Only around 3 or 4 lbs difference. This go around I have the personal trainer once a week. If anyone is even toying with getting a personal trainer, it is $$ well spent. When I think of all the dough I've spent over the years on diet related stuff, I could have had a trainer twice a week!

Now, I know that a trainer can be a drain on the family finances, and that is why I have added the weight training program from the Kim Lyon's book to my fitness regime. My trainer looked it over, and she thought it was quite sound. Book is only $18. I'm not trying to sell more of her books, but I can't believe how empowered I feel doing weights on my own. Those of you who have been reading for a while know how much I hate weight training. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Kim's program only takes around 1/2 hour. If I can sit in a dentist's chair for 1/2 hour, I can do this. And I do. Adding weights to my routine has really re-shaped my body. I still have much work to do, but I really feel like I'm on my way.

So, Biggest Loser talk. We watched this week's episode, and husband wondered why Mark was still trying to loose weight. He is a man, 5'10, and weighs 185. Husband thought it was nuts that someone on the show hadn't told him he was done. I wondered about Ali. She is 5'5 and now 150. I guess neither of them is down at the bottom of the weight scale, but it made for some fun conversation. I wonder if the show prepares the contestants for maintenance? We've all lost and gained the same weight, and so we all know that maintenance is really the larger challenge.

Hmm, not much on the agenda today. Last minute running around, personal trainer, tanning and waxing (ow!), panic about flying should set in pretty quick. Especially since my friend's tire blew on takeoff last week! Oh, and I have to figure out what to make for supper, using what little bit go groceries I have. I don't want to buy too much. And I need to make it healthy. Yikes. Maybe I should just pull a million dollars out of my butt while I'm at it.

Well bloggers - today is the first day of Spring - be sure to get out and enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Madness - NOT!

Well bloggers, pretty humdrum day today. Went for three coffees today. My regular Tim's with husband. Then the friend that I'm going away with on Saturday called for me to meet her at Starbucks. Then my bathing suit challenge friend called for me to meet HER at Starbucks. By that time, I had ingested way too much caffeine, so I had a green tea. Basically, all I did all morning was talk and drink coffee. Tsk, tsk.

Directly after my green tea, I went to the Club and did the elliptical. Then tanning. I'm getting used to the bed - I no longer hyperventilate. Most of this afternoon I spent manipulating pictures for my picture blog. I posted my first pictures.

I bought the nicest little sandals today. After the green tea, on the way to the car we stopped quickly to look in a shop that was having a sale, and I found these shoes. Perfect for what I need.

Hmm, not much else to report. Sorry to be such a snoozer today. Have a healthy day bloggers!

PS: Oh, ya! I booked my plane tickets to go to my high school reunion in May. Wooo-freakin-hoooo!!!!! I used airmiles.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Picture Journal - by invite only

Gals & Guy:

I have decided to journal my journey with pictures, which I have set up a private page for. If you're interested in viewing - leave your e-mail address in the comments and I will add to you the permissions for my new page. My intention is for the new page to compliment this blog. I really want to see if having the visual aid helps and also, I would like to have a record of my hard work.

And don't worry - if you're not at all interested in seeing my new page - I won't be hurt! ;-)

Holy noodle - long time no post!

Yikes - I can't believe it has been that long since I posted!

Been doing the gym, journaling, yada yada. I'm expecting a good weigh in tomorrow.

Not long till I post my pictures of me in my bathing suit.

On the agenda today - tanning, gym, shopping for suntan lotion.

Ended up with a last minute free ticket to Martina McBride last night. I actually don't like very many of her songs, and for her encore, she sang a Journey song and Pat Benetar (I'm sad to say it was the song that is on Guitar Hero). Who does someone else's song for an encore? Odd. And not one costume change. The opening act, Johny Reid, was surprisingly good. Turned out I knew quite a few of his songs. The other opener, Big Little Town, or something like that was ok too.

Well, I suppose I should get about my day. Have a healthy one bloggers!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Fever

We have been having such nice weather that I have spring fever REALLY bad! It was so warm on Monday, I decided, instead of going to the Club for elliptical/treadmill butt kick, I'd take the dog on a run around our neighbourhood loop. We ran 5.7 k in good time (44 minutes, 4 x 10:1's) I haven't slowed down at all from my times in the fall. The dog did great on the run - he still had energy when we got home! I, on the other hand, needed a nap!

My mom & her husband came over for supper for my birthday Monday night. We bbq'd the pork chops as planned, and man were they good!! Mmmm, just thinking about them makes me want them again!

Yesterday I went up to the Club and did the 2nd circuit of weights from the Kim Lyons book. There were a couple of exercises that I found really hard, but I did them.

Today is a run day again. It is REALLY windy out, so I'm sure it will be hard. I have to remember to cover my ears.

My two girlfriends left for London England last night for a girl's trip. Apparently their plane blew a tire on takeoff and they had to have an emergency landing in Toronto. I haven't talked to them though. One of these gals was the one that had to be taken to emergency for the allergic reaction! What a week they are having!

Well, I'd better get going on my day. Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

In the Zone

I had a great weekend. Tried my new bathing suit on for my friend to see. She said it looked awesome. Yay me! Had a lovely dinner at my brother in law's yesterday. Had a treat for dinner tonight - curry. Daughter was out so husband & I indulged. It was so good.

Guess what else I did? Give up?????

I went to the gym and did weights on my own!! This is going to sound weird, but I swear that I heard a click in my head when I hit the zone. Everything fell into place for me. I was ready. I photocopied the pages of Circuit I from the Kim Lyons book I bought, stapled them in the order I was supposed to do the exercises and away I went. I am going to do Circuit II the same way on Tuesday. For anyone counting, this means I will be doing weights 3 times a freakin week! I'm going to build a freakin muscle yet!!!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday and husband offered to order in chinese. One of my fav's. However, I indulged tonight with the curry, so I am going to pick up pork chops, potatoes and salad and husband will cook us dinner instead. And then I can count it. Plus, I love bbq'd pork chops.

I'm going to go tanning after my cardio tomorrow morning. I think I will give myself a birthday butt kicking. Elliptical followed by large hill program on treadmill. Gotta burn off that butter chicken! HAHA!!

We had such nice weather today. So warm, and no wind. Just lovely. Hard to be in a bad mood when the weather is so nice. I guess Fox Hollow (one of the local golf courses) was open with temp greens. Crazy. People are golfing and I'm not even done curling yet!! Dog was so crazy excited that we took him for a walk (to pick up the curry) that he tired himself out! Silly puppy!

Well, that is all for today. Have a healthy day bloggers!!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Bathing Suit Shopping Recap

Oh, what a night!

I hate shopping at the best of times. What I hate most is bathing suit shopping.

Last night however....not so much! I tried on one suit (well, one bottom and 3 tops) and walked out with one bottom and 2 tops! And you know what? I feel ok in it. I think it makes the most of what I have. Believe it or not, it got me back on track. My head is back into the game. Weird, eh?????

Daughter got a suit that looks great on her and is very age appropriate. I was very proud of her choice.

We ended up finding a store that was having a big sale and I ended up with five new tops and a new dress. Daughter got three tops and a new dress.

Hmmmm, having a good day today. Had to curl, which was hard because it is so nice outside. Took dog for a walk. He was enjoying the nice weather. Now he's flaked out on the couch. Oh, what a life!

Well, bloggers, have a healthy day!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Got Nothing

I don't really have anything to talk about today. Going to meet with personal trainer. Having a healthy lunch with husband after. Family going swimsuit shopping tonight. I want husband's opinion on suits before I go shopping with the girls for the challenge prize. I figure he's the one who has to look at me in it, and I never think any of them look good,, he likes shopping way more than me. Daughter of course is very excited to get a new bathing suit. The battle will be to get one with enough coverage to make all 3 of us happy! My 15 year old spent so many years performing in front of people in a swimsuit with competitive synchro that she is quite comfortable with her body. And it shows in her choices of suits. I am so glad that she has her dad's confidence and not mine!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bye, Bye Bernie!

I was sad to see Bernie leave Biggest Loser last night. I enjoyed watching him, and I find Kelly a bit of a pill. Smile already!

Husband & I played hookie from Salsa last night. He wanted to watch the hockey game, and I didn't argue. I had 7 activity points yesterday without the class anyhow.

I did my first tanning session today. Man, I am claustrophobic! Seriously. I was so glad to hear the machine turn off, although I had trouble getting the lid open - which brought on a whole other panic attack. What a goof!

Remember how I let go of all my anxiety and discouragement from my measurement fiasco? Well, this morning it all came back. E-mails started about making the final arrangements for the final weigh in. The tears wouldn't stop. Then I realized that I started my period. Those were just hormone tears. Not tears because I was defeated. At least that is the theory I am proceeding with - so, officially, I'm back to being over it.

I wish that mind games counted for activity points. I'd be able to eat an extra 50 pts a day!

Well, I have a ton of housework to do. Gosh, I sure hate housework. I have a million grocery bags to fold. Kitchen to tidy. Dinning room table to clear off. 3 bathrooms to clean and floors to vacuums. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I think it would just be easier to go back to work!

Have a HEALTHY day bloggers!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Biggest Loser Tuesday!

OK friends. I'm over my tantrum. I've mopped, pouted, stamped, whined, complained and let it go.

I'm so excited about Biggest Loser tonight. I'm enjoying this installment. Even though they call it couples when it is really pairs....ok, that still bugs me!!

I have salsa tonight. Husband & I have missed a few weeks, but not to worry - he assures me that his mouth and eye movements are ready to go!!

Today I had an extra session with personal trainer because I missed last Thursday. It was hard but fun. Then I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. Fun times. I'm still glowing!!

Did I tell you guys my elliptical story from when I was watching "Taking It Off" on the Slice channel? The trainer Paul something or other said that ellipticals were exercise machines for fat people? Apparently all they do is burn calories.....I still don't know why that is wrong!

What else....oh, I'm making black bean soup right now in my slow cooker. New recipe. It is smelling pretty good.

I have a guilty pleasure to tell you all about. Now, I KNOW that this isn't good for me, an effort to get over the whole .5 inch thing......

I purchased tanning minutes to get ready for my trip coming up.

Yes, that's right. Daughter & I are going tanning. Just this once. I needed a pick me up. Plus, when I put my picture up of me in my new suit, you guys won't be scared by the bleached white gal!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

Monday, March 03, 2008


I am at the end of my rope. The challenge that I was in for my Club is done. When I went in for my final weigh in and measurement (they measured us around the waist at our belly button), I was down 5 lbs (had been 10 before my time away last week) and my waist measurement was up .5. Seriously. The gal said "don't get discouraged, someone likely made an error on your original measure". I figure if they can't measure properly they shouldn't be doing a competition. Also, how can anyone NOT be discouraged if they have worked, and tracked and stayed on plan most of the time for two months and then measure bigger?

I left crying. I had trouble sleeping last night. I was so discouraged. I just felt completely defeated. Like I had wasted my time for the past two months. Why should I put all this thought into weight management if this is the result I get? The worst part was that I had been feeling really good about things and had even gone out and purchased two new pairs of low rise funky jeans. Before this incident I felt good in them. Yesterday I felt like a cow. I had been feeling smaller. Crap.

Well, in spite of all of this going on in my head, yesterday was on plan. The only extra points I ate were my activity points. I plan for today to be the same way.

My weigh in and measurements for the bathing suit competition is next Monday. I still have hope for that one, although my girlfriend yesterday told me not to bother because she always knew that suit was hers. I'm going to give it my all - at least give her a run for her money. She actually ended up making me feel a bit worse, because she implied that I hadn't worked hard. What pisses me off is that I know I exercised more than her, because she has been injured. But, regardless, I'm buying a new bathing suit and I think I found a cute one. It has a small skirt on the bottom. The part of my body that I am most self conscious of is the very top of my thighs, so that helps me feel better. In any case, the competition isn't over with the suit, because we have have a "get to goal" goal next. I will keep plugging along.

So, want to hear something positive? While I was away, I worked out twice (out of a possible 4). While I was on the elliptical, I looked in the mirror behind me and I saw that I have nice calves. I had previously been unable to find one thing on my body that I liked.

OK. Thanks for letting me vent. I'm not giving up. I'm not going to stop trying. I will be healthy!!!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

PS: Meanwhile - I had the very best time away with my husband. It was some much needed couple time!!