Thursday, June 04, 2009

Beach-Ready Plan May 2009 Shape Magazine D3, W4

Weights and cardio today.  I had a lunch with my former boss, who is now a friend, so my day was out of my routine.  I dropped daughter at school and stopped at Club with the puppy so I could walk him for an hour on Nose Hill.  He had a ball, even though I kept him on leash, and then I didn't feel as guilty about him being in his kennel for 4.5 hours while I lunched on amazing vietnamese!!

This meant that I had to do my weights and cardio at night.  It amazes me every time how different the workout is at a different time of day.  I almost talked myself out of going, thinking I would make today a rest day and move my workouts down a day.  BUT, then I thought about typing that for you all to read and off I went.  I started my workout at 7:45 p.m. instead of 8:45 a.m.

When I got there, the gym was SO busy, but almost immediately it cleared out and then it was quiet and comfortable.  I did the following:

Grapevine Lunge - 3 sets of 20 using 10 lb weight
Sumo Squat - 3 sets of 20 using 10 lb weight
Bench Row - 3 sets of 20 using 10 lb weight
Triceps Push-Ups - 3 sets of 20
Curl Press - 3 sets of 20 using 5 lb weight
Ball Circles - 3 sets of 20
Ball Sit-Ups - 3 sets of 20
Leg Lifts - 3 sets of 20

Now, I should tell you that the Triceps Push-Ups were done in between other exercises instead of being their own set.  So, I did a set of Ball Circles, and then a set of Triceps Push-Ups, instead of doing 3 sets of Triceps Push-Ups in a row.  I just didn't think I would get through it.  A bit of a cheat, but I did all 60, and I had the strength to do the 3rd set of 20 without a break.  I honestly think it was because it was so late for me.

Then I got myself on the spin bike and did 5 minutes at low gear and 5 minutes at high gear for the whole 30 minutes.  I have to be honest - breaking it up like that in 5 minute increments made it go so fast.  I was breathing so hard I couldn't believe it - I was glad the guy on the bike next to me had his iPod on or I would have felt like an idiot.  I actually gasped at one point!!

The whole time I was on the bike I kept thinking "I'm having a beer & clam when I get home".  But I didn't.  But thinking about it helped me keep my rpm's up.  In my head I figured I needed to work harder to compensate for the beer I wanted.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Are the ball circles and ball sit-ups with a Swiss ball (big and squishy) or a medicine ball (small and dense)? I'm envisioning the latter, but I don't know, Fatinah, you might have to take pictures of you doing each of these sets so we can understand your workout!

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    And I meant to say I was envisioning the FORMER - circles and sit-ups with a Swiss ball.