Friday, June 19, 2009

EA Sport Active & Fitness June 09 Bikini Body Workout D11

I made a rookie blunder today.  When I finally got my tired butt up to the Club, instead of doing the Fitness program and then spinning - I hopped on the spin bike right away.  HUGE mistake.  I was so spent by the time I was done, I had zero energy for the Fitness exercises.  I made it through 3 of them and threw in the towel.  What a dumbass.

I also took the pup for a 40 minute walk.  He was too hot to do more.  Little monkey.  

Not much else to report.  I have a wonderful day planned tomorrow with my daughter.  Tutor in the morning, followed by us going to the gym together, followed by a quick bite for lunch, followed by going to a movie (The Proposal) follwed by dinner.  I have been looking at the menus for Boston Pizza & Applebee's.  Looks like BP is the lesser of the evils.  I can't believe how much fat is in the food at both places.  How do they stay open?   The reason I picked those two restaurants is because they happen to be right by the theatre.  I will end up having to order a salad with chicken.  How exciting.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    My favourite Low-cal Boston Pizza Meal is the Chicken Canneloni. Coming in at around 400 calories, it makes you feel like you are being naughty.

  2. Thanks Anonymous for the suggestion. While low cal - it is still more fat grams (40) than I'm willing to spend today. I have a big party tomorrow that I will be splurging out, so I have to be extra careful today. I will try it another time though - cause it sounds delish!!

  3. Sounds like a fun day...have a good time!

  4. I heard the proposal is good. Have fun!

  5. Sounds like you are going to have a great day with your daughter! Yay! :)
    I thought Applebee's had WW menus? Maybe it's just in the US... Have fun!!

  6. Don't let the gym thing bother you. You learned that you should do the fitness thing first, and that lesson is important. Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie!

  7. Anonymous11:01 AM

    What about the Baked 7 Cheese Ravioli? Apparently it's 490 calories (same as the canneloni), but only 26 grams of fat. Is that even possible???