Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Soggy Wednesday

Well, not only is everything wet outside, but I have swim class today. I'm still so grossed out from last week that I'm not really looking forward to it. Oh, well. Got to suck it up.

Yesterday I maintained at my WW weigh in. I was happy. Sort of. Well, I guess I was more un-disappointed. I was thinking about my week and I think what also may have contributed to my lack of loss was the wine I had Sunday evening while watching Desperate Housewives. I may have still been retaining water. In any case, I'm ready to give 'er again this week. I guess this just reinforces the fact that not all points are created equal. I should finish my WW week with a minimum of 41 activity points though. My one friend lost 1.6 (yay her!) and the other one was really evasive about how she did. Since she lied to me last week about where she was starting, I suspect that she likely didn't do great. I would prefer that she just say that she would prefer to not talk about it.

So, my run yesterday went well and was fun. Bowling on the other hand.....I sucked big time. I have a bit of a kink in my neck and it really hurt every time I got ready to release the ball. What a loser! An injury affected my 5 pin game. Groan! Still earned me 4 activity points! I know, it's lame, but 2 hours of light activity is 2 hours - I didn't eat them, but I liked writing them down!

Today all I have planned is swimming. I may go for a walk with the puppy, but certainly not in the rain. We will see. I feel like a lazy ass if all I do is the swim, but at the same time, I like to have a bit of rest...what to do, what to do.....

I made the teriyaki burgers from the KickStart booklet. And I used the WW English muffins for buns. And both husband and daughter thought it was good. They didn't even mind the muffins. Both of them had two burgers. Cool beans. Tonight: the quesadilla recipe from the same booklet.

Hey - cool beans reminds me - Fat Mom - are you still out there? Haven't heard from you for a while......

Mmmm, did anyone watch How I Met Your Mother this week? We only just watched it last night. That show is too funny - I freakin love Barney!!!! Plus, he's in pretty good shape - rock on Doogie Howser!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. It's surprising to me how much water you can retain from alcohol. I barely touch the stuff anymore, it's just not worth the points to me.

  2. Rain here today too. Depressing all around since it was dark and cold as well.

    just wanted to stop by and say hi from a fellow challenger and then i saw your profile. I'm a huge Buffy fan as well and a bellydancer. Well I haven't in several years but adored it when I did.

  3. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! You were the only one that answered the question. I love Buffy too! And will watch or read any mystery.

    We all need a day off now and then and I definately don't want to do my walking in the rain either. Yeserday I wouldn't do it because it was snowing. But tomorrow's supposed to be in the 70's so I'll have no excuses.

  4. Hope your swimming went well. It is 9pm and I am going to go for a run. It is still kind of light outside. Husband is on the Elliptical. How dare he? Doesn't he know I need to watch episode 1 of season 2 of BSG?? The nerve!