Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Super Tuesday - Fatinah Style

Today is my crazy day. I have to drop daughter at bus, drop dog at daycare, go to WW, go for run, shower & eat & then bowl. YIKES!!

I'm thinking I will show a gain today at WW. I had a good week - I journaled, made good choices for the most part. My WW points week doesn't end until tomorrow, I didn't change that when we went back to the meetings. In the grand scheme it shouldn't matter though, right? In any case, it is TTOM, so a gain isn't a surprise. I feel smaller, and husband commented on my abs looking toned (love is blind, but I still take the compliments!) so I think I am mentally prepared to not go into a tailspin if I do show a gain.

Yesterday was my first time meeting with my personal trainer with my friend along. We are doing semi-private twice a week. Cuts down on the cost a bit. I wasn't sure how it would all work - but sadly - we did the same killer body weight program that I did last Thursday - and it worked out great. Friend was impressed with how challenging the workout was. At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to just focus inward on myself - instead of being worried that she would do more than me - you know, all that vain stuff - but in the end, I had to focus so much on what I was doing to get through the exercises that I didn't even notice that she was there. I think it will work out great. Of course, I'm really excited about getting to work with the personal trainer 2 times per week.

What I did find interesting was that I think my friend tried to talk me out of running after the training session. I always do a cardio after. I figure I'm up there anyhow, I may as well do something. It is always only 30 minutes of something and even that includes warm up and cool down. In any case, she tried to tell me that it wasn't good to run on consecutive days. I told her that when I was running all the time years ago, I ran every day. I don't do long distances, as a matter of fact, yesterday my time on the treadmill consisted of 20 minutes total of running. But I felt a bit sabotaged. I did it anyway, because I really wanted to, but....I found it interesting.

So, yesterday was a good day. I had personal trainer, treadmill run and husband & I took puppy for a 4+km walk while we were waiting for daughter at the tutor.

So, I finally got all of the supplies to make all of the flex recipes in the KickStart booklet (except the beef taco, I don't know why I left that one out, doofus!). So last night we had the rotinni with peppers and ricotta cheese. Thumbs up from the whole family. Daughter was even satisfied with the one portion and even though husband had seconds, I still had enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Tonight I am going to make the Teriyaki burgers. I even purchased WW English muffins to use as buns. Don't know if husband will be cool with that, but he's going to at least try it.

Well, I have to get ready for my rush day. I've been visiting all of the blogs in the 8 week challenge. If you're a new reader - thanks for stopping by!

Sparky - I love that you have the trainer come to you! What a great idea - especially if you still have a little one at home.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I can so relate to those whirlwind days.

    I have never heard that you aren't suppose to run consecutive days??

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. Good Luck at WW's, lets shoot for a maintain!

    Sounds like you have a busy busy day, good luck!

  3. Good luck at your WI!

  4. Sounds like you had a good workout. Doing doubles sounds good especially since it means that you get to do a trainer session twice a week instead of once. I want my sister to start doing 'doubles' with me but I'm trying not to nag her.

    Good that your hubbie is handy and can do things like tune up your bike!

  5. I go to my boyfriend's family's cabin in southern Ontario. The cabin is on Clearwater Lake and is only about an hour away from the US-Canada border.