Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Biggest Loser - Awesome Finale!

Wow. What a fun night - watching how happy ALL of the contestants were with their new found health!! Everyone looked so pretty and handsome and they had all clearly made some great changes in their lifestyle.

I was SO very happy to see Bernie win the 100k! He was one of my favs from the beginning and he looked so very happy. Britney was so beautiful (even at her starting weight!). I thought the clip of Dan with the honey's was hilarious!! His mom - wow. I was particularly moved by her success because she is a mature woman. Those 20 somethings dropping a body size is different than an almost 50 doing it. Both are awesome feats for sure, but different.

I was SO very glad that Mark didn't win and that Alison Sweeny called him a cry baby! I remember him telling her that life wasn't a soap opera on one episode. Bastard!

So, you guys voted Roger into the final - YAY!! I thought it was so great that all 3 finalists had a REAL shot at winning. Very exciting. All 3 looked so great. Kelly was a downer right to the end though. I'm telling you - she's like Ior from Winnie the Pooh. She makes me want to throw myself on something sharp. Having said that, she looked great and as happy as she's capable. I sure hope she is able now to realize her dream of having a baby. She deserves it for sure! Roger - OMG!!! I thought he looked great. He just comes across as such a NICE guy. I thought his little guy was a hoot! And the lovely Ali - holy freakin shit!! She looked awesome!! So fit. And the clips - she's an animal when she works out. Awesome, inspiring video.

So, I was quite sad after watching the finale. Because these people did all this in 4 months. But, after some soul searching, I know why. They have that click that takes them to the next level with their workouts. They run...well, I do that....but the difference is that they push themselves past their "comfort", whereas I stop and stay at my comfort. They lift weights...well, I do that.....but they do it more than just the once a week and then when they do it they push it HARD. When I do it on my own, I don't do it till I'm spent. Not really. They watch what they eat....well, I do that....but not enough....

I'm going to work on that this week. Taking it to the next level.

Spanish Rice & Beans was, well, a hit with husband (who insisted it tasted like chili) but daughter thought there were too many beans. No worries - she ate a bowl anyhow. I will still make it again. Maybe next time I will make up a smiggen of hamburger (meatless crumbles) on the side for her to add to her bowl, so she isn't so put off by the beans......

On the agenda for today (I know you're all wondering - ha)...stroke improvement class (I didn't practice once!) and a run. Puppy is off at doggy daycare getting groomed today. He was so excited to get in to play with the other dogs he chocked himself pulling on his leash and collar. Silly puppy!!

Making something called Sticky Chicky and perogies. Daughter should like that!

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. I was happy with the end result of BL, I liked Ali, Although I do have to admit, I think she got a little too skinny for my tastes!

  2. One other thing that adds to their sucess on the BL is that the *only* thing they have to do is workout. They don't have to worry about going to work, taking their kids places, their spouse etc. etc. I bet if someone plunked you there for 4 months you would be just like Ali!