Friday, April 11, 2008

It isn't spring without a record snowfall!

We had a snow storm yesterday. My daughter's school bus took 2.5 hours to travel what normally takes 8 minutes. Thankfully I had kept her home anyhow. I tried to make it to my personal trainer, but I drive that same stretch of road, and when I went it was still backed up. My trainer is SO nice - when I called to say I couldn't get through instead of just charging me, she let me reschedule for Monday!

So, no weights, but I took puppy for another 5.5k walk. He did SO amazing - we passed many people and he didn't bark once. Yay! Just a matter of getting him out there I guess.

Not much on the agenda today. Coffee with a friend, dinner tonight with the wives of my husband's former men's curling team. It is potluck and should be fun. I have to exercise some time today. Right now I'm toying with going to the gym when I drop daughter off at the Club to coach. Should be nice out today - so I might walk with the dog.

I have to bring an appetizer tonight. I don't feel like making anything, so I need to go buy something. Or, I will make my bean dip. It is always a hit. Ya, that's what I will do.

So, I copied some vegetarian crock pot recipes the other day for Critter. They were: 3 Bean Chili & Dumplings, Enchilada Polenta Pie, Pintos Picadillo, Southwestern Potpie, Spanish Beans & Rice. Since I have them scanned anyhow, I thought if anyone else wanted to them....just e-mail me: fatinahdc (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Ok bloggers - let's have a healthy day!!!


  1. Hahahaha... we got snow day before yesterday too. I was so mad because my pear and apple trees had just bloomed (because of the spring like weather we've been having).. so now they are frozen and we probably wont get any fruit again this year. :(

    So, to answer your question... the only things you need for P90X are dumbells (I started with 5 lb and 10 lb.) or bands... a pull up bar.. and a yoga mat and block.

    PLEASE email me those recipes!! I've been dying for something different!!!!

  2. doesn't snow here. Ever. But I can see snow on the mountains WAAAY in the distance sometimes. Enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. Thanks againg for the recipes. I will let you know how they turn out.