Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snowy COLD Sunday

It is so cold out right now - I seriously can't believe it. -23 (with wind chill). Still snowing. Didn't stop me from walking with some friends. We did 48 minutes. Pretty good for such chilly conditions! We then went for breakfast at the club, where I made good choices. Yay me!!

I still have weights to do today. Didn't make it to the Club yesterday. Did go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Not my finest parenting moment. Brought daughter to the movie not realizing that the opening scene would entail so much full frontal male nudity. Oh, well. What was more surprising was how many times the overhead microphone made it into the shots. Certainly no Oscars there for editing. My dog could have done a better job. THAT aside - the movie was a scream. All 3 of us had some good guffaws.

Mmmmm, don't know what I'm making for supper tonight. Have to go to the grocery store no matter what. Husband is at the Club playing badminton - will wait for him to go out - I'm not driving any more today - the roads are quite slippy. Maybe I will make some chili. With this cold weather, I could go for that!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

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  1. Wow! Great job on getting out on that walk even with the weather being so crappy. I would've definately used that as an excuse, hands down!