Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When one door closes....

Today was our big day, me & my two girlfriends, going back to WW meetings. I got there early to find the meeting center closed due to flooding. Promptly called friends, we all met at the one house to come up with a plan. I'm so proud of us - we found another meeting in another part of the city and off we went!

The best part was that I was down since the last time we went in. And by tons! I will admit - I was feeling pretty proud of myself. After the meeting the one girl & I went to the Club to run on the treadmill, then quick shower, lunch & two hours of bowling! I bowled so much over my average that I won $4.25 from the rest of the team!! Woohoo baby!!!

My friends seem completely re-commited to WW. I'm so glad. I am going to read ALL of the literature I got at today's meeting. Reacquaint myself with the finer points of the program. I have just over a month now till that reunion. Enough fooling around. Time to get down and freakin dirty!!

Quick post 'cause I have to go make dinner.

Will update picture site tomorrow.

Have a healthy day bloggers.


  1. FATINAH...you're a cool chick! Congrats on being such a motivator for your pals, and for thinking fast to find another meeting instead of putting it off another week!!! You d'bomb, girl!

  2. Wow...going out and finding another WW meeting when you could just as easily have blown it off for another week and gone for pizza! Good for you and your friends...now, that's determination!
    And...good for you weighing less than last time!!!

  3. Look at that motivation! You go girlie!