Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh, My, Word

I had the worst night last night. I don't think I slept 10 minutes. I just kept wishing for the cramps to go away for 5 minutes.

I'm starting to feel better now. Husband just called. He was going to leave work to take me to the clinic, but I think I'm on the mend. So much waiting at the clinic, you hate to take a spot for potentially nothing.

I have a Mary Kay party to go to tonight. Blech.

So, some stuff from vacay. Daughter goes to go on her dive and realizes that her wet suit is in fact not hers. She accidentally grabbed the one from one of her classmates during the scuba course. Daughter wears an 8 - this was a 14. Thankfully it wasn't the other way around - she was able to make do. Husband was able to switch them back today.

One day, we were getting ready for our tour, and daughter showed other family's daughter that we in fact has SPF4 sun lotion. Other family's daughter hadn't believed that you could get under 8billion. Well, for whatever reason, this lead the other mom to lecture my family for no less than 15 minutes on how stupid we were to be using this, and that we may as well use baby oil. I'm not so un-read that I don't know the evils of the sun, but we were on a tropical vacay and wanted to get some colour. Daughter understood that she needed to re-apply OFTEN. In any case, we hadn't asked her opinion, nor had we threatened to slather her kids in it. What makes this memorable is that the next day both her kids burnt to within an inch of their lives because while they applied their SPF45 in copious amounts, they didn't wait the required amount of minutes before getting into the water to play volleyball for hours. Daughter didn't burn, because by this time she had some colour. It was oddly hard to not say "ha, ha".

On top of EVERYTHING else, my head is now peeling. I burned my scalp along my part because I didn't wear my hat. Tsk, tsk. Thankfully, I received no lectures about that. In any case, a peeling head is not a sexy look, and I have learned the importance of keeping your head covered.

Well, I must away. I have to take a nap. Sounds indulgent, I know, but I am so tired, and so sore......

Have a healthy day bloggers!

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