Tuesday, April 08, 2008

51 days...

'till my high school reunion and I'm freaking out!

Yesterday - OFF program (by 10 whole wheat crackers with salsa & cheese & a shot of rum with cranberry juice). Crap. I didn't have the points. Not even activity points. All I did was friggen housework. F*ck!!



  1. Simmer down now, lol, it's a new day today! Just be OP today, and forget about yesterday, over and done with!

  2. It's going to be all good. Kate's right - today is a new day and really it's about your progress over time, so don't worry about a little slip up here or there. You're only human!

  3. STOP! BREATHE! It's okay. A misstep, and now it's over and behind you. Get right on it, and maybe you'll see a big jump due to the change in diet. YOU CAN DO IT!