Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Situation is becoming a Problem!!

Oh, dear. My stomach continues to cause me much pain and discomfort. I am a smidgen better than yesterday, although I'm still quite afraid to be away from the house for too long. Daughter put off printing her homework until this morning, when of course, we had computer issues, and so she missed her bus. I then had to drive her to school. Just about didn't make it home in time before my stomach decided to revolt. Hmpf!

I didn't exercise yesterday at all. I thought I might make it to the gym today, but so far it isn't looking good. I did manage to stay within my points target yesterday. Wasn't hard since I don't really feel like eating much anyhow. I had tomato soup last night with some crackers for supper.

Sadly, I have not much else to say. This was kinda gross post. Sorry. I have to find the energy to take some measurements for a challenge on SparkPeople. Ugh. Even that seems like too much trouble. I may have to opt out. I'm already a gabillion miles behind on Tigerlilly's challenge. As soon as I can move my booty without having to run to the washroom I'm going to have a ton of booty moving to do!!

Well bloggers - have a healthy day!


  1. Oh, well, I'm glad you're a tiny bit better today...keep resting, and drinking your fluids!

  2. hang in there, Hope you get to feeling better real soon!

    i'm also under the weather, tis the season for that I suppose.

  3. I'm sorry your feeling so terrible. Dont worry about the challenge, you can catch up when your good and ready. Like Ive told all the other girls, this isn't a race against each other, just ourselves.

  4. Aw, poor thing. I've been there before. What sucks the most is when it's out of both ends! Okay, that may be too gross! :(

    Make sure you hydrate lots, okay? And feel better faster!