Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reading pays off

So, last night I sat and read through my week one info from WW. The KickStart your success booklet is AWESOME!! It has some great recipes and gives the information to make 1 serving or 4!! Cool beans my friends..

ANYHOW...I'm reading along and I get to the "figure out your daily points target" page. Since I've decided I'm doing the program from scratch, I do the quiz. What do you think I found? If you guessed two points, you'd be correct!! I had made an error the first time I took the quiz 1.5 years ago, and all this time I should have been eating 22 pts!!! This two points covers the cream in my Tim's every morning!

So, swim class today. I wonder what kind of drills she will have us doing?

For dinner...I think I'm going to make one of the recipes from the KickStart booklet, maybe the chicken parmigiana. Serve it with a low fat Caesar salad.

I had some good news from the weather man this morning. Looks like we are expecting 15 degrees for Sunday, which is when I have to run my 5k race! That's almost suntanning weather! HAHAH!

I read an interesting post today. Thought you all might want to give it a read.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Good thing you retook that quiz to find out your points huh? It's amazing the difference two points can make!

  2. Finding 2 points? How exciting! I could never stick to WWs because having a 24 point base just seemed impossible! Now I am just winging it and I'm not getting anywhere. *sigh*

    Thanks for the tip on BSG. I thought it was already over. Now I just need to tape them without reading the episode descriptions. Hahaha

    Hope you had a good swim.