Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Dress

Tigerlilly included a little story that a lady wrote about a dress. It kinda made me tear up a bit, because it is so where I am.


Not much else going on. My Jamaican chicken & tropical salsa turned out SO freakin good. Both husband & daughter LOVED it!

Today is Spanish Rice & Beans. Which I just remembered now I have to get on before I leave the house in 30 minutes! Yikes!!

I start my 5 pin bowling league this afternoon. I don't actually like 5 pin (I'm a 10 pinner), but it's social time with the ladies. And I suppose an activity point or two.

Tonight is Biggest Loser. I'm just about loosing my mind having to wait until 6:00. Girls - what is your guess for the winner tonight? I'm guessing Kelly - although I really want Roger to win.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

1 comment:

  1. You totally need to post a recipe for the Jamaican Chicken...sound delish!

    I'm hoping Ali or Roger. Don't get into the other two.