Friday, April 18, 2008

Ok, so now it is Friday

Mmmm, so, my Slow Beans Bourguignon.....only a hit with me! As suspected - daughter didn't like the red wine taste, and husband thought it should have had rice. I thought it was perfect. I have frozen the left overs and will serve it to them again at some point, but with some additions to disguise it. Evil, I know, but I'm not throwing out an entire meal's worth of food. One of the nice things of being a small family is that I almost have an entire meal's worth of food left over. Daughter didn't even eat her bowl of beans - just heated up some left over Sticky Chicky. Brat!

Today I meet my girlfriend at 10:00 for a run. The weather is getting cold again and we are expecting even more snow than we had last week. I am not amused.

Tonight for dinner an old family fav: spaghetti! Yum!! Easy peasy and everyone loves it.

I am increasingly frustrated with my 15yr old daughter who is becoming a teenager now in full force! There are days I don't think I will make it through. And she's a good kid. I can't imagine the experience if she was drinking, smoking, fooling around....Ugh. Right now all she has is the 'tude. And she seems to have perfected it.

Not much else on the go. This weekend will be a cardio of some sort and weights on Sunday. And healthy, healthy, healthy eating.

Kate: I e-mailed you the Jamaican Chicken recipe.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

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  1. Thanks for the chicken recipe! Totally going to try it soon!

    Most of my recipes are a hit with me, but usually my family doesn't overly care for them ha ha. They aren't a beans/mexican people...and I love it lol