Monday, April 07, 2008

Hot pink is not working.....

Mmmm, I didn't have an "on-program" weekend.  And I think what pisses me off most is that I didn't go off plan with really tasty treats.  Guess that makes me a dumb ass.  I switched to hot pink this week for my journaling, but I'm just not feeling it.  I think I may have to make an unprecedented move and switch colours mid-week.  I was going to go with orange or neon green, but then I changed my mind and my points played the price.  Ha - so did my ass, because I'm sure it grew this weekend! 

Seriously though, I think if I just stick to eating my target points and activity points I can salvage things before my next weigh in.  How's that for having a glass half full?

Plans for today..... house stuff.  I have an obscene amount of ironing.  I have to take my bathing suit pics - I decided to do it Mondays in the hope that it will keep my on track over the weekend.  Of course, that didn't work for me THIS weekend, but I'm confident that it will for future weekends.  Hee,hee.  I have to finally move my scrapbooking stuff downstairs.  I should dust the floors.  I want to find a WW recipe to make for dinner tonight.  Maybe I will troll Ronni's recipe page.  Of course, I need to log some miles for my Tigerlilly Challenge.  It is supposed to be nice today, so I will skip the gym and do something outside.  With the puppy.  Oh, speaking of the puppy, I should clean up the backyard.  

Wow - I have an exciting life.  

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

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