Thursday, April 24, 2008

Swim Class = tired Fatinah

I slept like a log last night - I was so tired from swimming. The class was hard. Not swimming lengths hard (although I did do several), but concentrating, choking, water up my nose hard. I spent almost the whole class doing breathing drills - lengths and lengths of trying not to panic, get water in my lungs......I swallowed so much pool water I finally had to tell the teacher I needed to practice the breast stroke for the last 10 minutes of class to give my gag reflexes a break! In any case, I feel I earned my activity points! Of course, I should likely count a point or two for the chlorine I ingested, but.....

In other news, we were watching Big Brother and husband says out of the blue we should go to Dairy Queen when this is over. Daughter was all for that, and so was I. We watch more TV...I think....then I say, eh, I may have to opt out - I don't know if I have the points. I actually don't eat ice cream very often, but a couple of times a year, I do enjoy a sundae. So, I got my dining out guide and looked up the points. I had 10.5 flex pts left (Wednesdays are my last day on my WW week) and a medium chocolate sundae is I tell husband yes, I will go. But, where I showed some restraint WAS while we were in line, I changed my order to small (7pts) which was more than big enough and I ended the week with 3.5 flex points left! Ya baby! Now I realize that a sundae doesn't have a ton of nutritional value (ok, maybe none), but...I had the points....hmm, why do I feel I need to justify this? Interesting.......

Oh, better than having 3.5 flex points left, is that I earned 37 activity points this past WW week. My personal best has been 40 (back in March). Still, 37 is pretty good! I ate all but 3 of them.

Today I meet with personal trainer, and then I will do a run on the treadmill. I HAVE to start getting some 6 mile days in for my challenge with Tigerlilly! I think I'm still working on getting to my first city. I'm trying to work my way across America. Yikes!

So, blogger Carolyn ( is thinking of doing a summer challenge. I think I may join up - maybe meet some new bloggers.

Daughter is in the bathroom right now getting ready for school singing at the top of her lungs one of the songs from the movie Enchanted. She has sung every morning since she could talk. These are the moments when the sullen teenager disappears and that little girl that used to give me tons of hugs and kisses reappears. So sweet.

Well bloggers, have a healthy day!


  1. I hate swallowing water in the pool! Yuck! Glad you kept with it though, you're a trooper!

    and KUDOS to you for ordering a small even though you had the points for as larger sundae, that is true will power!!

  2. Wow I haven't been to the DQ in ages! It sounds so good!

  3. Good job on downsizing at DQ! Sorry to hear about the stressful swimming. One of my friends has a similar issue. Her hubbie was even thinking of buying her an endless pool so she could try to get over it. She *really* wants to do Ironman and has been signed up twice already but can't get herself psyched up to make it through the swim :(

  4. In Re of your comment on my blog, I feel skinny all over, if that makes sense, my pants feel looser than normal!

  5. Wow, you sure work hard! And the hard work is paying off! So awesome!!

  6. I hear ya about the chlorine. I'm just learning how to breathe for the first time, and man, when you screw up, it takes a long time to recover. Sounds like you worked through it remarkably well considering!

    Oh, and GO YOU about the sundae, especially downgrading to small. Life is all about those little trade-offs -- you found a way to indulge within your limits! So awesome!