Friday, January 30, 2009

Embracing the Hurt that comes from Embracing the Hard!

Oy, I'm sore today. Yesterday was a run day, and girlfriends called to see if I wanted to go to Starbucks. So, I drove to the Club, and then ran from Club to Starbucks. And then ran back after coffee. Nice easy 3.5k there, but holy f*ck - hard 3.5k back - 200m elevation back up to Club. I was muttering "I embrace f*cking hard" all the way up the hill. My thighs are tender today!

Belly dance last night was fun. All 3 other girls showed up - we went over the half of the dance I learned last week and I think all of them are going to perform in the show at the end of March!

Got a call from my mom while at coffee. Her husband is in hospital awaiting emergency surgery. I guess his double hernia operation 20 years ago gave away and his bladder has become intertwined with his intestines!! I get dizzy just thinking about it. Of course, we went to hospital after my class and husband's curling to visit and get my mom and their vehicle home (mom doesn't drive). Just waiting this morning to hear if operation happened last night or not. He was "on the list".

Manicotti turned out great! It was VERY yummy and filling. I ate too close to belly dance though - I was surprised to get through the class without tossing my cookies!

Today I meet husband at Club to do the weights (after he is done work) that were supposed to be done Monday. Then we will have dinner at the Club after (daughter will also be up there also since she is coaching synchro tonight). They have the best Sweet Mango Chicken Wrap. MMMMM, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!

Oh, my Club is running a "Yoga for Couples" for Valentines Day. The gal that teaches our Saturday class is running it. A two hour class. Husband said I could sign us up. Should be fun. And a calorie free way to celebrate a rather ridiculous holiday!

This weekend I have yoga class. I will then run home from our Club - which I think should be around 8k and lots of hills (I'm going to be checking out MapMyRun as soon as I post this). Then Saturday night watch husband curl in a skins bonspiel. Sunday, 18k walk with walking group along our half marathon route. And then, of course, football where I can grumble all afternoon about how we are being screwed out of the pricey American ads.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

PS: This is the blog entry that so inspired me yesterday!


  1. That's an awesome Valentine's Day activity. BF is going to be away for Valentine's Day - so I think it'll be an intense swimming session and/or hike with the GFs.

  2. oh that is so awesome for v-day. i agree. i love couple activities. my bf and i learned how to swing dance and it was very exciting for me. i hope your mom's husband is alright - that is scary!!!

  3. Look at you Hardcore girl running back from Starbucks! :) Way to go

  4. You are one BUSY chick. Whew, I get tired just reading everything you are up to.

    The Valentine Days class for you and hubby sounds great. Much better than diving head first into a box of chocolates. Well, maybe not better but healthier :o)

  5. Well done on the run to and from coffee, impressive!

  6. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Way to go with the run! You are quite the athlete! I had to use the "I embrace hard" mantra today, too, during exercise class.

    I am very jealous that your husband likes to do exercise activities with you. Mine doesn't. I am trying to get him to come to yoga with me.

    Hope your Mom's husband is O.K. That sounds painful!

  7. how COOL is your husband!
    why do I think mine would run from a YOGA FOR COUPLES event --- and he's no runner :)