Friday, January 09, 2009

Freaking out, belly dance and..oh ya Go Team Lynn!

Is anyone else unnerved reading all the huge losses going on out there in the challenge? Everyone has been doing some spectacular work. It is making me nervous about weighing in. You know that panic you feel, convinced that you won't loose? Oh, well. Nothing to do but stick with my plan.

On to fun stuff.

Belly Dance started last night. I was the only person to show up! That's right folks, I got a private lesson. It was great. We worked on everything from head to toe - just to get me all loosened up after the break. I hope no one shows up next week also! ;-)

OK fellow Weight Watchers - I have a burning question about activity points. To the people who EAT their activity points in the day they are earned: If you earn 7 pts on a run - do you eat them all? Or I guess, WOULD you eat them all? I don't eat all my AP points all the time, but I do eat most. Sometimes I feel like I need them all. Does anyone else do this and still have a successful week at the scale? I thought that I read somewhere in my stuff that you could only eat 4 a day....(also, I don't have any of the momentum plan yet, so this question is related to last year's plan...)

I have to curl this morning and likely tonight. And somewhere in there I have to do my Lower Body workout. Oh, that reminds me. I must have done something very right with my weight training this week - man could I feel my back muscles every time I moved, or breathed!

Not much on the agenda for this weekend. Which is ok. I'm kinda tired. Haven't been sleeping well - I think it is from the full moon. I was supposed to meet some former co-workers on Saturday night, but it got cancelled. I don't have the $$ or pts, so I'm kinda relieved.

It took me hours to get through all the blogs yesterday. I want to be a good challenge mate and be supportive, but sometimes by the time I get to the last blogs I'm commented out. I have been switching up the order I read in, so that I'm not always tired at the same blogs.

Have a good day bloggers!


  1. I always am trying to balance out how many AP's I should be eating versus how many I earn.

    This week for example I earned 46 and ate 42 of them and had a 2.7 lb loss. I also had 11 FP's leftover as well.

    It actually varies quite a lot for me. Usually I try to eat just half of my AP's and IF I am still hungry go on a point by point basis.

    As you can see I earn more than the recommended 28 so sometimes its hard to balance.

    I think what you choose to eat with those APs makes a difference too. No since running for an hour if you are only going to spend those APs on a bag of chips. Know what I mean??

    Oh....BTW....GO TEAM LYNN! :)

  2. Don't worry, you will lose! You know what you have to do, so just do it and have faith in your body :-)

    I'm trying to comment on a few different blogs every day. We'll see how that works...there are just so many of us!

  3. yay for private lessons. Traffic last night was horrible! Your classmates were probably stuck bumper to bumper somewhere.

  4. according to the new WW plan - you use your weekly flex points BEFORE diving into your APs... makes sense to me so we'll see how it goes... have a nice weekend! :)

  5. Full moon? It's a full moon? It's been snowing here for a couple of days and I haven't seen the moon. Maybe I will tonight because the sky is clear right not and the sun is melting the snow. YAY!

    How fun, having the belly dancing instructor all to yourself.

  6. A private belly dancing lesson. Very cool.

    Have faith in your body and the amount you put in to your work outs. You'll see the changes soon enough.

    I agree it is alot of blogs to catch up on. I'm trying to catch up too. It's great to know there are going to be that many people out there supporting us.

    Go Team Lynn!

  7. We'll see - I ate all of mine this week. I will find out how it went tomorrow. Hopefully eating them all works or I will not be too happy! I figure with all the running I am doing I need the extra fuel...though I only eat them if I am hungry - I just seem to be hungrier...

  8. I usually gauge it on how hungry I am. In the end, I usually end up eating MOST if not ALL of my AP and Flex... and when I do that without going another single point over and following the healthy guidelines... then I will still lose.

  9. HOW FUN and how not fun for the private lesson.
    Something similar happened to me once in a situation where I reallly had wanted to HIDE in the back :)

    have a great weekend.

  10. Belly dancing sounds like so much fun! Enjoy those private lessons for as long as you can. ;-)

  11. I so want to take belly dancing. Gotta look for a class in the spring. I had a hard time with the old program - I find exercise really kills my appetite, so I didn't want to eat my APs. The next day, however, I would be ravenous, but had no AP to eat.

  12. I've always eaten all my APs and all my Flex Points. However, as my weight loss has slowed dramatically from 2 to 4 pounds a week to now only about one pound a week average, I've cut back on both my APs and my Flex. Try to only eat about half, but if I'm starving, I eat them.

    I think it depends where you are on the weight loss. If you have a lot to lose, then eat all of them. If you're nearing goal, I think you have to cut back a little. Just a sad fact of life.

    About all the blogs, oh my God! I can't keep up. I need more hours in the day!

    Go Team Angie!!!!!

  13. Go team lynn!!! It sounds like your doing great! All the weightloss with everyone is a little nerve wracking, but so exciting! How'd you like the belly dancing class?? That sounds like so much fun!!

  14. i've never earned more than 4 points a day, and yes, i usually eat them all - definitely if my workout is earlier in the day.