Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope is Good (Go Team Lynn!)

Today is a day of hope. The US has a new President and at least for today we Canadians are all basking in the glow of hope that a new US President brings. My daughter even sat and watched the swearing in and listened to the speech. I thought his speech was quite good. Mind you - I've enjoyed all of his speeches - his voice is so nice and deep. It was very exciting to be watching history.

Meanwhile, back here in Canada....

Didn't make the gym yesterday. Put my morning workout off to go to the gym when daughter went to class, then daughter didn't go to class...yada, yada....

I did take the dog on a 5.7k walk yesterday. It was so nice out, at one point I worried that I should have put some sun screen on!

Today is a run day. I will make up my missing weights on Saturday.

Not much else going on. The economy here in town is stressing me out - everyday husband comes home with stories of clients getting laid off. This is likely why I'm so happy to have a whole day of hope.

Rock on bloggers!!

PS: I forgot to tell you - I'm in a book about Calgary. It is called Calgary The Glittering Metropolis available at Chapters. To any area readers, if you're in Chapters, take a peak. I'm on page 26. It is a picture of me & my two buddies finishing the 1/2 marathon two years ago (walking) and the caption, on the opposite page reads: "As part of the annual Calgary Marathon (left), nearly 6,000 people participated in various competitions. Look at these ladies. What satisfaction and fulfillment is imprinted on their faces - and they will enjoy their exercise's health benefits too. Run, Calgary, run! Get the runners' high and enjoy it."

(I'm in the middle)


  1. I agree - hope is good.

    And congrats on being in the book.

  2. WOW!! Seriously!! How cool is that????

  3. He does have a nice voice...
    I actually didn't get to watch any of it. Everyone was trying to watch it online at the Univ, so they pretty much crashed our network. I spent most of the morning telling people that we were sorry, but too many people were trying to watch that for the rest of us to actually be able to work!! But, that's life. I wish I could have watched though.

    I read that you would be in a show coming up, good luck!

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment! Hope you are having a nice evening!

  5. Yes, he definitely has great speeches. Very cool about the book!

  6. You are going to be on a SHOW? Awesome, and being in a book is quite cool too.

  7. You are so famous! Cool that you are in a book doing something to be proud of!

    We will ride out this economy business.

    It is kind of freaky how fast it went from people spending money like it grew on trees to people worrying about their jobs.

    I know the bad economic news has contributed to my malaise somewhat but I hope I can stop thinking about it. I think about it less than when it first happened. It certainly has made me think twice about how lucky I am to have the part time job that I do and that I should do all my hours while I can instead of blowing it off some days like I tended to do before.