Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still on that Runner's High (Go Team Lynn!)

I had a great run yesterday. It was so nice out and I felt like I could run forever. I didn't - I did 5.7k, but I felt like I could have. I exhausted my little pup - he ran the whole way. He was so happy to be out there, he didn't mind. He did though, sleep the entire rest of the afternoon!

Tonight I go to gym with husband to do weights. Should be a hoot. Not. I will take puppy on a 5.7k walk this afternoon. It is still so nice out. I feel like I need the sun.

Some people seemed to get the idea I'm appearing on a show. I'm not, I just appeared in a BOOK. Much less exciting.....

Husband & I watched BL last night. Spoiler alert - if you haven't watched yet, stop reading.

Joelle. Ugh. That girl needs some serious counselling. And lots of it. You could totally see her shut down. Something about the look on her face just makes you want to smack her. And can't help but feel bad. I'm sure the struggle she is facing is one that is faced by many overweight people. I was sad to see Damien go home, but so happy to see him & Nicole getting ready to start their life out healthy.

One thing that drove me nuts was: where the hell was Dan during the food temptation? WTF?? Why didn't they address the fact that he was missing. Our theory was that his partner ate so much for the competition they didn't want to show it? It doesn't appear that his partner is working too hard at home. It is quite sad actually. In any case, if teams are going to be out of competitions, they should be saying why. How impressive was Tara doing the immunity challenge. That girl is my new hero. I love, love, love her attitude!!! That girl will be a success in life. You can just see it.

I wasn't pleased to see the highlight from next week - they made it look like the two young boys are under the yellow line. Bummer. That will be a gut wrencher.

Oh, ya, and what is with Jillian's team? I don't have issue with how they voted - it is actually good game play, but why take the time to say "well, you respected our choice last week, so we want to do the same". Seriously, why go to the trouble of saying that and then doing the opposite? Ugh. I wouldn't last a week on a game show.

Well, that's about it. Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. I hate to admit it but I am HOOKED on that show. (this is my first time watching it) And I even listened to trainer Bob and bought myself some Yoplait Light today :o)

  2. Great job on your run! I missed most of BL, but caught the end, now I want to know what happened! :)

  3. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I hate that Joelle is still there!

  4. I think half the people that appear on the Biggest Loser are in serious need of counselling. They are not 300+ pounds because they love food. They have serious issue that 3 months of intense fat camp are not going to erase. The young boy is the most heart breaking. He is so seriously unhealthy.

  5. I totally didn't even notice that Dan wasn't there for the temptation!! But now that you say it...I am going to do some investigating!! Great job on the run and it sounds like your running partner enjoyed it too! :) Keep up the great work! GO TEAM LYNN!!

  6. Here it is - from Ali Sweeney's blog :)
    A couple people posted asking about where Dan (orange team) was during the temptation at the beginning of the episode. Dr. H does regular check ups on all the contestants, and he had a few questions he needed to follow up with Dan. So Dan chose to excuse himself from the temptation so he could get some tests done. It all turned out fine, and he came back after a few hours, but with so much else to cover with the busy episode, there just wasn't room to squeeze in the whole explanation of Dan's absence.