Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oy - My Knees Hurt! (Go Team Lynn!)

I did my run first thing this morning. I was the only one on the treadmills when I got there - by the time I got off they were all full. I got to my last interval, I took my first step to run and MAN did I get a pain in my knee! I kept going, and it took almost a full minute for the pain to stop stabbing. I was glad when the treadmill flashed the "you have met your distance goal" message at me.

Today was a shorter run - 4.8k. Fun times. If it had been longer, I wouldn't have been able to finish. I stretched but good afterwards and then worked on my trouble spots. I felt like I was ready for a nap when I was all done. I may have to go get a coffee this afternoon. I see a.....skinny caramel latte in my future!!

Tonight I have Belly Dance class. I hope the others in my class show up. Daughter will have her 2nd yoga class tonight. Husband will be curling. And I will come home to a night full of tv goodness taped, ready for me to watch tomorrow.

Anyone else out there counting down the the BSG finale???? I'm just about losing my mind I'm so excited that it starts again tomorrow.

I tried calibrating my Nike+ yesterday but it didn't work. I think I'm Nike+ challenged. I will try again this afternoon and take the pup for a 2k walk. I'm picking 2k because that is the longest you can go for the calibration. Puppy is always so happy to be outside. Mind you, he's always so happy no matter what he is doing!

Ok Bloggers - have a healthy day!


  1. Wow! Great job perservering on the treadmill! My knees are always sore after the treadmill, but I attribute it to the need to lose weight. Hope it's not a lasting injury!

  2. i KNEW there was something happening tomorrow night!!! I will have to remind the husband!!! Who do the think the last one is????

  3. Anonymous6:08 PM

    You are rocking the treadmill!!! I am out of the loop what is BSG?

  4. Way to go on continuing to run even when your knee was bothering you!!

  5. As soon as you mentioned TV, I was thinking BSG! I'm going to be so sad when it ends, but I'm going to enjoy the rest of the ride while I can! I just boght Season 4.0 of it to add to my collection. I was going to watch all the eps before tonight, but that didn't happen. I'll probably watch them this weekend.

  6. @ Critter... BSG is Battlestar Galactica, only the best Sci Fi show on the air right now.