Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Biggest Loser (TV) Talk - Spoilers! (Go Team Lean!)

I have to hop in the shower to get ready for a lunch, so I'm doing bullets today.

* I thought I would be sadder that Dan got voted off. I think maybe the reason I wasn't was because I had seen the picture of him on a blogger's page and knew that he went on to lose some weight. I was really disappointed with his friend. I think his problem was that he hadn't been on the ranch, so he wasn't invested in being there.
* I was happier than I thought I would be when Joelle had a good weigh in. Maybe she is getting it, although husband insists that she still sounds very insincere when she speaks.
* I am interested to see how Joelle's partner does - you can't really trash talk weight loss - you kinda just have to do it. I'm excited for next week's show to see how all the at home people have done!
* Has anyone else noticed that the other young kid from the father/son team doesn't get very much tv time at all? What is that about?
* Those chicken skewers looked friggen awesome - and I will check the web for the recipe - but I had never heard of that cook before!
* I did my run yesterday in the 110km/h winds. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. There were some points I could hardly get myself to move forward at all.
* I made the Crunchy Orange Curried Chicken (without curry) last night and husband liked it so much he had 3 helpings. Man, it was so good. Yum, yum and yum some more!
* I totally forgot to work on my trouble spots last night. My routine is out of whack 'cause daughter is off on break. Stop the madness, I need my routine!!
* I have lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant today with former co-workers. I can't wait cause I love both Vietnamese and the former co-workers. Should be quite nice.
* I am still on program after two days.
* Special thanks to HotchPotchery for reminding me to update my Nike+ runs - poor avatar was looking quite sad and bored!
* Last but not least, I have scanned the first week of that cookbook along with the grocery list. I am happy to e-mail it to anyone interested in giving it a try before they buy. The dinners are between 8 and 11 pts each and so far my whole family has loved what I've made. Anyhow - if you are interested, leave a comment. If you're blogger comments don't include an e-mail address, then you will have to leave that also!

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. I agree with you about the BL, Joelle didn't bother me this week (amazing) and I wasn't so sad to see Dan leave.
    I am VERY excited for next weeks show!!!!
    I too want the recipe for those chicken skewers- and I also didn't know who that chef was, but he was easy on the eyes!!! lol

  2. i agree with all of your biggest loser points. i thought this week's episode was a little dull actually. i am more and more inspired by tara's (green team) attitude.

  3. I agree with you about Dan. I was really disappointed in his partner. I hope Joelle does begin to take it seriously because I was really disappointd last week when they kept her instead of Damien.

  4. I always wonder if the editors focus the TV time on the ones who make it to the end...since by the time they air they are pretty far into the regime...we will see. I wonder about that father/son team...the dad says he has lost weight and regained multiple times, what is going to make this time different?

  5. I would love the recipes!! Are they only geared toward a Canadian grocery store though? If not and I can find most of the stuff here then please send them my way! Thanks so much!

    cviel21 at

  6. Good for you for running out there yesterday! I thought I was going to be blown away as I was walking to work. And forget having a good hair day!

    H =)

  7. OMG I thought those chicken skewers looked so good too! I was really proud of myself because I was pretty close with all of the calorie guessing during their challenge. As far as Joelle goes, I think she is getting better but I still think she sounds like a robot - it's like she's just spitting out words she thinks everyone wants to hear. I hope things go well for her though.

  8. Curtis (the Chef) is on TLC... does a Take Home Chef show. Super sexy and cute!

  9. you are adorable. thanks for your "yay" on my blog - and i agree with dan going home and being shockingly happy for joelle : ) i love BL.