Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Windy Tuesday (Go Team Lean!)

Winds expected today up to 110k/h. That should make for an interesting run.

Had a bit of a pitty party yesterday. The winter blues hit me bad. I feel much better today.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I purchased a new cook book called "Cooking for the Rushed - The Healthy Family". It comes with 7 weeks of recipes PLUS grocery lists. What is special about this book is that it is geared for a Canadian grocery store. You can actually find everything on the list and in the right amounts.

Well, I have made a few of the recipes this week. So far my family has tried (and liked) BBQ Chicken Burgers with Veggies & Dip (for this I substituted boneless, skinless chicken thighs for breasts, cause that is what I had) and Meatballs in Applesauce with Rice and Broccoli. Tonight we will be trying Crunchy Orange Curried Chicken with potatoes and Salad (except I will have to leave out the curry, since daughter doesn't like it, and I will double up on the Mrs. Dash).

Biggest Loser tonight! I think I'm enjoying watching the show because Husband will sit and watch with me. It always prompts conversation, both during the show (you know, when the fillers are on, recapping what we just saw before the commercial, or the product placements are on) and after the show.

Have a healty day bloggers!!


  1. Sorry to hear about how you felt yesterday, we all have those sometimes. Glad you're doing better today though.

    Sounds like an awesome book you've found. You'll have to send me the Chicken burger recipe! :)

  2. Is that a Sandi Richard cookbook? I've enjoyed her show on Food Network in the past. I have a hard enough time feeding Husband & I...I'm not sure how I'd handle it if we had kids! Not easy to keep everyone healthy & happy, that's for sure.

  3. Wow be careful in your run, don't blow away!

    I'm going to have to check out that book.

  4. We all have those days, and sometimes, we just need to throw ourselves a little pity party and get it out!

  5. oh man, last week I was queen of pititown. That cookbook sounds interesting...I am curious as to the major differences between US and Canadian grocery stores.

  6. Oh, and you need to tell your Nike girl that you ran, because she is looking TIRED.

  7. Yeah, i LOVE that Wayne watches the show with me. I'll tell you, getting him to actually sit there through all the tears and stuff for the first show was pretty difficult but once he got hooked, he's hooked. It does always prompt discussions between us as well. Wayne's never been overweight and so I don't think he relates to the struggles I go through trying to lose the weight or how hard it is to get over the initial hump of eating right and exercising but watching a show like this helps him to see the struggles and understand them a little more. Also, he enjoys knowing more about how to help me lose weight which is too sweet. I bet he'll be trying those wings on rosemary skewers soon. Wahoo for me. They looked fantastic. It's nice to have him enjoying one of MY shows for once. I can't count the number of times I've watched South Park for him! haha

  8. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Hi Fatinah, I just noticed from your profile that you are a Buffy and Veronica Mars fan. We have the same taste in TV. When I am having a bad day I throw in a Buffy DVD! Joss' new show Dollhouse starts Feb. 13th.

    And to keep it on topic, go Team Lean!