Monday, January 05, 2009

Do-Able vs. Realistic

Everyone is giving a lot of thought to their goals for the challenge, as have I. I've been reading lots of new blogs (new to me) and some old ones and many people are choosing their goal weight loss per week and then saying, that's totally do-able. And they are always right. But is it realistic? We require a 3500 calorie deficit to loose a pound. That is an extraordinary amount. Times that by two, or two and a half. This is a 16 week commitment and we are trying to create new healthy habits that will last us the rest of our lives. I was ready to say 2 lbs a week. (keeping in mid my weight has been steadily going up since before the holidays) Until I read one gal's blog. She somehow chose her goal weight and worked backwards and came up with 0.8lbs a week. And then said that was do-able. Which it is. And it is realistic. Some weeks will be more, some less, but I bet she will make her goal. And so I was inspired. My goal will also be 0.8lb loss per week. I realize this means things will be slow, but I want to create a lifestyle that is going to take me into old age. Not one that will end in 16 weeks. So, to the gal who inspired me - I'm sorry, I forget which new blogger you are (but I did leave a comment) - THANK YOU!!

Of course, I, in no way mean to say that I think anyone choosing a larger goal is unrealistic. We are all coming from different places and have different places we want to go. I'm just saying that, for me, someone who has for months now, been having trouble staying on program for more than ONE day, it would be. I really want to succeed. I, quite honestly, have many changes to make to my food intake. I am overwhelmed almost at how much work I have to do. While I am prepared to give this my all, I have to be realistic. I didn't wake up today a different person. I still have all the bad habits I had yesterday....

All of that to say, my goals for the challenge will be:

1) to lose 0.8lbs per week
2) to follow through on the 12 fitness plan I have painstakingly written and planned out
3) to follow through with my plan to run and finish a half marathon on Feb 15 running 10:1's (note though, if it is colder than -20, I won't be doing the race)
4) to foster new blog relationships and make positive, helpful, supportive comments.

I have been to the gym today already and done my weights. It was a good time to go - not too busy. I will still do the Wii Fit today - yoga and the strength module, since today is a strength day. I think I will do the balance module on run days, since I think it would provide a good balance (pardon the pun). Plus, they are fun, so.....The aerobics module will be done on Lower Body days (Fridays). I just love that hula hoop game! Right now, in my house, I am the reigning champ!

I strongly recommend the Wii Fit, if you're thinking of buying it at all. Or saving for it. I'm not a game person, and I just enjoy it so much, and you really do feel like you've done something good for your body. I wouldn't replace my weight training and running with it, but certainly if you're looking for something to get you going....boy, is this the game for you. Ok, commercial over!

Is anyone else out there hungry just thinking about reigning in the holiday eating???? I ate a quality breakfast today (a boiled egg mixed with ff ranch on one slice of whole wheat bread) and I'm STARVING!!!!! I know this is all in my head, but all of my issues are! HAHA

Well.......I suppose I should go do something housewifey. Dust or clean bathrooms....what to do, what to do.....

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    That's a great goal. Slow and steady when the race. I am trying for 1lb a week. I think that is doable and realistic too.

  2. Hey there! :)

    That's a terrific goal. Making this a lifetime thing means seeing the big picture...the big REALISTIC picture. I chose a goal of 1.5 Lbs/week since that's what things usually average out to be, when I stay on plan. Some weeks are more, some are less, but usually 1.5 is my magic #!

    Sooo, good on ya for picking something that can be accomplished. It's great to reach a goal and one like this is attainable and realistic! :)

  3. I'm in awe of the distance of your last run (over 13K o- WOW). I think those are very realistic and doable goals. Good luck with the challenge. Also, no one will fault you for not running if its -20

  4. Good for you for finding a goal that works for you.

    I also love my wii fit - I love the hula hoop and boxing.

  5. Nice new template you have here. Very Scrapbooky.

    Reigning in the holiday eating is a bitch! Grrr.

    I went to work today for the first time in 3 weeks and found a box of Hedgehogs on my chair. Dammit! This kids enjoyed their share when I got home though.

  6. Hi Fatinah
    I ran across your blog because you left a comment on mine.

    1.5 lb a week is a sensible amount for me for the first 2 months, then down to about 1 or even a bit less for another 2 months. Then I'd be at my goal weight. That's definitely doable and I might be able to keep it off if I lose it slowly like that. Thanks for the excellent idea.

    P.S. My little dog, which I show on my own blog, is from Alberta!

  7. Yep, thats doable and realistic. Good for you.

  8. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I'm on the 2-3 pounds lost per month plan. It's slow, but realistic, and it happens, and I don't need to eat fat free anything, or diet anything. I just can't eat a lot of crap, or drink too much beer, not really a hardship in my life. And I need to exercise, which I need to do anyway. But, OTOH, this is sustainable for the rest of my life. I've lost almost 24 pounds (in 6 months or so), and have about the same left to go. OK, maybe it's been going faster, it seems like the number on the scale didn't move for 2 months, now it's moving slowly. Whatever, it'll get there when it gets there.