Monday, February 02, 2009


Ugh best describes my mood this morning.

Last week I:  worked out with weights twice, ran 3 times, belly danced, did yoga, and walked 18k.....oh, ya and I gained 0.7.

I wrote my weight down and though F*CK!!  I did all this hard work and this is how I'm repaid?  

Well, I did some bookkeeping with my points....and I overate even for all that activity.  

I have written out my nutritional goals for the week (something I haven't done for two weeks now).  I am going to look them over every morning before I start the day - just to keep it fresh.  Nothing to do now but move forward.

My first reaction was to quit the challenge, but I'm not going to.  

My computer is pooched.  It has been doing a disk check for 3 hours now.  That can't be good.  I'm using my daughter's awesome Mac.  It is so nice and tiny and light.  I'm jealous.

My mom's husband is due to be released from the hospital today.  This is good news.  His operation went well.  He should recover nicely.

I've been to the Club already to do my weights.  It took me almost an hour today.  I tried really hard to concentrate on form and take my time, so as not to use momentum.  It was really hard, but I embraced it!!  HAHA!

My 18k walk yesterday morning almost killed me.  I don't know why I think I can run 22k.  At least now I've seen the route, so I think I will be able to give it a good go.  I was so tired after the walk though, I actually fell asleep in the hot tub!  I then layed down on my bed before my shower for "5 minutes", but slept for almost an hour and a half!!  I was out cold!

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. After 18K I would have slept that long too!! WOW - you are a work out machine!!
    I'm glad that you are not going to quit the challenge - from what I've read in your blog you do not seem like a quitter!!!
    You can do this - your body will catch up to all your hard work, I know it will.

  2. I've fallen asleep standing up in the shower before...but isn't the sleep after a long run so refreshing? It feels like a much deeper sleep.

  3. Don't sweat the small gain...women's bodies suck! lol

  4. If I walked 18K I'd probably sleep for a week :o)

    Good job on all the exercise you got it. We all know the scales aren't that kind to us all the time. And if you stick to your nutritional plan for the week it should be better.

    Now I gotta go lay down for a little while to get over all the exercise I read about on this blog, WHEW.

  5. WOW, a 22K? I am going to walk a 10K this Saturday, and I am already exhausted. I am sorry for the gain, I had one too, and mine is from eating and drinking celebrating birthdays last weekend. I am back on track today though!! Next week we will both have losses FOR SURE!

  6. Ups & downs are bound to happen. Hang in there! You're doing great with all the exercise!

  7. Glad you're sticking with it! Once you fix the points accounting, I'm sure it'll be so much simpler!

  8. fabulous job in sticking with it !!!

    thank you so much for your comments on my blog..i really appreciate them and still laugh when i think of the Mr. Kotter comment!

  9. Great job on the workouts!

    Don't you dare give up! Not an option and you'll regret it if you do!

  10. Just keep at it...keep writing your food down and keep at it - it will pay off!! Keep your head up!!