Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Non-Scale Victory of Sorts

Last night daughter was at kick boxing, husband was at curling, puppy was napping, and there was nothing on tv. I was going to pop in Stargate Atlantis....but instead I popped on the Wii and did 41 minutes of boxing and the step. THEN I just sat around and watched tv ;-)

Yesterday my weights workout went well. I change my routine next week. Can't wait...NOT! Changing routines always hurts at first. I guess that's the point!

Oh, speaking of weights, remember I thought my program must really be working because my back muscles were so sore? Well, after I threw my first punch on the Wii last night, I realized it was from the boxing program on the Wii Fit. So, I believe that there is some benefit from that program now more than ever!!

Had a spat last night with husband that oozed over to this morning. We hardly ever fight, it is always over something stupid, and it stresses me out. Ugh. Such a bad way to end the day and start it.

I ran this morning on the treadmill. It was a good run, in that I got that awesome feeling you get in your lungs after a longish run. It was a hard one though, in that I wanted to stop after 10 minutes, after 20 minutes, after 28 minutes. I was ready to give up. I didn't (yay me) and finished my 6.5k as planned. I then stretched, which felt great and then worked on my trouble spots. Feels good to have it out of the way.

Got myself a Venti Skinny Caramel Latte on the way home to reward all my hard work. It is yummy. All I have left to do now is try to talk myself into taking the dog for a walk so he can enjoy this nice weather. Perhaps after lunch......I need to calibrate my Nike+ anyhow - it is showing longer distances than the treadmill....

Well bloggers, have a healthy day!!


  1. Awesome job on your run this morning! I battled the same thing. Set it for 45 mins then at 20 was going to stop but didn't, same thing at 30, then 40 and ended up doing the whole 45 mins!

    Awesome job!

    Mmmmmm......Skinny Caramel Latte!!! Now I want one :)

  2. Fantastic job girl!!!!

    I can't even say how much I love the wii fit!!! I feel good knowing that I have worked up a little sweat from playing a video game!!! (and it's way better than sitting on my butt!!!)

  3. I sure hear a lot about the WII Fit's, but I haven't had the chance to use one yet!

    Congrats on doing that instead of just vegging out on the couch, way to go!

  4. Man, I hate in when arguments bleed over into other days...hope everything is smoothed over by dinner!

    How long have you been running to get up to 6.5K?

  5. My Nike+ tends to do that too. I think it depends on stride length and factors for the pull of the treadmill belt and such.

  6. Great job on your run this morning!

    I hate those fights that linger and then just go away, but they never really ever go away!

    I'm really needing to get myself a WII!! Soon very very soon! Get this house moving done and I think a WII will be purchased!

  7. Great job doing the Wii! We have a Wii too :) and I never use it! I need too - but after my day and workouts I am beat! oh and my Nike+ is making me mad too when I am running on the treadmill it makes me run like .10 or more LONGER then what the treadmill says. I guess you have to recalibrate it more often if you get faster? I need to add that to my list of things to do :)

  8. Amazing run! I like to hit the gym while Biggest Loser is on...it keeps me going :)

  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Way to not give up on your run and YUM on the skinny caramel latte - what a good treat. The husband and I are looking into a wii fit - dang those things are hard to find!! Glad you're loving yours!

  10. Way to go on doing Wii fit!! I'm so jealous of everyone that has one. They sound like so much fun.