Sunday, January 04, 2009

Challenge to all BLS2 participants

For the duration of the challenge, let's take joy in our losses. Every 0.1 of them. What do I mean? I mean, if I lose .3 one week, I will not type "not great, but......". Let's reinforce what we have done right. If we lost, we must have chosen the right foods more days than not, or exercised according to plan, or stayed on point, or had a healthy attitude, or said no to a treat in the work place.

Is anyone up to the challenge? I need it - and it you don't believe how much - wait till you read my post about my LSD run last night! ;-)


  1. Here, here! I think the reason why we hear so many gripes about small losses is because it's hard to not provide an excuse when others on the challenge are dropping big numbers. It should motivate people but sometimes the competition gets to people's heads and the excuses start and pride comes up short. I'm with you though. I accept your challenge! :)

    P.S. I'm a new challenger this time but barely missed entering the first challenge. If you'd like to see my weight loss blog (private-unfortunately) send me your email and I'll add you :)
    ~Heidi (

  2. I'm with you!!! I think, though, that even the gains need to be celebrated if only for the fact that when we fess up to them it means that we're not hiding the fact that maybe we need a little extra help ... and that we're moving on in spite of it all!